Do you want it just in case, or is it just in time? Updated

I see this time and time again: if and when you need it, there is a triple amount of chance that you will actually do what you need to do to learn it, engage with it, read it… do it.

Triple is still small for most people… but it is, hell, three times more than you would do if you just wanted it. 1

Want what? Growing, practice, spiritual capacities, healing, courses, coaching… transformation, living on the vertical plane, in reality, where nothing is wrong. That is what I “sell”…

I have been struggling to get through to this one client to be able to support him in using and keeping the activation of the capacity “causing.” Causing your life, to own what belongs to you, to own what you are doing, what you are feeling, even what you are NOT feeling.

Causing is a very high capacity, dependent on your capacity to own what you can own. What belongs to you.

I can feel that most of the time he is on his computer, reading articles.

His emails to me belie about the fact that there is a big misunderstanding, that is probably the cause of the low percentage of participants who keep their capacities on.

So, here is the insight:

You are collecting stuff, including capacities, ‘just in case’.

There are two different buying motivations:

‘just in case’.

You hope that down the line, at some point in time, you will need what you are buying. In case a circumstance happens, you’ll have it.

‘just in time’.

You buy what you need now, because without it life is not good, not working, you can get done what you need to get done… You will use the capacity/product/knowledge to the hilt the day you get it.

When you have an alternative… when you can get by without using what you are buying/learning/getting, it is always ‘just in case’…

Buying has two components: the emotional and the rational.

You want it, that’s an emotion, mostly greed, and you justify your purchase by rationalizing that you will need it, you may need it down the line. 2

But, I don’t know if you have noticed, this is not how life works.

If you put enough fertilizer on a plant, ‘just in case’, the plant dies.
If you water a plant… ‘just in case’, it dies.

If you sleep 20 hours today, in case you won’t be sleeping the next night, you’ll get a headache, and you’ll be sluggish.

So life cannot use the ‘just in case’ fake reserves… and neither can you.

So it is a bad purchase.

So, when you buy the activation of a capacity that you don’t need, chances are it won’t stay on. Your life said: you don’t need it.

I can see my mistake: on the exploratory workshop, the What’s missing workshop, I ask people to make a list of areas of their life that don’t work, or don’t work as well as they would like them to.

Result: people bring to the discussion areas where what’s there is such that they can take it or leave it.

Osho said that you are not able, not willing to change anything unless you are so miserable, that you feel that you can’t take it any more… and only to the degree that the thing becomes bearable.

If the ego picks the area, it will make sure you look good, but will also make sure that what you’ll get are insights, activation, that won’t be immediately applicable. Then you got an insight, but your life still continue to suck.

For example, one of the participants keeps bringing her relationship to her husband as an area that doesn’t work. Turns out that she is a drinker. Now, that should be an area for concern, but she is OK to be a drinker.

Life isn’t OK with that. Life cannot work well in your life if you have escape strategies. Drinking, sexing, texting, drugs, eating, watching videos, computer games, etc. Or taking courses… ugh. Even if they are MY courses.

As long as you have an escape route, you are not going to keep capacities on, because when you would need them, those situations you habitually escape.

For many of you, your escape, what I call sideways move is family, complaining, driving your children, traveling to your grandchildren, or maybe working 24 hours a day.

Am I saying that your life should have no family, no complaining, no driving the kids to sports, no visit with your grandkids?

No, that is not what I am saying.

Let’s look at the phenomenon: escape.

Is that a doing? Is that a being? Is that an attitude?

Escape is a being and an attitude.

You are slinking out of vertical life and disappear into horizontal.

All you ever wanted is on the vertical plane, fulfillment, joy, a sense of self, a sense of accomplishment, inner peace, etc.

But it takes something from you to have any of it… to be in the vertical life, so you escape. Giving up something, giving up anything is the hardest for humans… Fear of loss… even if it is misery that they are losing… or asked to lose.

Ego is on the horizontal. Mind is on the horizontal, Emotions, body, are on the horizontal. The horizontal is the land of personality, the land of the lower self.

Shifting into the horizontal life gets rid of the capacities that would make you not fit in.

I talk to my brothers. I talk to some people. But I don’t make my life about them, they are people I talk to.

I read articles. I watch Netflix. I eat. I fix my computers. I answer emails. I coach. But I don’t make my life about them. I make sure that I live in the vertical.

Paradigms are funny things.

  • When you live in the lower paradigm, the higher is invisible to you. The tools of the higher are not available.
  • When you live in the higher, all the lower paradigms are visible. All the tools of the lower paradigms are still available.

Some of you have grown downright moronic as you lost your higher paradigm capacities you used to have as a child, lost your capacity to see, to distinguish, to listen, to hear.

So, getting back to the original topic: in case vs. in time purchases:

If you don’t need the capacity you bought right away, you’ll know because you’ll have to look for opportunities to use it, or create opportunities.

The guy I spoke about, who bought the capacity “being cause” really needs it, but his normal life doesn’t give him opportunities to use it, so it will turn off.

How do you use “being cause”.

Well, it is a being, so you dwell in it. Every issue, everything to do, every conversation will be in that space of being cause.

But using the capacity that way is way-way-way higher paradigm than this guy is in.

I live in “being cause”, I make tea, drink my tea, play Freecell, answer emails… just like any human would, but the how is vastly different for me: I am not defined by my circumstances, by my needs, by others’ words.

