Vibrational frequency: what does it mean, how do you raise it, how do you measure it, and why?

tesla-energy-frequency-vibrationVibrational frequency: is it really frequency? Is it really vibration?

I don’t know who invented the idea that there is such a thing “vibrational frequency”, and it is a good idea if it is high.

I know, I know, even my site’s address says… but between you and me, the idea that you should have a different actual vibration, is horse shit.

A human should be human.

What has, maybe, high vibration is beingness… and there are at least 160 beingness-es, sorry, I know it is bad English. 1

Landmark Education calls these “Possible ways of being”. but Landmark includes in possible ways of being some real nasty ways of being, so we are not exactly talking about the same thing.

But we could safely say: there are 160 higher minded ways of being… higher vibration ways of being… more spiritual, more caring, more effective ways of being.

Will your physicality change? Because secretly everyone only cares about that! Will I feel better? Will I feel lighter? Happier? Will I make more money? Be liked more, loved more? Will I be thinner?

The answers to those questions won’t please the lower self…

What keeps you fat, unhappy, heavy, envious, jealous, forceful, ignored, victim… etc. is your resistance to what is.

Plain and simple.

And no matter how high your vibration, resisting will always be a choice.

It is a choice now, and it is a choice at 900 vibration.

The biggest difference between the two states, yours and mine, is that when I choose to not resist something, I can.

How come? What do I have that you don’t?

Sorry, it feels like I stepped on your toe… lol

What I have is capacities. DNA capacities, turned on, humming.

There are 160 capacities matching those higher ways of being, and I have and regularly be 50 of those. What are they? I mostly know what I have when I compare myself with you, or when I ask a student to be in a certain way and they can’t. Then I see that I have something they don’t have access to: a being.

The human DNA has on average 153 dormant capacities in a normal human. Some people have open more than seven, most have less.

The capacities are inherited either open or dormant.

A human can open up capacities through hard work or suffering.

I was lucky: I inherited my father’s open capacities, 30 in number. My brothers weren’t so lucky: they inherited my mother’s open capacities: 13. And my younger brother managed to close six of those, through unuse and low vibration, low-minded ways of being, like envy, selfish, idle, receiving something for nothing, etc.

So I started out with 30 capacities, among them intellectual capacities, but regardless, I was miserable and low vibration.

So the connection between the number of capacities and your vibration is not straightforward: you can see that I could be on the level of grief, and had 30 capacities open… but probably not fully functional.

So how did I get to climb to over 900? Did capacities have anything to do with it? The answer to that question is yes.

The gatekeeper between lower and higher capacities, lower and higher vibration is the capacity to step out of the mind, step out of the ego, step out of the emotions, and become an observer. Without ego, without mind, without emotions, free. Free to see, free to choose, free to be.

So what does it mean, in the language of us, the language that has not caught up yet?

  • You are available for knowledge outside of what is stored in your mind.A “normal” person isn’t. When you ask a question of a “normal” person, you can watch as they go into their mind to look for answers. Even though they may intellectually know that 99% of what is knowable is what contains the answer.But they have no access to seeing, to intelligence, to looking… so they go automatically to where “Tree of Knowledge” is stored.A good example would be Scully from the X-files… I know it’s her role… but she is always wrong. Always… and so is a “normal” person. 2

You are available to see accurately and clearly what you are looking at… and your decisions come from as close to reality as possible. Whereas a normal person can’t tell their elbow from their ass… literally.

  • Learning can become fun and interesting, even stuff that is hard. Work is fun and interesting.
  • And a lot more…

Is this what you were expecting? Probably not.

What I hear people expecting is no more strong emotions, no more busy mind, no more wrong beliefs, no more resistance.

There is no method that can produce that, outside of death. I am not trying to be funny, but that’s just how it is.

Human life, especially in society, comes with strong emotions, busy mind, wrong beliefs and resistance.

Who you are going to be in the face of that will depend on your capacities.

And who you are going to be in the face of that determines your vibrational frequency. As simple as that.

Detached capacity workshop… The “Gate of Heaven”

For the next week or so, I am offering the opportunity to be a remote participant in the ongoing workshop that takes the participants beyond the “Gate of Heaven”…

The live workshop is closed, because it has started. But you can follow along and get the activation participants have, through the recorded course.

You’ll have access to all the eight recordings, as they are available, and will have the capacity activated as well. The cost is $97. When I’ll do it again, it will be $297. But because it is experimental, the price is kept low.

I reserve the right to refuse admittance if your vibration is too low 3 , or if your track record is less than sterling with me.

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  1. A human, a homo sapiens, a normal human, should not be called a human being. A normal human can’t attain to being without having inactive DNA capacities turned on. A normal human is a human doing, a human thinking, a human feeling, but not a human being. In my programs, my only goal is to create human beings through energetic interventions, and spiritual practices.
  2. She is a medical doctor by training. A medical doctor needs 20 capacities to be effective. Scully has nine… Really irritating. Do you recognize yourself? lol. A lot of my students could…
  3. How do I know that your vibration is too low? I measure your vibrational frequency. I use connection to Source, and muscle testing.

    Get the recorded workshop plus the DNA activation session ($25.00 by itself)

    Get your Detached Workshop and the capacity activation ($25 by itself)

    What is your vibration?Your vibration is a number. It matches closely how well you perform in life, how smart you can be, how good your relationships are or not. Here is the link to the vibrational map
    Measure vibrational frequencyMany people claim that they can measure your vibrational frequency, but I haven’t found anyone whose measurements were accurate. Why? Because you need to measure without ego. Ego interferes with accuracy. I measure your vibrational frequency for a small donation.
    What vibrational frequency measurement mean?The number shows how you fare in life in doing, being, feeling… quite accurately. The map made by Dr. David Hawkins is easy to understand. My work is to raise your vibration through energy products and spiritual practices.

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