Looking at the quote “No problem can be solved on the same level of consciousness which created it…” through spiritual capacities

no-problem-can-be-solved-from-the-same-level-of-consciousnessThe quote, “No problem can be solved on the same level of consciousness which created it…” is thrown about, without a true understanding what the saying entails.

When Einstein was a professor of Physics, he gave a test to his graduate students. His assistant remarked: “Isn’t this the exact same exam you gave these students a year ago?”
“Yes, exactly. answered Einstein. The questions are the same… The answers have changed”

Today his answer is as true as it was 70 years ago
The questions are still the same… and the answers have changed… and yet, we are trying to do more of the same, less of the same, but never any different, because the level of consciousness is stuck at a low level.

Doing different can only come from seeing different, seeing differently, looking from a different consciousness level.

emotional-guidance-scaleBut that is only possible if the level of consciousness from where you look at what is, for an action, for a solution, is higher than the original actions were… The only way to raise your consciousness is to have more spiritual capacities turned on, spiritual capacities that are, as potentials, hardcoded into your DNA

Until now, there was only one way to turn on spiritual capacities: through hardship, challenges, and suffering.

My father, born in 1913, just before the first World War, was born to a Jewish couple. The husband was a cantor, the mother was… a mother.

There was no money, and they lived in poverty. But by the end of the war, there was nothing. So my father’s father decided to try his luck in the big city, 200 miles away, Budapest.

He left to never return. Mother and child starved, there was some charity, but yet, the mother died of malnutrition, and my father had soft bones, also from malnutrition.

At age six he fell on his face from a high wall, and the bones of his face shattered. Motherless, he was sent to his relatives, in and around the big city.

He was sent from relative to relative. He became a nuisance, chasing the girls of the houses…

He was intelligent, but uncontrollable.

He found a woman with a small store to marry, and marry they did.

When the Nazis put all the Jews of Hungary in internment camps (gathering people before they were shipped to the extermination camps), he met my mother and fell for her. My mother was a beauty at the time.

My father was sent into forced labor in Slovakia, another country. And my mother’s family was deported to Auschwitz.

My father, called the Jewish King by his fellow slaves, still had weak bones, and broke his ankle during a forced march. The nazis left him in the snow… to die. But the locals found him, and took him to the hospital.

There, a one time classmate, also on forced labor duty, was the doctor, also from Hungary. The doctor, risking his life, hid and cured my father. When he was better, my father took off, walking with a water bucket for the long march to Hungary, to find my mother.

After the war he became a police man, and then, in night classes, got himself a Ph.D. in economics, then became a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and then a member of the government, wrote 14 books, and lectured all over the Eastern Block, and in some Western countries as well.

He was born with seven capacities, died with 30.

As you see, this is how someone, through living a challenged life, opens up spiritual capacities in the DNA.

I won’t share my trials and tribulations, but I took those 30 capacities I inherited, and added the rest of the capacities, to one degree or another. 1

For you, it is much faster, and much less painful to have me turn on your spiritual capacities.

Now, a little reality added: You have been immersed and taught the low consciousness way of looking at things. Even after I turn on a spiritual capacity for you, you will first look through the lower consciousness, not through the new capacity.

I see this every day… it’s quite common, especially when the new capacity has its parallel in lower consciousness, like generosity or appreciation.

So unless you follow my instructions, you’ll NOT use and keep the new capacity active… it will turn off.

20140527-132023-48023262I just had an email interaction with a Canadian. Canadian culture is self-righteous, believes itself superior to everyone. They are especially proud of their culture of politeness.

Politeness trumps accuracy, politeness trumps effectiveness, wealth, prosperity, love, everything.

Politeness cannot tolerate the truth, unless the truth is pretty and ahem… polite.

I am blunt… I have no Canadian born clients. Their politeness would immediately disable and discount all the capacities that suggest that being with what is (ugly) without blinking. They would not be able to see that that is a valuable spiritual capacity. Which are, in essence, all the spiritual capacities. Only through looking at ugly you can grasp beautiful.

And the same can be the issue with California born people… very similar culture, the culture of pretense.

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  1. A ligh switch on a dimmer can be fully open or half or a quarter. The same way with capacities… they can be fully open, or half open. Some capacities I have are not fully open.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Looking at the quote “No problem can be solved on the same level of consciousness which created it…” through spiritual capacities”

  1. Sophie, I was wondering what capacity would let a person be able to look thru ugly to see beautiful?

  2. your question shows that you are either from Canada or California, the lands of intolerance to how it is, aka reality.

    No capacity is going the change the world. The world is the way the world is, some of it is ugly, some of it is beautiful.
    If you want to see beautiful where it’s ugly, take drugs.

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