The rich get richer the poor get poorer the sick get sicker

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Money is like a capacity… Whatever you have more of, you’ll get more of. Misery, stupidity, mistakes… or money, happiness, success…

Money is a means… a means to get more… and so are capacities… spiritual, DNA, epigenetic capacities.

One way you can see this is that the rich gets richer, the poor gets poorer… but how? but why?

This phenomenon is visibly true in every area of life, not just money, not just love. This sentence, from the New Testament, is true…

“I tell you that to everyone who has, more shall be given, but from the one who does not have, even what he does have shall be taken away.”

As I am doing my work to take a group of people to become human beings… I see it clearly in my work. People don’t grasp principles… they only grasp tricks and strategies.

cf5f53a8f481fab2970280857d253621What is a principle? It is the essence of a phenomenon… not the accidental, always changing or changeable part.

In stepping back, or the Driftwood capacity, the principle is: don’t take yourself with the ‘eye’ to the new vantage point. Allow an alien, a Martian, another person to see what they see, without influencing them.

The Gate of Heaven opens is when you can get outside of yourself, outside of this trick based behavior: your mind, your body, your emotions, your thoughts, your opinions, even your soul… step into the position of the Witness, the Observer, The Consciousness, and see everything from that unique perspective…

Stepping back is a spiritual capacity, and you can’t really step back, unless that capacity is turned on in your DNA. You’ll step back but you’ll take all the opinions, all the view, all the emotions, all the judgments you had in your original position, so you don’t get behind the eye of the Witness, also called the Martian, so essentially see what you have always seen.

Stepping back and looking from behind the eye of the Witness is the same capacity as the driftwood capacity, the sideways view capacity.

What you step back from is all those, your mind, your body, your emotions, your thoughts, your opinions, even your soul…

The Witness is no you. So the witness doesn’t feel anything about your stupidity, about your mistakes, about your thinking, in fact it may not see it at all… It doesn’t know about your story, what happened before, what was the history, all the stuff you drag with you when you claim you stepped back… but you didn’t.

I turned that capacity on back in 2016 for about 30 people. And this year for about 15 people.

8928771bd3db66c941c95af14cac94e8Then I saw that there are a bunch of capacities that need to be on for this capacity to stay on after I activated it. Allowing what you don’t like, or what you like, because if you don’t… you are pulled into getting attached to it…

Humility, because unless it’s on, you are going to look in your mind, that empty place, that hodge podge of half knowledge, and won’t be even considering that you need more knowledge to step to a new place, to look from there, and to stay thee.

10948696_1538816609735087_2116740220_n Courage, because unless you have this capacity open, fear will take you right back into the circle… and hold you hostage.

Self-trust, the knowledge, the faith that no matter what will happen as a result of looking at yourself and what’s happening from a different place, no matter what you’ll see: you can handle it.

And letting go. Letting go is the capacity of choosing the devil you don’t know, instead the devil that you know…

The capacity of letting go of what your activity is earning you: mostly that you never have to put out, perform, be excellent, be an accomplisher, because you are stupid, clumsy, or because you are a victim…

What I found out is this:

cannot-cheat-the-grindThe less capacities you have turned on, the more arrogant you are. You’ll do it your way. You will not understand the instructions, but you won’t even look twice. You’ll know better.

And even if you look twice, three times. you’ll only see what you have always seen.

Here is an example:

When your health is ailing, when your pancreas is about to give up and make you pre-diabetic or diabetic, I rEmerson-on-Principles-and-Methodsecommend that you start a plant based diet… or whatever the muscle test recommends, but it seems it is mostly a plant based diet.

You are not used to it. Society is not used to it.

Everyone and their brother wants you to eat pancakes, and bread, and cakes… but that is what made you sick to begin with.

If you are trying to create pancakes and bread and cakes with low carb ingredients… you didn’t grasp the principle of the matter: what made you sick in the first base is trying to process foods, mostly grain based…

Vegetarians who eat that way don’t know the principle.

Vegetables best eaten in their natural form… cooked or raw, depending on your ‘dosha’…

I roast mushrooms with some oil and garlic.
I rice cauliflower and roast or saute it in some oil
I roast brussel sprouts with some garlic and oil
I slice, salt, and saute cabbage with some onions and a splash of wine

You are trying to make pancakes and souffles, and who knows what, and your mindset remains the same… so you can return to your diabetes causing cultural norm in a jiffy.

