Republished: The Duct Tape Approach to Raising Your Vibration

duct tape methodThe Duct Tape Approach to Raising your vibration

My observation has been that the biggest obstacle to returning people to the pristine state we began is the business of the mind, the business of the body.

What I call business is not the activity of getting things done: on the contrary: the wasteful, self-serving misfiring of the nerve-endings, whether it expresses itself in activity or not. The restlessness, the ADHD-type of running around, aimlessly, but self-importantly.

I have a few students that have taken this restlessness to the max, they do not allow any moment for themselves to just be.

What I did is I recommended that they voluntarily stop talking. Claim chronic laryngitis, or anything, and shut up.

What happened is that they reduced the compulsive talking, compulsive thinking, compulsive actions. Did those disappear?

Judging from the results, when they kept their word to me, the compulsiveness disappeared, or at least kept at bay.

The operative words are: kept their word to me.

Integrity is a rare commodity, especially because we think that integrity is good and no integrity is bad. What people don’t know, is that integrity is an inside job. It is between you and you. You can’t be out of integrity with me, and I have no right to say anything about your integrity. I will, so I can teach you something, but as a private individual, I have no right to judge your integrity, because integrity is really and inside job.

I know a lot of people that do everything they said they would do, yet, when I look into their feelings, there is no peace there. There is no feeling of integrity.

When you procrastinate, the problem you experience is an out of integrity with yourself.

When you are wasting your life being busy judging, controlling, manipulating, dominating, comparing, competing, you feel miserable.

The source of that misery is that you are out of integrity with yourself.

In order to understand that you with yourself statement, I need to take a little detour to reveal the aspects of a human being, that are relevant in this context.

When we look at a human being, the “normal” way to look at us is this:

  1. I have a body
  2. I have a mind
  3. I have feelings

The sum-total of this way of looking is that you are a thinking and feeling skin-bag.

What I teach, the Original Design I got from Source, is that you have a lot of energies, good, bad, and neutral, making up who you are.

A few of those energies are:

  • the physical body
  • the mind
  • the ego
  • the soul
  • the self
  • the will
  • the evil inclination
  • etc.

In the misery you experience, the conflict is that the mind and the body will be at odds with the self and the soul.

What do I mean by that? Your behavior, and your thinking will be disharmonious with the soul’s desire.

What does the soul want? The soul, very insistently, wants you to fulfill the Original Design: become like the Creator that you are.

To become, or better said, return to the Original Design, you need to act on your feelings rather than on your thoughts.

The social development, the enslavement of humans, the reducing human beings into biological robots, is what we are attempting to counteract.

Thoughts are the easiest way to control people en masse… and the entire huge machine of control, education, media, medical professionals, legal professionals, and politicians, scientists, are all in the same business, to control your mind so you need them. So you need them because you can’t… can’t think for yourself, can’t feel anything other than what they suggest that you should feel, and can’t heal yourself either.

It is all an intricate net of lies, and you ate it.

Of course they can’t completely kill the spirit in you, that is why you feel miserable.

In the book from the 1930’s, The Brave New World, they found a solution: they drugged people. They performed their specialized tasks in life, predetermined by the powers that be, without thinking, without every questioning if they could do more, be more, have more.

So, returning to the original question, what does duct tapes have to do with it?

When you voluntarily arrest the automatic (pre-programmed) activity of the mind, you have enough silence that you get present to something beyond the noise, something in you, a vast, infinite world, a power, a self, that thus far has been hidden, concealed by the noise, and it’s worth exploring.

When you voluntarily identify and arrest the automatic actions that perpetuate your world, you first find yourself in a quandary, in a vacuum, that is unfamiliar, and is, maybe, a little uncomfortable.

You ask yourself: now what?

If you resist filling it with tedium, if you resist filling it with “filler” activities, if you just hang out there for any length of time, you may get a glimpse of feelings, that you didn’t know you had. You may get a sense that you are deep, that you are powerful, that you are magnificent.

If and when you do, you suddenly have a choice. You can go back the way it was, noise and business, or you can choose to explore, to reveal, dig out the magnificent you.

And that can be the beginning of YOUR return to the Original Design: to being a Creator.

This is what my work is about, this is what I intend to lead you to… The question is: do you have what it takes, courage mostly, to do the work?

In the meantime, get some duct tape, will you?

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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  1. I’ve seen this article before in the related posts area but have been resistant to read it because I thought it was about something else…lol.

    This is my #1 article so far…. it explains so much and in great detail for what’s happening in my life right now and how to deal with it. Going to attempt not talking today… my husband will be thrilled.. lol. Thank you for writing this article Sophie.

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