The Dyslexia strategy… Or why some of the most successful people are dyslexic

If you have been dreaming of changing, but no matter what you do, you haven’t changed, you may want to use my Dyslexia strategy and become someone who can change.

Dyslaxia strategyI had an insight this morning. This article may be the most important article I have ever written. And 99.99% % of you will ignore it… even if you read it three times. And I bet, you won’t even bother to read the footnotes… Must be not important you say, and you are right… about everything.

The world belongs to the changeable. The flexible. The one that can adjust, and go with the punches. This is what’s been missing… or at the minimum, without this you can’t change.

You know, if you know me that I have been harping on the color exercise. Simple exercise, everyone gets it right in minutes… except.

What people are not getting is this: It is training. Like wax on wax of in Karate kid. Doesn’t have anything to do with colors.

You know by now that I am dyslexic… very dyslexic.

Dyslexia simply means that you see something similar to what’s there, but not what’s there… different letter, different word, different color, empty when there is something there, and something when nothing is there… Maddening. 1

Playing cards is like playing chess for a blind man: you have to summon something to be able to play it as well as a seeing person.

I always suspected that there is a higher purpose in playing for me, that my dyslexia is a tool most people don’t have. That it is a tool that takes me to live on the edge, seeing stuff most people will never see, maybe even won’t see when I tell them about it.

This may be the case now. I saw something that you have never seen.

Unless you learn the habit of looking twice, looking in an orderly way, unless you have the mindset that what you see is not what is there, you’ll always make your life from what you see… not what’s there.

Human’s haven’t evolved ever since they discovered language.

Language and mind have displaced reality.

If your actions come from what you see, then what you see is very important. Seeing is very important. Seeing accurately is very important… and near impossible.

In one of Tai Lopez‘s segments he calls this “the 500 year old mind.” When what you see is what you have always seen… because the mind screens out, filters out everything else.

Unless you train yourself to force the mind the retreat and allow you to see what’s there, you’ll continue living the same life, the same way, because what you see is the Matrix world, not reality.

In the Matrix world, you are stupid, unwanted, clumsy, a looser… etc. Whatever you are, you already know it. Moreover, in the Matrix world there is nothing you can do about it.

No matter what you read, no matter what you watch, and LISTEN UP, no matter what capacity I activate, you’ll stay the same, BECAUSE you will continue to see what you have always seen.

Why? Because you look too fast. Because you trust your eyes. But you should not!

What is there is filtered out, covered with a screen that shows what you have always seen.

From time to time the veil lifts for a second, but most of the time you are too drunk with yourself to take notice.

  • You come back from a trip and suddenly you see how you live.
  • You accidentally witness your best friend, your husband, your son interact with others, and you see how shitty they are…
  • Or you discover that your s-hi-t does stink… accidentally

Then quickly you repair the veil. Back to business as usual. Unconsciously, continue living in the matrix.

There is nothing wrong with it. Except…

If you are up to more, feeling more, being more, doing more, loving more, enjoying more… as you claim

If you are up to more, feeling more, being more, doing more, loving more, enjoying more… as you claim, then there is a mismatch between you living in the matrix and what you want.

But… you can’t get out of the matrix if you continue seeing what you have been seeing.

The step I am suggesting is the hardest. Pretend that you are dyslexic. Pretend that you don’t know what you are seeing. So look longer. Master the art of looking in a “color exercise” way.

You’ll be probably accurate where my dyslexia makes me err, but that is not where you need the mastery most.

You need the mastery everywhere else. Where your opinion, your concept, your interpretation, your story covers up what’s there.

When you talk about yourself… when you talk about others, when you talk about it.

Unless you stay frozen into one particular vantage point, unless you keep insisting that your delusion is reality, you’ll start to get pop-pop-pop glimpses of what is covered up.

  • You are not as stupid as you’ve thought yourself to be.
  • Belonging the ethnic group that you belong to doesn’t mean your future is set
  • Being a Republican doesn’t mean what you think it means
  • Nothing means what you have been thinking it means.

Ultimately, if you went all the way, you would see that nothing has meaning inherently.

Things, actions, life is empty and meaningless… unless you give them meaning.

But be careful with the meanings: because the nature of mind is to replace reality with the meaning you gave to things.

That is the enemy the color exercise is designed to counter, mitigate, and have war with.

So you can grow. So you can evolve. 2

The world is run by evil people. And who is allowing it is you. Because it doesn’t fit with your matrix to see evil, and to become someone who sees.

The reason six million Jews could be exterminated during the Holocaust, because their Matrix did not have any inkling that people could mass murder other people, no matter what their reasoning.

Had they had the capacity to look again until they see something they didn’t expect to see… the gas chambers and the Final Solution would not have been so successful.

You are not different… You are fodder to the machine, the evil machine.

And you are not even having fun. Because to have fun, you need to look until you see something that you didn’t expect.

Only very few of you will do what I am asking of you. Why? The rest won’t even understand what I just said.

It doesn’t jive with their matrix.

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  1. Some of the most extraordinary people in the world are dyslexic. They were condemned to be sub-par, but they said: hell no! And they learned habits to see what’s there.

    You, on the other hand, you are satisfied seeing what you saw when you first looked: the matrix, the mirage.

    Some older successful people don’t know they are dyslexic. They only know that something is special about them, in a good way. They look longer and they see what you don’t see. Really!

    An ordinary person, you, is satisfied seeing what they see, and they never question it, never hang out long enough to see if the picture changes. For a long time, for me, it was like someone was changing the picture… The reality is: the mirage lifted and reality, what was hidden, what was covered up by the mirage, started to be visible.

    The trick is to make sure it is not only when you read. Reading is the easy part. Stopping and looking when you are sure you see what’s there, is the trick.

    Another thing about dyslexic is that they can interact with imperfect, faulty things and use them as if there were nothing wrong with them.

    I have bought cars for $500 that the way you had to start them, the way you had to steer them was quite abnormal… I drove those cars another 100 thousand miles, without a hitch, without repairs. That’s because I have dyslexia and my view of the world isn’t stuck: it has to be perfect and ordinary and orderly for me to like it. hah…

  2. Evolution, I think, always happens starting with a mistake. Something goes wrong… like dyslexia, an abnormal distribution of brain cells.

    Successful dyslexic will carry the gene… but activate other genes, like the intangibles, like the spiritual capacities, of being able to be successful by looking till you see… see what’s there. By questioning the mirage. By going beyond the call of duty.

    The gene, dyslexia, will become the norm, to counter the detrimental effect of the mind’s claim that it knows everything.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “The Dyslexia strategy… Or why some of the most successful people are dyslexic”

  1. Oh this article tells it all…interestingly enough it has been my theme in the last week..

    I am not doing well with my color or shape exercise, as I just look fast to avoid the mind taking over – and that made me think that my mind is too strong to be ignored….Ignoring my mind – my life theme :)) thanks Sophie for bringing these gems to our consciousness ..

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