I am that the cause of my actions is me. Not my thirst, not because the tea is hot, or tasty, or because I like it… I don’t play Freecell because I like playing Freecell, and I am not answering emails because I have to answer emails. Or even because they are there.

I am unreasonable 50% of the time… when I am cause.

When I am doing every action for no reason. I am doing them because I am cause. Cause of everything. No decisions, no mental masturbation, no feelings. No. Just me being cause.

You can hear that you can’t even fathom how to live that way.

So, on the level where you are, causing needs an occasion.

This is why causing, even on the lowest level of causing, is the dividing capacity between human and human being.

The vibrational level of 200.

Our guy is hovering there. He is neither there neither not there.

Poised for a breakthrough… Because it is a huge paradigm shift. I am watching him, like a benevolent big brother. I am rooting for him.

You see, birds are thrown out of the nest, and they either drop and die, or drop and flap their wings.

Flying is also a being. The strange being of causing flying.

In physics it doesn’t look possible to fly. So it is not from knowing physics…

But unless the bird is thrown out of the nest, and unless the bird sees other birds flying, it will probably never enter the kingdom of flying… the consciousness, the being.

The journey from the low paradigm of being jerked by urges, being at the effect of everything, to the paradigm of the vertical is tremendous.

There is even another paradigm in between the two: the paradigm of intellect. The learned, trained, the high functioning, the people who need 13-30 capacities to do their job.

Many highly trained people live in the lowest paradigm, where you are an effect, the horizontal… Having gone to school doesn’t take you to the second paradigm, the paradigm of the intellect

The dividing factor is probably this: do you need, do you use more than seven capacities for your daily work?

If you do, then the highest paradigm is within reach for you. If you don’t, you don’t have enough need for new capacities. Most of my students who have a professional degree don’t do their work fully, needing all the capacities to do the profession well. Yet they dream of a life of the vertical…

But unless you do all you can do on the level where you are, needing all the capacities to do what you do well, you won’t go anywhere, or you’ll do the next thing like you have been doing what you are doing now… cutting corners, not doing it fully, not doing it well. (This is pretty much the one principle Wallace D. Wattles got right in his famous The Science of Getting Rich book from 1910.)

In my Playground course I make it mandatory that the participant continually and publicly take on 20-day learning challenges. Their performance matches their performance in the course, and their performance in life. Shabby, more talk than doing, excuses and explanations… this is how you do your life, your work, and then you are surprised that you get no respect, not pleasure, no appreciation… I am shaking my head.

You may have ego need, but not real need. So even if I turn new capacities on, they will turn off.

I am sorry to burst your bubble.

And this is the reason I have been looking to get a new breed of clients: people who need and actively use more than 13 capacities for their work and want more.

I do have some people who started out with only a few capacities, and have successfully added some.

How did that happen?

They were ALL in a work environment where they suffered daily because those capacities were missing.

Mostly capacities of self-trust, and capacities in communication and relating to others. They were ‘just in time’ capacities… there was no question how to find opportunities to use them.

Why do I emphasize work environment? Because there you better take care of things, or you’ll get fired. Or demoted.

At home, you can say it’s not your fault, you can blame, life, maybe even yourself, and still never really need the new capacity.

I know, this is a dark day for you… I just took away your new toy. Sorry bud, it’s not a toy.

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  1. This is the biggest failing of our education system. Teaching things just in case… And most children, hell, more adults, are not able, not willing to learn anything they don’t see they need.

    What children say: I don’t need to know that. Why do I need to know how to do calculus… Why do I need to know how to spell? What is the boiling point of water, what was the third law of Newton… and millions of other things.

    This is why we have a whole humanity that doesn’t know sh*t… Because they never needed the knowledge when it was offered… AND they lack the capacity of foresight.

    The capacity of foresight allows one to see in what situations that are forthcoming they would need something, they would need it bad enough, that it would be worth for them to put out the effort… i.e. dig a well when they are not yet thirsty.

    None of my students, none of my clients have ever done that… So they are trying to dig a well when they are thirsty and they always miss their opportunities and live a miserable, low vibration life…

    But turning on the capacity of foresight is the biggest waste: because if you don’t see you’ll need it, if you don’t need it right now… then it will turn off… A catch 22 if I have ever seen one.

    One example is the wannabe business man who has a good idea and some money to burn. He gathers a team to put his idea into action. When the product is done, he goes and proudly presents it to the intended buyer… who doesn’t want it.

    This is when the wannabe businessman realizes that he never asked the intended buyer if he wants it, and if he is going to buy it when it’s done…

    Lack of foresight… can you see it?

  2. I learned these distinctions, just in case, just in time, back in 2007, from the Internet business manifesto, by Rich Schefren. It was just in time for me. I have been, having this distinction, spend less energy and money on ‘just in case’ stuff. But when I do, it is always a warning sign: I am being pulled down into the horizontal. Here is the pdf, for you, if you are in business. If you aren’t… please don’t read it… it will be ‘just in case’ for you, another way you distract yourself from your life. Download TheManifesto pdf and an article by Rich

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2 thoughts on “Do you want it just in case, or is it just in time? Updated”

  1. I just happened to tune into a conversation on tv
    about ice skating where the sports experts were talking about two professional skaters having problems in their competitions. It made me think about this article because one person fell and Scott Hamilton said that it’s hard to win in this sport “on the horizontal”. Also he said that the skaters “have to learn to turn their minds off and let their bodies do what it has to do.” Too much in the mind–trying to control–that is a problem.

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