What is the connection between respect and appreciation?

unprepared... jumpingWhat is the connection between respect and appreciation? Both respect and appreciation are spiritual capacities… states of being.

I am having a lot of insights lately. Of course, it was predictable: I am running an experimental workshop: it is driving up the questions.

When you have questions, relevant questions, you are going to get insights. Irrelevant questions? no insights.

Anyway, the circumstance this morning is this: I accidentally double-paid for the Tai Lopez course. Sent a support request to get a refund, and they answered that their policy was to talk to me, to make sure I was who I said I was.

I have been fuming about this. I mean my lower parts are fuming, and I, the Self, have been observing it with curiosity. Very strong emotions, by the way…

What is it that is offending my lower self?

I have found that the Tai Lopez company is inconsistent in its dealings with people… Say they are for me… but… I paid for their product. Accidentally I double paid. They accepted both payments. But now, they are making me jump through hoops for them to transfer the money back to the same card it came from. Feels inconsistent with who they said they were.

No trust. It hurts. It feels like disrespect. So it seems that respect is very important to the lower self… I mean my team (ego, soul, emotions) just wasted more than half an hour in this muck and mire: anger, disappointment, being put out, etc.

So that is respect… or at least respect when it’s missing.

So what is appreciation?

The way I teach appreciation, the capacity, it is different from how you have had it. I teach that appreciation is being able to look at something, anything, and value it accurately, on a minus 100-plus 100 scale. But value it nevertheless… instead of fighting it, saying it’s wrong. The usual crap you do… Yes or no. Binary. Rejection.

But as I was pondering this, it occurred to me, that your knee-jerk reaction to things won’t allow you to appreciate anything.

Given that we are now working on the Knowledge/Strategy/Execution model, your lack of ability to place a value, a non-binary value on something will make you do another jump: jump into the middle of execution, without knowledge, without strategy… smack into the middle.

jumping-into-pool-without-preparationMuch like jumping into the deep pool without learning to swim, without having rescue people present, without a floating belt.

You’ll sink. And that is exactly what happens when you have no appreciation for models, for others’ hard work, for what other people did who went before you. Or for swimming… the depth of the water, learning and strategy.

fawn-swimmingYou are looking at the reflection of yourself, and you think: what do they know? because you yourself don’t know anything… or not much of any value.

And your lack of respect to the person who was willing to go through a process, so he can teach you… oh no, you know better, and you’ll cut corners. Or oh no… why bother creating a strategy, or learning what there is to learn, I’ll just wing it.

Or in case of a spiritual capacity: why bother spending the time learning about the being the capacity allows, why create a strategy to make it grow roots in your being, and why do the steps that are needed?

In the worst case you’ll just ask me to activate it again.

You are stupid, and all you can see is stupid around you. You can’t have respect for something you see, or even pay money for… because your lack of respect for yourself will decide who and what you respect.

Catch 22, if I have ever seen one.

Can you get out of this Catch 22? We shall see…

Some 20 people are still in the game… and all I hear back is silence. Dead silence.

Are people waiting for me to do it for them?

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “What is the connection between respect and appreciation?”

  1. I’ve been doing the homework in earnest because my emotions seem to be a runaway train this week.

    I’ve been all over the map with my behavior that my boss actually told me to take a day off next week.

    I don’t yet feel like I’m in the Observer position when I tell myself to “Step Back,” but I keep trying.

  2. When we, as natural, judge the spiritual we do err. When we, as spiritual judge, we judge rightly.

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