Cinematherapy: what does it do? It teaches you to feel.

FeelingsMovies with good actors do it better…

American actors are mostly useless, but it may be because American directors have no empathy? And yet some of the most missing feelings I got from American TV series I have watched through Netflix. I have recently learned family love, and being able to choose, ultimately, what is win-win… in a series I am watching now, Blue Bloods about a Irish family of cops in New York City. I also had a peek at something I didn’t know I wanted to feel: how religion is for people who have faith…

I don’t know if it is the actors or the director that make the feelings real. But as an empath, I can tell if the actor is good or not, especially when it comes to express strong feelings.

I feel the inauthenticity, when there is no match between the situation and the feeling. With American actors, the biggest issue is that they had never felt what they are supposed to feel: they live in a desert void of feelings… just like a chess piece doesn’t feel dejected or elation… it is moved by someone outside of themselves.

Feelings are the most important ingredients in life. They show, like lanterns, the world… your world.

People who say there is such a thing as an emotional guidance system, are doing damage to humanity, because their system, consciously or unconsciously, teaches people to get away from half, maybe 70% of all feelings, because they are bad.

The biggest issue I see with life, looking from the vantage point of wanting humanity to evolve to the next level, is that people were never taught to feel.

Or more precisely speaking, to the degree that you have a richness of feelings, you’ll have a richness of life experience.

Inner-Guidance-System2I have been talking mostly about DNA capacities, but I haven’t spoken much about the different components of these capacities, specifically about the capacity to feel.

When I feel someone, even before I muscle test I can tell where they are on the evolutionary scale, because of the number of feelings that are present.

The more diverse your feelings can be, the more things you can do, the more life you can have in the same amount of time, with the same circumstances as others have.

There is also a dividing line between unevolved and evolved humans.

Unevolved humans, 99.99% of humanity, at present, look outside to receive feelings.

They want to feel being loved… and they want that someone outside of themselves to give it to them… parents, partner, child… to no avail.

There is a saying that until you love yourself, you cannot experience love.

But, if you learned love from an unevolved human, your mother, for example, then you equate love with something that isn’t… feeding, hugging, smile, gifts.

But love isn’t that, and isn’t even expressed as that. Feeding is feeding, hugging is hugging… etc.

Love is accepting another exactly the way they are and exactly the way they aren’t. Exactly.

It is wanting what you have… that’s why love feels like happiness, more often than not. Just look: you want to be loved so you can be happy.

Today is a great day for me: I cracked another nut… solved another puzzle, found another puzzle piece.

In my conversation with Meng, the cinematherapy guy, student in the Reclaim program, I realized that I have been craving to be valued, appreciated, wanted, loved by others. 1

But here is the issue, I saw: people can see themselves in you, and maybe a little bit bigger, if they are generous. What they see is in no way related to you, in no way honors who you are, it speaks volumes about them.

Most people don’t love themselves, don’t value themselves… and, of course, they won’t love you and won’t value you…

So expecting another to love you or value you is fool’s gold… just words, no substance.

But, You can love you, an You can value you. I am talking about the You that is higher, that is unconcerned, that is the high you, the Witness, the Observer, the “god” part of you.

You have it, you were born with it.

Moreover, it knows all the feelings, all 160 of them, and can give them all to you. Will you recognize them? That is, recognizing them, is the challenge.

In the second phase activation course, three years ago, I activated the feelings. So you can feel the validation, the love, the appreciation of You going towards you, the one you know yourself as.

I hoped it would work for everyone, but it seems that some people were still looking outward… and didn’t feel the love, appreciation, courage, etc. between the two you’s. In some way, I was doing the same… until today.

But, muscle test says, the feeling capacities are still active, so all you need to do, if you have done that course, is go within, and enjoy the sunshine.

No matter what is going on inside, if anyone loves you, appreciates you, supports you, you can get it from your “higher” You, and be able and empowered to do anything in the outside, no matter what the weather, what the environment, what the climate is… Of course I use weather and climate as symbols…

There is a guy who teaches becoming mentally tough. What he doesn’t know that you cannot EVER become mentally tough if you are looking outside for evidence that you can, that it will work, or any of the things you are looking for.

And, surprise, Ego, the fear-anger-self-righteous machine part of you is considered outside, because it is not between You and you… but outside of it.

Mentally tough is another word for capable. Another word for able to succeed, able to learn, able to grow.

The stronger and more permanent the relationship between You and you, the more mentally tough you are…

Your first job is to create a strong bond between your two you’s, and allow nothing and no one come in between, especially not Ego… the Opponent, the counterweight to growth, success, and learning. And love, peace, fulfillment.

The way to be with Ego is to allow it to say whatever it says. Instead of trying to silence it, or even to sweet-talk it, like I have taught before… I am now changing my mind, and am asking you to allow Ego to do whatever Ego does…

Ego, surprisingly, can’t stop you. You stop you, when you do. Not ego. Not fear. You.

Action is independent of Ego. Like binding your hands doesn’t stop you from walking… does it?

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Cinematherapy: what does it do? It teaches you to feel.”

  1. This is almost scarily apropos in what I have been thinking about lately. I have been saying to myself, in so many words, I want to see how these capacities look on others. Like, what is someone doing when they are trusting, for example. I believe I learn from mimicking others. So, maybe, being able to see different capacities used by the characters in movies could be amazing.

  2. I am sorry to disappoint, Baheej, but that is not how it works.

    Of course I am not surprised that you think that doing what other people do would make you like them… that is what you have learned through the teaching, “fake it till you make it”.

    But copying the outside, bling and all, will miss the inside, miss the context, and will be more pretending…

    Movies are for feelings, not doings. I know as a Memories person you are cut off your feelings… but that is your soul correction: to get present to feelings. not the memory of them, but the feeling, right now.

    Of all the soul correction, unless you take my advice I gave you months ago: to develop your physical capacities, yours will be the one that can’t evolve… No evolution without feelings.

  3. Thank you for clarifying where the ego is Sophie. This is a light switch moment for me. I thought ego was part of the you and you…

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