The ground of your being… The dance floor of your life

the-grounds-of-your-being-unfixableThe ground of your being is the dominant way you be… to which you return, like returning home.

Religion, spiritual teachers have been duping you. They say that the ground of your being is “being a spiritual being, having a human experience.” That is horse shit, and largely the reason no one has been able to carve out an enjoyable life with that principle.

Some issues cannot be fixed. One such issue is your identity, the identity you built and have been polishing. The ground of your being. The dance floor of your life.

When I ask you what you are most proud of about yourself, we get into the neighborhood of your identity.

According to Landmark Education, in distinct and precise moments in your life, when who you were wasn’t enough, wasn’t good enough, you resorted to a way of being that actually got you out of the pickle.

There were at least three such moments, but could be more.

social-identityThe solution, the way of being you brought to the moment, the way of being that got you to a win, is now part of your identity.

If you observe someone long enough, you see it clearly. You also, potentially see that it is often a behavior that feels false, forced.

Lots of humorists are like that. Making jokes is how they survive, but their true nature isn’t having any fun.

Lots of la-di-da people suffer inside because their true nature is to strive, not to be easy going. Easy going and striving don’t go very well together.

Lots of nice people obviously cover up their nasty nature by being nice.
Diligent people cover up that they are lazy
Stupid people cover up that they are smart and vice versa.

I just finished a conversation where I was trying to find a method, a methodology where you can have your cake and eat it too.

Nothing about you can be changed, because change always reverses itself.

The two-wolves method, where you feed the “good” wolf is dangerous, and I don’t think I could be effective with it: I am afraid of wolves.

So so far no method… although I had a glimpse of something that may point in a direction possible to work with. I’ll write it here, more as a note for myself, than as something I want you to understand…

My partner in my Sunday calls takes pride in being stoic in the face of hardship, in the face of feast and famine cycles of business. He has a forced calm, and he is proud of it.

He has been wanting to become a millionaire ever since I’ve known him, nine years, to no success. His efforts die in their infancy.

My thought is that if he expanded what he considers feast and famine, what he considers struggle, to include the struggles of a millionaire, then he could start to work in earnest for his millionaire status.

At this point he can’t.

The whole conversation began with me discovering that I am a hoarder of useless stuff. Parts of machinery, parts of stuff… no value in and of itself.

The identity underneath is that I can make things work that are unworkable. I was inspired by people winning against impossible odds most of my life.

What do you need to maintain that identity? Impossible odds, of course.

So you have to sabotage whatever you are building, so you can go back to impossible odds…

Funnymen are funny in spite of being sad inside. Creative people are creative in spite of feeling empty, slow, etc. inside. Brilliant people are brilliant in spite of feeling stupid inside.

And, although on the surface you seem to be who you seem to be, all inner efforts seem to strengthen and enlarge the original wrongness… when you weren’t enough for whatever life threw at you.

As you can see, this is an issue that cannot be solved, cannot be fixed.

My hunch is that it can be managed.

Management is like eating. You have to do it again and again, without complaining… The monster wants to be fed.

So getting back to the two wolves: you may want to create projects the bad wolf protests again, and the good wolf rejoices to work on.

Calm down the bad wolf, throw him a bone, but feed the good wolf and the project. If you ignore the bad wold, it will eat your life.

No one has solved this dilemma before.

It is not a belief… it is ego’s way of keeping you alive. And with ego we know that it fancies itself your friend.

So the job is to slowly but surely introduce some new ways of being that counter the identity, so you stop being stuck in your smallness, in your small box.

More to come…

Why now? because I need it. And because Joe needs it. Desperately.


PS: One of the effects of the Harmonize audio is that it, like a centrifuge, separates your fake being, your identity, and the real being… which is, actually, empty. Your real being is all covered up by these invented characteristics, boxing you in, and stopping you from even trying to grow.

You can only grow from empty. From nothing. And that is what creates the fear: ego doesn’t know how to deal with nothing. 1

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    the landmark forum is a 3-day program dealing with the major and most visible aspects of the human condition

    landmark forum In the landmark forum, you spend a few hours inquiring into how come you are the way you are, the birth of your identity. The Landmark Forum does not offer a resolution to this fundamental issue
    landmark education Landmark Education is a big company approaching life, human life from beingness… calling it possibility based being. In my experience, Landmark Education cannot deliver on its promise: beingness is not available for people unless the specific beingness capacity is is active in their DNA. Most people only have 5-7 capacities active, while the possibilities people invent in Landmark are in the hundreds.

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