New webinar to help you grow one step at a time…

open-micIn January I will continue the weekend webinars.

I am switching gears… and the next few webinars will be workshops. I will still work with each and every person, individually, but the structure will be different.

In this free webinar workshop, we’ll look at your life and find an area of your life that is not up to par, that is not working as well as you’d like it to work.

  • Relationship
  • Health
  • Money
  • Business
  • Job or work
  • Your home
  • Your looks…

Any one area you wish to work on.

The magic of this process is that you can do it anew every week, and every time you do it, life becomes easier and more manageable.

Why? Because the process drives up the invisible, where all the magic comes from. The “Don’t know you don’t know” in that specific area of life.

I used to do this exercise weekly, for myself… the process of tiny steps, Kaizen. It has always worked for me. I don’t like big sweeping changes… I like tiny steps.

Now, this exercise works standing on its own. And it works well… Of course, the more capacities you have the better it works.

The double magic potential of this simple exercise

The double magic potential comes from this: What is missing is almost always connected to a missing or not well-used capacity. (I have a student who has 30 capacities but only uses 10~11. Why? I guess he doesn’t think he needs them…)

A DNA capacity that is dormant for you can and could be turned on. I can turn it on for you.

For example: if you find that what is missing in your relationship is you being deserving, then I can turn on for you the capacity “Deserving” and then you’ll practice it. Practice being deserving.

You read the articles, and if you are clear about the capacity, you can do it.

Or alternatively, you can hire me for three days to be the safety net for you, to be the sounding board for you, so your new capacity doesn’t go back to dormant, and leave you in the dark again.

With just one capacity practiced, your life can improve by 20-50%, depending on the capacity and your life, of course.

The guidance is through email: for three days as frequently as you wish.

The webinar is free.

You have to be on my mailing list to be on the webinar. Why? Because you have to have some skin in the game… too.

Bring pen and paper to a call… please. to register in the subscribers only site… the webinar registration link is there.

If you are already a member on the subscribers’ site, just log in for the link to the webinar registration. Pick the time and date, or register in all…

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