Can a spiritual capacity turn off ADHD-like symptoms? Procrastination?

adhd-like-symptomsI feel and I behave like an injured quarterback without my usual programs at my usual computer.

And the big winter storm is here... so I most likely won't get the new computer on Thursday... Eh, we'll just limp along, and it will turn out the way it will turn out... I can handle it.

One of the topics that have come up from students over the past few days is difficulty to focus.

I say it is ADHD. Now, I am not a doctor, but then again, that's a good thing. Because as long as you have some medication to take, you don't pay attention to anything: you let the meds do the work, and you become a slave. Even if the meds work, Actually, especially if the meds work.

I don't have ADHD. But I do have, from time to time, ADHD symptoms.

I lose my attention to the task I am supposed to do, and go and do something else.

They call that excitement seeking, but if we take a closer look at that, we'll see exactly what it is.

When I don't like to do what I am doing, but I have to do it, and it requires me to stay with it, I become excitement seeking.

The important words here is "I don't like" and "have to".

I have experimented, and if and when I take away the "have to", I can actually do it, and enjoy the time, because I enter a different type of being... different from "having to", being forced to, my freedom is stripped away, I am not good at... beings.

Facebook advertising comes to mind. I don't like to do it. I don't feel I am good at it. I am forced to do it. I feel I have nothing to say about it... I have no freedom. Bam: ADHD-like behavior... nothing gets done. Gets started and not finished.

I woke up with this "answer": if you change the being, everything changes.

Those half-sentences above are the tips of the beingness iceberg.

Now, listen up for a sec: other than the Facebook advertising thing, and maybe one other thing, equally benign sounding, I don't have this ADHD like issue anywhere else.

emotions_pictureADHD is the brain condition when the frontal cortex, where structured thinking happens, turns off after 15 minutes.

It turns off and structured thinking becomes impossible... no brain area is available.

But observationally we also know that it happens when the person with ADHD is forced to focus. Either by a deadline, or a teacher, or a parent... either way, there is a force.

And then there is a "have to"...

And predictably the frontal cortex turning off.

Sounds to me like the computer is being overwhelmed and turns off with the dreaded blue screen.

But I know enough these two students, and when there is no pressure, there is no DEMAND for focus, their brain doesn't turn off!

Now, if you were me, energy supported transformation maven, would not you want to experiment here? would not you get excited, turned on, get breathless from the challenge this simple phenomenon that effects about a billion people?

executive-functions-impaired-ADD-ADHDOf course you would get excited. No have to's, no shoulds, pure curiosity, pure pleasure, heaven.

Now, if you remember as far back as two years ago, when I was selling the energy remedies on Amazon? I was looking for names for the energy remedies, and came up with the name "Bright Focus". I mentioned in the description that it might work for people with ADHD.

The Bright Focus was just another name for the Effortless Abundance Remedy...

It works, but why?

It turns out that if you can disengage yourself from "having to" and manage to say "I get to do this" instead... ADHD goes away.

Which energy (of the 192 that is infused in that remedy) does it?

Let's look what it does, OK?

It works like a break, or the jaws of a pit bull... and from the energy it releases. The energy goes away, the have to comes back... and voila the brain turns off after 15 minutes.

It is the explanation of "stupid air"... when in the heat of an argument you don't think to say that smart thing you'll remember after the argument. We have all been there. It is an ADHD-like symptom.

Another way to see "stupid air" is this: you are called on, in a meeting, in a class, and you get all scared, and lose your brain. Literally.

The jaws of the pit bull turn off your frontal cortex, and there you are, stupid.

Now, seeing what turns the brain off: having-to plus fear, it is easy for me to see what the remedy does: it separates you from the pressure. There can be still pressure, but it's not touching you... you are free, you are loose, and you get to stay brilliant, or if you are not naturally brilliant, you get to stay brain-functional (is that a word?).

Some of you are like butterflies... you leave pressure in seconds... and you fly to another "flower". You have never had a chance to test if you are smart or stupid... you avoided it. You never actually learned anything, never thought through anything, because you've been dreading the jaws of the pit bull. This is also an ADHD symptom.

You say: stupid as the stupid does, but you keep doing the stupid thing...

Now, what is the conclusion?

The Effortless Abundance remedy, whether you buy it from me or make your own, disengages the jaws of the pit bull. It is still your job to stay, and not follow the habitual flight pattern.

Will the audio work for you directly? It depends on how many other capacities you have, and that also decides how high your vibration is.

I dare to say, under 200 vibration only the infused energy, aka remedy works seamlessly for you.

Is there a capacity, a spiritual capacity in the DNA, to do this? You betcha... In the normal course of events, in the normal course of life, only a few opens it up. The discipline that leads to it opening up is the fighting monks of the East.

Not every monk in training gets to keep their detached cool in a battle...

That detached cool is the sign of the jaws of the pit bull never engaged... because the have to is dropped, the fear is dropped, and there is only one thing: the dance, the beauty of the dance.

I bet you are having a hard time putting that dance and learning mathematics, writing a paper, or reading a book.

But learning mathematics, writing a paper, and reading a book is a dance for someone who has that capacity open... like me.

In some past articles you have seen that there are many different ways to relate to something that is hard. Or dangerous.

Aloof, the capacity, allows you to operate independently, but not ON what is hard or dangerous. It allows you to be ok, effective, as in a bubble.

Resilient allows you to be in the fray of things, and be able to push through... mental toughness.

But if you have ADHD-like symptoms, neither of them will do you much good.

The capacity that I christened "detached" is what you need.

It moves you into your observer, where you can enjoy the dance. And leaves your body in the action: reading, writing, learning... but your being is all in the Observer... so there is no pressure, there is no have-to, there is no sense of danger to respond to with the jaws of the pit bull.

Is it automatic? I would say that with the capacity, about 80% of what has been ADHD area, is disengaged.

But in 20% of the cases, where you are certain you can't... you'll still have to call on the capacity, like I haven't in the area of paid advertising. I haven't... because until I wrote this article, I haven't seen what was holding me back.

It seems that 80% of procrastination comes from this and can be reduced or eliminated by having and using the "detached" capacity.

The three capacities, aloof, resilient, and detached work synergistically. For example, if you don't have the capacity for mental toughness, for resiliency, the detached will not even turn on.

Too complicated for you? You are trying too hard! Your ADHD-like symptoms kicked in... Come back to the article in a few minutes and try again. And breathe... it doesn't have to be fixed. It can be... you may opt to fix it... but it doesn't have to bi fixed. It is normal reaction to have-to and I don't like to.

tumblr_meske3KxWm1qml86bOne more thing: if you have opted for a life of perpetual drama where you are the drama queen, you won't like the calm and collected of the detached capacity. Why? because your drama covers up that you are, at present, good-for-nothing... and you are going to hide it.

What you don't know is that it is costing you your whole life. And what you don't know is where it's heading... Once the one person who stands by you gets tired of your drama... you'll be alone. Forever.

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