How to get transformed into happy and fulfilled by simply reading articles?

transformed through reading articlesIf you could be transformed through reading articles, you’d be a unique and incredibly special human. this article is about how to become that special human

If you look through my site, I have more than 4000 articles. All meaty, full of information, 99.99% Tree of Life… my personal knowledge.

All free and all teaching you to have a life worth living, a life you live powerfully.

And I am not afraid to give it all away… but why? Isn’t valuable information… valuable?

Why am I not afraid that giving so much for free will mean no one will want to buy my paid information?

Ok, let’s look at that.

What you read is falling into your mind and makes you feel smarter, or stupider, and smarter again.

  • Will you ever get what you want from reading?
  • Will you get the illusion that the more you know the more chances you have for success? Certainly. The illusion… not the reality.

But here is the issue: 99% chance that what you read (information) falls into your morass.

morassMorass is like mud. Not necessarily bad mud. But it has a specific composition. 1

Your morass allows ideas to blossom, ideas that are similar to it, and kills ideas that are dissimilar to it. Vehemently.

But… the big but:

You are where you are, you feel the way you feel, you have the results that you have, because of what your morass allowed.

So, the more you read through the mind the more you are anchored in your current place.

Bad news. Isn’t it?

So what would allow you to be like the lotus, for stuff to be in your morass and yet you could go to places you’d like to go? Money, relationships, fulfillment, health…

This is a great question, and the answer is: Source energies

Source energies are energy products that are being downloaded to all-of-it.  When the energies are playing, they show you what’s outside of your morass. The moment the Source energy stops, you are back where you started, in the morass. But now you know, now you have something to strive for.

Raise your vibration… at 200 you can lift YOURSELF out of the morass… consciously, deliberately, by stepping back from the morass, stepping back from the mind. You can see the separation between reality and the drama the mind makes up about it. The separation between feelings and emotions… The separation between illusion and reality.

Another use for Source energies is that with their help I can turn on capacities that you have dormant in your DNA.

What happens to your morass when a capacity is turned on?

The capacity wedges itself into your morass, and attempts to grow roots, so it can live in your morass. There are about 160 DNA capacities that, for most people, are not active. Intangibles, some call them. Hard to perform well without them.

If the capacity manages to sprout roots, if the activation stays on because of what YOU do with it, you can now be in  ways you could not be before: generous, trusting, flexible, open, intelligent, astute, self-confident, gentle, attentive, patient, etc. and you can start to see things that you could not see before.

Like courage for Elide. She would be able to see that she could summon courage, and when she does, courage to act in ways she could not before would be there.

And then there are capacities that are linchpin capacities.

wheel-linchpinLinchpin is a pin that when you pull it a cart falls apart.

Your morass is a construct, put together by the mind and supported by the ego.

Its job is to keep you small, afraid, and bow down in front of the mind. Really. And also to use your imagination to create worlds of delusion… a fake self that is spiritual, loving, magnanimous, generous, smart, and loving.

All current programs of the so-called gurus use this to make you get deeper and deeper into the morass.

linchpin-capacityA linchpin capacity makes that construct, the morass, fall apart, so you can build something new. A world inside which you can grow.

Where you can, for example, see that talent and charm are good, but without perseverance and practice you won’t amount to much.

The capacity of stepping out of the mind is a linchpin capacity. I call it Detached… I’ll explain later why.

When you can step out of the mind, on command, you step out of the morass. You step into the dominion of being. You step into the vertical dimension of life, the vertical plane.

Life can be played out on the horizontal, where misery is dotted with rare joy, rare brilliance. Where greed, desire for power over others, jealousy, envy, lack, scarcity, arguments, and your mind and ego live, and you are slave to them. Where you always think everything is about you, and you are personally offended.

You are all too familiar with life on the horizontal. Rare is the person who has even visited the vertical.

And life can be played out on the vertical, where you know who you are, because you have said so. Where you can have integrity, where you can cause, where you can be intelligent, astute, and have intuition available to you.

Even visits to the vertical are blissful. Even visits to the vertical give you a whole different view of life, of mind chatter, of the emotions, of the barriers you’ve been honoring.

Even visits can alter your life profoundly.

  • You are able to see far and wide, and make intelligent decisions.
  • You can see what people are about and adjust your actions.
  • You also see clearly who YOU are being, and adjust your attitude.
  • You are able to see what really serves you, and do that, instead of what the mind and the ego tells you to do.
  • You can see how to be for yourself, but not only for yourself.

With the active Detached capacity

  • you can step out of the mind,
  • step out of the ego,
  • step out of the morass of your feelings, emotions, urges, resistance, delusions, and illusions.
  • Step out of hope, beliefs, and the whole horizontal existence. And
  • step into Faith… self-trust. A kind of certainty that says: If it is to be, it is up to me… and then do what is up to you.

Maybe for a moment, for a minute, for an hour…

The stepping out is the most important. And then when you can do that on command, you can spend a lot of time on the vertical… maybe even live there most of the time.

