Paint With Your Words: Are The Law Of Attraction And Its Teachers On The Light’s Side Or In Cahoots With The Dark Forces?

paint with your words Paint With Your Words: or Are the Law of Attraction and its teachers on the light’s side or in cahoots with the Dark Forces?

The question What is Dark Forces needs to be answered before we can answer the question in the title.

Human Being, Man, is a Creator. By design. Completely and totally equipped to be a Creator.

For the purposes of this discussion, we are going to call Dark Forces everything and everyone who

  1. disempowers Man, and
  2. takes away his power to create,


And in the everything and everyone, your thoughts, your parents, your teachers, and your speaking will be included.

Man creates with Word.

Words put together in a particular way, create images that resonate in Man’s Soul. Those images, nurtured and grown like a seed, create.

Let’s look at the above statement, piece by piece.

  1. “Words” The tool is words. Words sounded off. Words that have a resonance. Words that create vibration.
  2. “Words that put together in a particular way,create images that resonate in Man’s Soul”But what way? How would you know if the way you put together your words is that particular way?A great model to look at is music. There are a limited number of sounds (pitches) to compose music.

    You can put the sounds together and it will form a nursery song. Another will form some pop-song. And the same sounds can be put together to form Handel’s Messiah, or Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.

    Same sounds, different results.

    The soul does not resonate with nursery songs, or pop songs. But it resonates with great works of composers.

    You can see, that if your goal is to cause resonance in Man’s Soul, you can’t play tiddlywinks, 1 scrabble: you can’t put your words together in any odd way.

    Words only have power when they cause resonance in Man’s Soul.

    When you listen to the Declaration of Independence, it is hard to listen with dry eyes…

    It was impossible to listen to Obama’s victory speech with dry eyes. Or Kennedy’s speech about sending a man to the moon.

    Language that describes stuff that’s already there is powerless. Nice, but no power. So are paintings. Look at Van Gogh’s picture: his paint brush didn’t simply describe what’s there: it created it.

    Does that mean that you need to be a Beethoven or a Van Gogh’s to create with your words?

    Yes and no.

    If you want to create something majestic and magnificent that involves other people: yes, you can.

    If you want to create something for yourself, local, without using another’s resources, energy, or life: simpler and yet still powerful words will suffice.

  3. “Those images, nurtured and grown like a seed, create.”Don’t forget, these are word-images. Not pretty pictures, not pictures on a vision board. These are powerful word-images.Speaking is mandatory. Speaking is what creates the vibration, the energy that creates, not pictures.

    Nurturing these images means speaking them, powerfully, over and over.

  4. Resonate in Man’s Soul…Do those images, do those sounds need to resonate only in the speaker’s soul? No.The sounds and the images need to sound in Man’s soul: which means that they need to be inspiring, and moving for every Man’s soul: not your own. But it does start with your own.

    Most of the things that you want do not resonate with your soul.

    Your soul is not interested in having, owning, doing, etc. Your soul is up to bigger things at a bigger scale.

    Soul is not going to resonate… sorry for the bad news, about you having money to do nothing, you having more sex, or you owning another house. If and when it’s all about you, Soul doesn’t care.

    And if anything answers those yearnings, it is not the Light… It’s the Dark Side, the Desire to receive For The Self Alone

Now, let’s look at who and what is the Dark Forces that strip you of your ability to create?

That is anyone that teaches that mere daydreaming will get you what you want. Or if you put enough emotion (acting!) behind your begging, it will get you what you want.

Some of the Law of Attraction people, like Joe Vitale, are masters of the Word. Esther Hicks used to be speaking powerfully while speaking as Abraham, but as a little Texas lady, her speaking was as ordinary as yours or mine when gossiping.

Can powerful speaking that creates be taught? It can be taught. It is never the teacher that is missing, it is the learner that is willing.

I am leading a 3-session little course that is called HeartConnection Meditation later this week.

Part of that course is learning to speak the language that creates. Learning to use your words like a paint brush

Will we be able to learn that in part of a 3-hour course? I doubt it.

Will we at least scratch the surface of the ART of speaking that creates empires, creates presidents, creates revolutions, and can create world peace?

Yes, we’ll scratch the surface. People will leave the course with at least a few moves of that ART.

Could you still join? Yes.

Are there any pre-requisites? Yes. The people already accepted to the course are experienced connectors: they can connect to Source and stay connected, reliably, for a long time.

Could you join if you are not an experienced connector?

Yes. Some of the benefits of the course you may not get, but you will be able to learn, participate, and benefit.

No one teaches a course like this… and I probably won’t repeat it: I don’t like to do anything twice.

Here is the link to check out this new course

PS: The reason for differences between prophets, visionaries, politicians, teachers, writers, speakers, copy-writers lies in the differences among people to grasp and use the principles in this article and the upcoming course: how they paint with their words: or not. And how YOU can paint with your words and start inspiring a future.

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  1. an inconsequential easy game of chance and skills

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Paint With Your Words: Are The Law Of Attraction And Its Teachers On The Light’s Side Or In Cahoots With The Dark Forces?”

  1. This is a great article. I appreciate your honesty.

    “That is anyone that teaches that mere daydreaming will get you what you want.” YES! I completely agree. This is the issue I have with The Secret. Nothing is gained without consistent ACTION. And you are right, the SOUL doesn’t care about a new house, money, or any of that stuff. What a relief, ha ha! 🙂

  2. China, as I said in my answer to your previous comment: you are completely and totally closed into your mind, to the Tree of Knowledge, and all you can do is repeat what you have learned.

    Unfortunately you also become unable to hear what is new and different in what you read: your filters stop you from that.

    You completely missed the content of this article. Don’t bother reading it again: if you can’t get out of your filters, you’ll just get the same thing what you have already gotten.

    How to get out of your filter, aka how to disable a filter? You need to be able to create a distance between you and your filter, in another word get out of your mind, and distinguish the filter.

    Getting out of your mind isn’t taught anywhere, as far as I can tell, except on my courses, so I don’t know if you can do that or not.

    Distinguishing filters is somewhat taught in Landmark Education, if you prefer to learn with a famous company.

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