The Great Equalizer? How do you calculate the value of a tool you buy?

‘Yet here we are, exactly the same!’

The main challenge I face as a change agent, as someone who can effect energetic and DNA changes in a human, is that people look at me as the Great Equalizer.

Finally, you feel, you can beat the Bill Gates’ who got a lot at birth: you get all your capacities opened and be a worthy competition to them.

Nothing is further from reality.

You cannot have anything that you didn’t earn, and that means, earning the capacities that you can keep open.

But the negative double whammy is: if you are from a stock with very few capacities, you probably learned, through observing, a life style, an action stile, and a bunch of attitudes, that show low number of capacities, and a relationship to life that is not powerful, because it is based on scarcity, complaints, blaming, finger-pointing, and a feeling of being a victim of your birth, a victim of your upbringing, a victim of your ethnicity… shortly: a victim.

You actually can’t escape it.

And that is the “chemistry”, that is the environment that is asking for the activation of additional capacities.

Honestly, I should charge hundreds of dollars for this service. Per capacity.

Why? Because then only if you have a big enough desire, and have already earned enough to pay for it, would you ask for it.

When something cost little… you expect little… and will do little to make it work.

It strikes you like one of those push-button softwares that show up 10 times a year, offering you millions, costing $30 bucks, give or take.

If you think about it, it doesn’t make sense, does it? $30? for millions? If it were true, those people would be better off pushing that darn button and make the millions themselves.

But the gullible majority buys it: and it does make millions to the software peddlers… nothing for the buyers.

The software may even be good, but when you only spend $30 on something, you do not really expect to put in the work for it to make millions. You actually don’t even try to make it work.




0c7314a7d36d1c46f5062ddd209a3b21And roughly this is what is happening with the capacities. You buy it, you accept it, but you invest mighty little… 5-10 minutes worth of effort to actually make it work. There are exceptions, of course, but not many.

Now, when the method is fraudulent, then this is good news for the seller: they don’t have to deal with the consequences. But when the method works, like with the capacities… it is a permanent and horrible heart ache for me.

What am I grieving?

One marketing coach once told me that the value of something is calculated from the loss if someone doesn’t get it or doesn’t use it.

The value of something is personal, to you.

The loss of opportunity depends on your skills, on your opportunities, on your experience, on your savvy, on the amount of capacities you already have.

If I take myself, for one, and let’s say X. We both look at the Life Force capacity, and then we look what is the value of that capacity for us.

Even just from working with the capacity for one hour, I can see that it can be worth to me at least 100K a year extra.
Let’s say X seven capacities, has about an hour time a day to spare… at the expense of his sleep-time, has no money, has debt, and no skills to mention. How much is it worth for him to have the same capacity turned on? If he can see that if he added another seven capacities to his seven, then he would be able to get to a place where he can be effective enough to trust himself, to be able to see accurately what he has to offer, to go through the step by step process of building knowledge, skill, relationships, experience, vision, the detached attitude to not get sucked into the drama of others and his own, to have the humility, to have a sense of self that he can safely and surely return no matter what hits, what others say, how he feels.

So he, if he is smart enough already, can see that on the long run this one investment, and the other six, and the time, and necessary coaching, and the effort, can start the process for him to make 100K a year.

But is he smart enough already? Can he trust himself to do the work?

These are all factors to consider.

Bottom line is, no matter where you look in life, those who have it, more will be given, and those who don’t, even what they have will be taken away.

That much about the Great Equalizer theory… total bust, isn’t it?

And then there are those who don’t suffer for money, but suffer for love, understanding, companionship, fulfillment… What is the value of that?

My experience has been that those that came to the workshop to work on an area of that type did not see enough value for themselves to buy the capacity we distinguished as missing. They didn’t see that it was worth for them even the puny $25.

This is a worthy inquiry to engage when you can’t fall asleep. How much is it worth for you to have love, etc… And pay attention to the cost.

After all NOT having those is the equivalent of the value… Notice that everything you do have is taken for granted, and all your attention is on what you don’t have, what you want, what you should have.

The pain.

If it doesn’t hurt enough, hell yeah, $25 is overcharging. Not worth for you.

And I get it.

PS: A few years ago, a week before Thanksgiving, my brother sent me an email inviting me to Florida for a few days. The air fare was 1000 dollars.

In the normal course of events, I would not spend that much money on air fare, but I really cherished the idea of spending time with my brother. So I spent it…

This is how the value of things is calculated: I would have lost at least a thousand dollars worth of value, if I hadn’t gone to Florida to see my brother, here on vacation from Hungary.

PPS: What are capacities? Capacities are life-skills. They are encoded in the DNA, and can be turned on and off by either life or by energetic methods.

The number of life-skills determine your success in life, in school, in love.

If life, life skills turn on through extreme suffering. When I turn on capacities and you don’t need them, don’t use them, or not really, they turn off, as if they had never been on.

I turned on 20 capacities through extreme hardship and a lot of work, to add to my inherited 30 capacities.

Most people have less than seven capacities, aka life skills.

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