Workshop: Get unstuck with the detached capacity

What would you do if you could do anything?

It’s hard to answer, isn’t it?

After all seeing the whole big world with all its possibilities and opportunities is very hard when you live in a small box created by the mind, by the dominant beliefs, and your doom.

And it’s a big problem!

I asked a friend of mind what he would do if he were a millionaire. He said he would fly his private plane… That’s it. Could not see anything else!

I have been working on creating a communication course, but given that so many of you are stuck, and so many of you are having difficulty getting out of your minds: first things first:

So many of you are stuck in your mind, in your doom and your dominant belief behavior, I see getting unstuck is an emergency.

So I am going to do weekend workshops to teach you how to get unstuck.

The workshops are designed to teach you to use the Detached capacity to get you unstuck in the moment.

Having the capacity is nice, but unless you know exactly what to do with it, it works only like a remedy: in the moment. Whereas true getting unstuck means that you start moving.

The purpose of the workshop is to get you out of your stuck state to a place where you are moving and starting to create a life worth living.

Your first session will include the activation of the DNA capacity: Detached. And me checking that you actually know how to use it.

The Detached capacity does not automatically detach you… just like the ability to jump does not make you jump all the time. You actually need to jump to jump, or detach to be detached.

Dreaming about a system where you are automatically fabulous is dreaming about becoming a robot. I am sorry, I can’t do that for you.

You can come to just one session if you wish. Or come to all.

$50 for the first session $25 getting moving… sessions.

I will be able to comfortably serve only five-six people per session, because this is a workshop, and I will work with everyone.

The whole workshop is $97, includes the Detached capacity activation.

If you already have the detached capacity working… please contact me. We’ll figure out a way for you to participate as well.

Do you need it if the capacity is already working? I think so. Because what holds you back is a shape-shifter, it has too many ways to hide in plain sight, so in the workshop you’ll learn to identify a few ways it may show up.

Can you just pay for the sessions you attend? Yes and no… Let me think about it.

Can you benefit just from the recordings? When you listen to the recordings, you are NORMALLY doing mind-learning. Unless you can activate the detached capacity and listen through intelligence, it won’t be useful. So you will need to participate in the activation/practice session, whenever you are ready.

PS: The benefits of being able to detach on demand, are

  1. You will be able to embrace the lie that is keeping you stuck
  2. You will be ready to get the Astute capacity: the Astute capacity needs the Detached capacity to work already
  3. You will be able to muscle test, because without first detaching from the horizontal world, you can’t really connect to Source.
  4. You will be able to activate your intuition

Get the recorded workshop plus the DNA activation session ($25.00 by itself)

Get your Detached Workshop and the capacity activation ($25 by itself)
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