Do you feel that no one listens, and your contribution is not valued? This solves that…

not-ListenI found this article in my inbox. I think it is perfect for what I teach… So let’s see how it applies… The article is about hypnosis secrets: a way to manipulate others through hypnotic language… I don’t recommend it. The more you use it the less integrity you’ll have.

On the other hand, there is a non-manipulative way you can produce the same results, if what you have to say is good… If what you have to say is crap… even g-o-d can’t help you.

OK, here is the article… I drive it home at the end.

Take this test:

Count up all the people you spoke to (or emailed or messaged) over the last week.

The people at work.

At home.

And the people you spoke to as you went about your day.

You probably won’t be able to remember the exact number.

That’s okay – just guess.

Let’s say it was 20 people.

Now, here’s something to digest:

The responses you got from those 20 people (or however many it was) determined the options and opportunities available to you from last week forward.

If 18 out of those 20 people shot down your ideas or ignored your requests — your options and opportunities will be…



If you got 18 out of those 20 people to eagerly take on your ideas and readily act on your suggestions — your options and opportunities are going to be greatly increased.

Now, magnify your “weekly response rate” over the period of one year…

And you will start to get an idea of why some people seem to get handed all the best opportunities and others don’t.

So the question is:

Are you going to miss out on these influence secrets that will get you more agreement and favorable treatment from other people than you’ve ever experienced before:

— How to change people’s minds almost instantly, as you’re speaking with them (you’ll see it in the expression on their face)

— How ONE QUESTION can draw people into a trance where a previously closed mind is… suddenly open!

— How to take ANY problem and make it dissolve from people’s minds AS THEY ARE WATCHING IT! (They won’t be able to resist.)

— How to pulverize objections and excuses in MINUTES – often SECONDS -WITHOUT coming across as aggressive

— The secret to making anyone question anything they thought was true (please be careful how you use this one!)

— You’ll see the shortcut to thinking like a hypnosis genius, as you take whatever someone says to you… and use it to send them spinning into a trance with only a few words!

— How to take ordinary speech and weave sophisticated trance-inducing patterns the same way as the Legend himself, Dr. Milton Erickson

— How to start with ANY conversation and turn it to an elegant and effective hypnotic session to achieve the result you want… with the other person having NO idea that they’ve been hypnotized

You can equip yourself with those influencing secrets (and many more) here:

Advanced Covert Hypnosis ENDS Tomorrow

However time is running out fast.

This program will be taken off the market TOMORROW.




7 reasonsOK, you saw the program is advanced covert hypnosis, for people who are already doing hypnosis… Advanced, got it?

Now, am I saying that if you are one of those people who have 20 out of 20 people don’t listen to you, don’t value your contribution, or doesn’t even consider doing things your way… that you will learn to be that charismatic person any time soon?

No, I am not saying that.

What I am saying is that there are being-capacities that most people who talk but not listened to lack, that could turn the tides to your favor.

I checked the internet, and thousands and thousands of people are looking for solution, or maybe to vent… not being listened to is very difficult, damaging your self-confidence, and your relationships with others.

So, what are the capacities, abilities to BE, as opposed to manipulative moves, that the whole internet is so full of?

One of my students got three capacities in this group, and has been doing well.

Humility is what she got

Another student got self-trust and empathy

They both do well with it.

Then there are some advanced capacities, like being able to be in the mind of the listener… I know it sounds weird, but it is an absolute winning capacity and therefore strategy to sell anything your prospect wants… And yeah, even what someone wants needs to be sold. Wanting doesn’t necessarily mean whipping out your credit card…

And another capacity, being able to hear how you land in a conversation from the other person’s head… really advanced.

But even if you just activate and get good at by practicing the first four capacities, you’ll stop complaining that no one is listening to you.

PS: I found an article that suggests that you do a lot of things… all of which you have no being capacity for, so all you can do is pretend, pay attention, and manipulate.

It works, but there is no joy in it. I’ll put the article as a standalone post… so that I can comment on it.

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