One step of the what’s missing workshop is sobering. As in a horrible wake up call…


While writing this article, unexpectedly, I managed to break through a self-imposed barrier I have had… It’s unexpected… Bear with me till the end, please…

In this step of the What’s Missing workshop, the participants’ task is to look at an area of life that isn’t working as well as it could… and look how it will look in 5-10 years if nothing changes.

Rule is: You won’t change your actions… or how you do your actions. You won’t change your attitude

Result 5-10 years later: homeless, fired, alone, dead, in jail…

These are just examples. Some results are worse than this. Unfulfilled is the worst…

Turns out that the saying, the observation that ‘how you do anything is how you do everything’ finds its roots in this exercise.


If you do things half-assed in the area that isn’t working, then guess… you do everything half-assed.

If you try to be neat and perfect in that area instead of timely or effective… guess what, you’ll do everything like that in your life.

Both what you do and how you do it is very important.

We all have thought that ‘what you do’ is the problem… and try to do something different. But few of us if any ever think about how we do what we do.

For example, I do marketing. You can’t say I don’t. Maybe I don’t do enough of it, but that’s another question.

But if I did marketing with a different attitude, my results would be different.

If I went on Facebook, and said: ‘I’ll take care of whoever shows up…’ that is one attitude and produces one result.

If I go to Facebook and say: ‘people here are probably not worth my time…’ that attitude will produce a TOTALLY different result.

You can see it, can’t you?

But… But hardy anyone ever can see their attitude. Attitude is hidden: it is the air you breathe… invisible. You are sure about your opinion about others, about yourself, about the world, and therefore your attitude is just a simple fallout from your opinion. You may think your opinion stays within… hell no.

Your attitude is invisible to you, but very visible to everyone else. And some attitudes get you what you want, and others get you misery.

Some attitudes, unfortunately, are quite stuck… they are like your skin… you can’t remove it without hurting yourself.

But you can grow a different skin, if you have certain capacities, and if you have the energy and the ambition to do so.

Most people don’t have enough energy for the work that is needed… and most people don’t have the ambition to do the work.

I have been trying to change my business, to go from $25 products to $250-$2000 products, without changing who I am talking to. Silly, eh?

probable-almost-certain-future-2I complain about people not doing the work… and yet I haven’t been looking for people who have the energy and the ambition to change and to change their lives.

My attitude has been: I don’t know how. I don’t know who… but what is underneath is that I am not sure that those people would want me and the work I do. I’ve been stuck there…

That is the attitude that is holding me back. And a simple capacity: I can handle it = the capacity of self-trust can support me in testing if what I think is true. I can handle whatever I’ll find out.

One other thing: if I am playing small, I am attracting others that play small…

My job, as a “leader”, is to break out of the small, and play for the big.

I am scared. But I know I can handle it. I can handle anything. Because I have the capacity of self-trust.

The workshops are free and they are for subscribers only, but you can subscribe if you want to participate. You’ll get one or two emails a week…

After you subscribe, you are given the webinar registration link.

If you are already a member, just log in for the link.

HOW you do anything is HOW you do everything. That’s why I am repeating the same cartoon three times in this article, to drive it home.

You want something for nothing?
You want it handed it to you?
You can’t accept anything, you want to do it yourself?
You don’t trust?

Hell, keep it up. Your results will stay the same.

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