How to grow in spite of the ego


Why do I demand that if you want to be my student, you buy and do, religiously, attentively, seriously, the 67 steps by Tai Lopez?

It’s Tuesday, so it was my doing my errands day.

At the grocery store, at the self checkout, there was a new attendant, who looked like a foreigner. I asked where she was from. She was from Albania. We got into a conversation. She’s been here for 16 years, and she is full of complaint.

I suggested that she could apply herself more, get skills, computer, better english. She was arguing every step of the way. Turns out that she doesn’t have time for any of that because she spends most of her time in her garden.

Suddenly clear of who she was, I recommended that she stops complaining.



12733394_181862795514918_5448543375054582238_nIf it is your garden that you like the most, give the most, then complaining that life doesn’t give you more in other areas is delusional.

If you come to life with no skills, or just some skills, and you want more from life, but give nothing in return… hey, did somebody tell you that life plays favorites?

You want more money, more interesting work, then build skills, be worth a damn.

And in essence this is the main message of Tai’s 67 steps.

Of course if I gave this program to my new Albanian acquaintance, she would hate it. Because her life is based on a lie… and she probably would not want to tell the truth about it.

But life is actually quite fair… as in giving you what you earned. Sometimes it is hard to see how my niece earned to die at age 40, or how I earned to have a leg that hurts like hell. Because some of the earning is below the water level, part of the iceberg on the gene level. On the beingness level.

I know that many of you may want to argue with me, saying that I am negative. That the “law” of attraction is all you need, that you need to think positive, and if that works for you, I am happy for you. Can you do me a favor? Leave my website. Now?

But if you are not THAT delusional, if you see that I might be right about this, then let’s talk.

You see, in all my work, watching people try and fail, or not even try and not even fail… I am starting to see something that may just be the very bottom of the iceberg that is derailing your life, sinking your ship, and making you live a life of resignation and cynicism… a life of quiet desperation.

Yes, there are 67 steps. And they each cover one or two of the “intangibles” which I call spiritual capacities.

But it seems that unless we find a way to dislodge ego, to make ego allow you to hear, allow you to learn, allow you to see the facts, allow you to use your intellect effectively, and allow you to grow, and move… no matter how many brilliant videos you watch, no matter how many books you read, no matter how many classes you take, you will, maybe, move temporarily, but move back as fast as you moved up… because the ego won’t let you grow.

One of the things I distinguished 30 years ago, when I read the cult classic, The Mind Parasites, is that ego gets tipped of by language.

There is language that indicates to ego that you mean business when you talk about change. Especially when you tell someone about it.

TreadLightlySo, just like with the mind parasites, you need to stay under perceptional radar of the ego… so you can actually be able to do anything.

If you trust yourself to be able to translate mind parasite to ego… I do recommend the reading of the book, I have read and re-read it. I have it in pdf form on the subscribers site.

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