67 days to a new you: health, money, relationship?

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67stepsSometimes I wish I could force you to buy something I know you need, and I know you’ll really benefit from.

I have signed up to Tai Lopez 67 steps program. He says that research now says that it takes 67 days to establish a new way of being, a new take on life… That is why it lasts 67 days.

It is dripped out one session a day, for 67 days. I signed up yesterday, so I had two sessions, two audios to watch today.

I don’t know if he can keep this up, but both sessions talk about something I should talk about, and as soon as I make it mine, I will… I do have a commitment to never just repeat something, but make it mine first.

It will take me some time.

But I do have a suggestion: that you actually buy the program. It is $67, $1 per session, and as I said, by my experience so far, it has already delivered more than that value.

If it continues, it will deliver, for me, a value of 1800 dollars.

The value may be more for you for all I know.

I signed up as an affiliate, so I can make a commission. So make your own decision.

Here is the link to buy: https://yourvib.me/67

One of the questions we each have why someone gets more who seemingly isn’t more talented, isn’t prettier, doesn’t have higher IQ than another.

He introduces the idea that you have to deserve, as in earn, what you get.

Looking through that filter, you’ll find that most people that you know deserve exactly what they have, not more and not less. But of course you’ll have to look differently than you normally look.

But once you do, you’ll start to see what it is that you could do to deserve more.

This way of looking at yourself is no much more wholesome than the b.s. system of the Law of Attraction, or manifesting. And when you look at all the people that supposedly manifest, you’ll find that those are the ones that deserve it, that earned it in one way or another.

This one distinction is worth, for me the $67. Seriously. Probably more.

The other thing I learned is that when you want to predict a person’s chances for success, you simply have to observe how aware they are. The capacity of being aware is a DNA capacity, and it’s rare… exactly as rare as success is rare.

He calls capacities the “intangibles” which they are.

As you can tell, I am pretty much in love with this course.

Here is the link to buy: https://yourvib.me/67

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