Dark Side Report, June 2012

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Dark Side Eating Up The Light Like a Pak-man

How And With What Methods And Vehicles Does The Dark Side Spread And Gain Ground? Mind-share and heart-share…

Don’t be mistaken: the Dark Side is growing, and in spite of self-professed do-gooders, light-workers, etc. the Dark Side is back to 40%. 2

Last year in June I spent six week downloading the First Phase Activators into every human inhabitant of the planet.

In the process I accidentally trapped the Dark Side and eliminated it.

For two straight months after that the Dark Side didn’t exist. Then slowly it started to creep up.

I measured it yesterday, and it’s up to 40%.

How come in less than a year it managed to grow itself back? It’s because the Light has almost no support.

I am reading book 5 of the Ringing Cedar Series. It’s by now degraded itself into a dogmatic piece of “party line” literature.

It has exhausted all its Source inspiration, and the 5th book’s vibration is now 200, down from 600 the first and the second volume.

Why is that?

Because the agenda: 100% Tree of Knowledge interpretation of what is good has taken completely over the book.

It is now growing the Dark Side… in spite of its original declared intent.

I see the same tendency at other places as well…

One of the TV shows that I watched over and over on Netflix, “Lie To Me” was really useful to me by distinguishing the look of certain impossible-to-hide emotions.

The second reason it was really useful, because it held up a mirror to me: I recognized disloyalty as a behavior I had. Seeing it on the monitor allowed me to change that behavior, consciously, and for good.

For reasons not quite clear to me, I am sitting in front of my computer, and scenes from that TV show are moving back and forth in my head, pausing and showing details of tone of voice, word usage, facial expressions that betray disloyalty in the series episodes.

Millions of people watched that show, and they are much less discerning than me. I bet if I started to talk about disloyalty, betrayal on that show, people would not know what I am talking about.

Crime movies, action flicks are a great vehicle for the Dark Side.

We learn about the world and about values from what we watch. Unconsciously. Our parents, our peers, our teachers, our co-workers, our bosses, our movies.

One of my teachers does underhanded things. Why? Because he can.

What put me into this out-of-balance state, I just see it now, something that happened two days ago.

They invited former and current students of an expensive course, promising further training.

I made sure I could attend. They were offering an expensive marketing coaching program, with one-on-one sessions for $850 a month. Not overly expensive, but it takes ME a lot of work to make that much money. But I wanted it. So I called, and I called, and left messages after messages, but no call, no answer.

Then I asked Source: do these people want my money? The answer was No. Do they want to do business with me? The answer was No.

I spent 7 hours in agony, and have spent the past two days in grief.

I got that I am experiencing unrequited love… And I witness cowardice on the part of my revered teacher.

This teacher, in spite of his useful marketing advice, is growing the Dark Side.

TV Shows that show disloyalty, and other “by the way” evilness grow the Dark Side.

The agenda-driven books of the Ringing Cedars series grow the Dark Side.

Don’t ask for more examples: I have managed to live outside of the stream and hustle bustle of life: I don’t have any more right now.

Though I just thought of another one: one of my students is volunteering his only free afternoon of the week to distribute flyers to find families to adopt abandoned pets.

If you asked these people, they value animals more than people. Trust me: they do.

I once had a friend who said that a butterfly is the crowning glory of Creation. Not Man.

When I look at her: I tend to agree… Man like her that don’t even see the beauty and intelligence, albeit covered up, would think that a butterfly is superior to Man.

And thus superior to the Creator… Now, that is a great support for the Dark Side.

The purpose of my work is to restore human beings to the Original Design: being, thinking, and living that comes from being created to the likeness of the Creator: magnificent, respecting another’s right, valuing beauty, nature, goodness, and love.

We have a long way to go… Or none, if the Dark Side is taking over at the speed it’s shown this past year.

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  1. It was 51% before I did the first phase activation a year ago
  2. It was 51% before I did the first phase activation a year ago

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

9 thoughts on “Dark Side Report, June 2012”

  1. It feels to me like a lot of music does this too, i myself find it easy to get lost in music, yet most of the lyrics are negative, be it a love song, often about a loss or being done wrong. i find it easy to relate it to a situation or imagine one negatively, and also question why are there not more songs with positive lyrics, uplifting.

  2. Lately, I’m using LeechBlock to keep myself off of many different websites (including FaceBook). These are websites that promote recreational drug use, hedonistic lifestyle, etc. These things are all vehicles for the dark. I don’t watch news, listen to the radio, or peruse the internet much these days, if at all. I agree with you. Right now, it’s crucial that each of us “cancel out the noise” and protect our energetic vibration. What we pay attention to is so important right now. I wish more people understood this.

  3. Hello China.

    Your attitude of protecting yourself from whatever is fear based. You closed yourself, and restricted yourself to your mind, to what you already know. You also closed yourself off from all-knowledge.

    How do I know? Because your vibration is at 200.

    What is missing is courage and trust. Trust that you can be discerning. Trust that you’ll be able to see what is truth and what is not.

    And most importantly: when you close yourself off for fear of being “tainted” you close yourself off from Source.

    Just like I can’t cloak myself 90% of the time, you should not close yourself off. Discerning and a deep listening is more useful.

  4. All life is lessons. There is no real right and wrong only experiences and lessons that YOU choose to experience whether that is now or before you incarnated. There are only a few true Universal laws that govern everything. One being – What you put out is what you get back in every way. Two – The One is all and the ALL is one. Nothing is truly separate. Three – everything changes! So doubt get too comfortable stay vigilant and aware.

    Since you exist now you always will and always have cause NOW is the only true time. EVERYTHING past- present & future is happening NOW. So relax. The dark ones domination is on this planet is ending soon.

  5. If you haven’t read the Cassiopeaen Transcripts I highly suggest it. It gives a good overall view of things from 6 density beings same with Bringers of the Dawn series.

  6. Not sure what your saying. If you think what I said has no relevence that is fine. To each his own. I need not share things anymore.

  7. Please keep on writing… but what are you sharing is the important question that I have a bone to pick with you over… oops, that was a very complicated sentence. I want you to share from your experience, not from what you read or what you heard.

    On this site we are interested in Tree of Life knowledge, direct experience, not Tree of Knowledge.

    I know I am asking a lot of you, but that is what I am asking, please

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