You see, the more you have the more will be given to you. Principles, health, capacities, money, means, knowledge… even love.

And then there is the general unwillingness, or inability to think constructively.

When you want to accomplish something, anything, you need four things. The first two are not always in this order… step 3 and four are always in this order

  • vision: see the finished product, project, and its effect on you and the world
  • knowledge/principles
  • strategy
  • execution

Keeping capacities active requires the person to do certain things, so the capacity stays active.

Nature is discerning and economical, and doesn’t allow anything that is not needed, not used, to remain with the person who doesn’t need it, who won’t use it.

So, when I checked all the people, only two people could hold on to the driftwood capacity….

those-who-have-more-will-be-givenBut even those two can use the capacity only somewhat and only in certain circumstances that aren’t too personal. It gets too personal: they carry the ‘knowledge’ from one position to the other: no real driftwood happens.

This is a dead giveaway that they didn’t get the distinction, the principle, they got the tricks and strategies only.

For example, we are going through some tough times with this Covid 19 pandemic. My students are working from home, or not able to work at all. But the rent has to be paid, you need to eat… so those whose livelihood is cut out from under them need to look for new ways to make money, or they will sink.

I am looking from the Witness position: i.e. I see them not seeing… looking where they always looked.

I remember back in 1988 I was in a similar position: I was an architect by training, yes, but that avenue was suddenly closed for me… as well as any soft of employment.

My first thought was to create a temporary agency for architects… or to do freelance work… or … I was drawing a blank.

I was looking with a very very narrow cone of vision.

So what did I do? I had the book: what color is your parachute, and I used seven days to do the seven stories in the ‘skillfinder’ section of the book. I did it seriously… like my life depended on it. And it did.

I found that all my skills crowded around communication… and a little bit about design.

I pondered what profession needed that and I settled on publishing. I didn’t know what publishing was, but I was almost certain it used communication, words, as its medium.

I looked what knowledge and what skills I needed to add, and found that printing, typesetting, and writing were essential.

I set out to master them through immersion, which is the fastest way to learn, not books or classes.

By the end of two months I was ready to jump…  on the shallow end of the pool. Turned out that advertising and selling were also essential. So next I immersed myself in that…

I ended up working for this small local rag, become part owner, and get kicked out… But by then I had 20 advertising accounts and enough knowledge and connections to start my own magazine…

My observation is that people learned to be able to do only those things which are completely spelled out… For example one of my students, a student who fancies herself a college graduate and smart, can’t figure out how to share a recording she made on skype with me on skype…

So it is no surprise that when it comes to growth, they are clueless: it doesn’t look like a project, it feels like a surgery, where I do the work and they will expect to get what I do as an implant.

But that is not how it works, and I bet you are as disappointed as I am frustrated.

If you are in this work with me, do yourself a favor, and create a plan, as an exercise, on how you are going to go from where you are to, let’s say three capacities more.

  1. Get the knowledge, create a strategy even about getting the knowledge. Getting knowledge is the first step, but a project in and of itself.The best way to be prepared is to have a wide and varied knowledge ahead of time: do what’s difficult when it’s easy…
  2. Create a vision of yourself, of your life, of the world as it will be when the project is done.
  3. Then create a strategy on what you will do, what will be the actions that you’ll do to keep those capacities in working order.
  4. And when it’s done… do it. One step at a time, follow the strategy you had created.

Instead of waiting for me to wipe your ass… Know what you are doing. And do it.

PS: Just so you know, if you haven’t bought the 67 steps, I know you are not willing to learn. Talk is cheap. And your money too.

Why the 67 steps? Because it is a system of taking you around so you can see things you would not seek out on your own.

I don’t much care about the ‘teaching’ in the 67 steps… I care about the journey… It’s like going around the world in 67 days. Exhilarating, exciting, and educational.

I did it myself for six or seven times, and I doubled my overall astuteness, my overall capacity to see things as they are.

Was that by ‘learning’ what Tai says? NO. That is a big NO. The truth value of the 67 steps is higher than most stuff you read, but is not very high… But the journey was priceless… worth 2-3 PhD’s. I am not kidding you.

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