Of course, thinking, reading, writing, speaking will likely return you to the horizontal… very few people can read, speak and write not from the mind, but from the beyond… beyond the horizontal, beyond the mind, beyond the ego: from the vertical.

I have been practicing that for years… and succeed at it most of the time.

This is what I want for you.

But reading my articles from the morass will not do it.

You have to have capacities activated… beyond your basic seven.

And if you are smart enough, you start with the linchpin capacity of stepping out of the mind on command.

The capacity of BEING Detached.

Not doing detached, imagine yourself detached, trying to be detached, not focusing on being detached, but BEING Detached, which is impossible without having the capacity for that being, for stepping out of the morass.

I activate the capacity and teach you how to use it in the Detached workshop.

It’s not free. But it is priced rock bottom… so price won’t be the barrier.

If anything, it will be the morass that stops you. 99.99% of you will be stopped.

It’s OK with me.

I don’t want to work with you unless you are ready… Because if you are still finding something to love about the morass… you need more time, until it turns into a graveyard. The graveyard of hopes, aspirations, dreams, and desires.

I have time.

But if you had enough of the misery, then The Get unstuck by “getting out of your mind” workshop, aka the Detached Workshop is the answer to your prayers…

For the first time in history you can get the Detached capacity, the capacity to get out of the mind and you can practice and get coaching… in the Get out of your mind, aka Detached workshop.

Special Promotion:

If you get the workshop before Sunday March 21 (first day of spring) midnight, you can get the first month of the Integrity Workshop for free. $50 savings right now… $60 starting on Monday.

Get the Detached workshop… finally get out of your head
It is very useful to do the Slip Out of The Mind exercises. Free. Register here
PS: this is a recorded course. You get the results by doing the exercises I gave to the people who were on the live calls back in 2016. You’ll get the same results they got. The capacity activation, on the other hand is now… as soon as you register.

PPS: I get a lot of questions how to become outcome independent, where you can put your energies into the doing instead of doing while the attention is in the hope of the outcome… a miserable and ineffective way to do things.

You see, outcome dependence is part of the attached way of living, part of the horizontal plane, where everything says something about you. Being attached to anything that is not inside your power, and the results aren’t, will surely make you miserable.

In reality the only thing you can do is do what you do, and take the result you get… without attachment.

Eyes on the doing, eyes on the action, eyes on producing, and having room for the result, instead of the other way around.

Much like what Werner Erhard says about us and others, the interactions, the relationships:

Service is about knowing who the other person is, and being able to tolerate giving space to their garbage.

What most people do is to give space to people’s quality and deal (interact) with their garbage. Actually, you should do it the other way around. Deal (interact) with who they are and give space to their garbage. Keep interacting with them as if they were god. And every time you get garbage from them, give space to the garbage and go back and interact with them as if they were god.

In Werner’s quote you are not attached that they be ‘perfect’, do the right thing, according to YOUR standards and ideals. You allow them to be the way they are, even if you don’t like it. You are detached.

Same way with results, aka outcome.

Life is a ripoff when you expect to get what you want. Life works when you choose what you got. Actually what you got is what you chose. To move on, choose it.

With the detached capacity active, on the vertical plane you’ll be able to see that:

Perfection is a state in which things are the way they are, and are not the way they are not. As you can see, this universe is perfect.

And not surprisingly, this is also your access to happiness, joy, and the end of anxiety. Seeing how things are, and not how they are not. That is the definition of accepting things the way they are, not being attached to the way they ‘should be’.

Get the Detached workshop… finally get out of your head
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  1. Morass… living in the morass is what the bible calls “being of the world.” When the morass is your whole world.

    The white lotus is the best example of the phenomenon: being ‘in the world’ but not ‘of the world.’ It uses the nutrients in the mud (white lotus grows out of mud!) and distills it into beauty.

    The other quote is “you are a spiritual being having a human experience” is only true if you live outside of the morass… which is impossible unless you have the capacity to step outside of the morass, a DNA capacity active, working, usable and used by you. Consciously or unconsciously…

    In my experience only 1% of humans have that DNA capacity active. 1%.

    Which means 99% of humanity lives in the world, and is of the world, of the morass… and, of course, unhappy.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “How to get transformed into happy and fulfilled by simply reading articles?”

  1. I’m sitting with the realization that ‘I chose the life I have’. It’s almost disorienting. Now, who’s really the victim? Wow!
    You know I just got a glimpse of where power may begin. I’m going to go through an inventory of the things I have in my life- circumstances, conditions, relationships and things- and own that I chose them.
    Jeez! just thinking about it I can feel the resistance and fear as a whirlwind of a thing.

    Catch ya later

  2. I agree, the idea that you chose what you’ve hat is very disorienting. Obviously that is not a Fact FACT, it is a way to look at things… so you can see something.

  3. Ok, it’s a way to look at things…so I can see something. Thank you

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