How to become worth a damn?

how to become worth a damnCan someone who listens to an audio, watches a video, reads a book, or even comes to one of my workshops, change?

Long sentence, eh? The answer to this question is this: it depends.

NO input can cause change by itself. The change comes from trying to apply what you read to yourself. Even if the application is just answering one question that requires you to look.

I am finding, that the program I so love, the 67 steps, is completely and absolutely wasted on you, unless you do the looking it takes to answer the one or two or three questions that come with each session.

Why? Because looking, attempting to answer the question, causes a state change. 1 The state inside which you listen is: I agree, I like it, I knew that, interesting, etc. Narrow cone of vision. Sitting in what you already know… undisturbed, untested. Sitting in who you already know yourself to be… undisturbed, untested.

Attempting to look to answer the question from your own life is where the magic happens. When you have to widen your cone of vision to include what you never look at.

It is happening to me in spades. I am at segment 19…

I have managed to see two things about myself, that I never had a chance to see, as a result of attempting these answers, and widening my cone of vision, and awareness.

  1. As I was listening to yesterday’s audio, I noticed my facial expression, mildly condescending, I already knew that… hey I didn’t know that. I felt my mother’s face with mine. Wow… I didn’t know that is how I listen. Disgusting.Now that I am more aware of my facial expression (that is cluing me in to the attitude I unconsciously bring to life), I have a chance to tweak it…
  2. I saw today that I would like to have audios or videos like Tai has, that people can just watch it and I don’t have to interact with them to produce results.And then, immediately the resistance showed up. I recognized what it (the resistance) said: “I don’t want to have to prove myself.”If there is any single sentence that is responsible for me not having everything I could have had, it’s this one.

    It comes directly from “I am on borrowed time…”

    Now that I caught it I can have a conversation with it, a parlay. It is not about proving myself, it is about having more time to work with the people I want to work with.

    Now, that is whole different context, and the resistance, for now, subsided.

What is it that I am saying? That unless you make what you read/listen/watch into your essence, sublimate it 2 you haven’t increased your essence. But worse than that: you haven’t actually earned the right to change, or to use what you were reading/listening/watching.


A number of years ago I taught a course to wannabe internet marketers on how to gain knowledge.

They thought that you can make money without actually knowing what you are talking about.

I suggested that they pick a few articles, maybe short books, and start re-writing them. Not like editors do: for grammar, or just to use different words.


Read a paragraph or two, close the book and start writing what you learned from it. What you’ll write is yours. Sublimated. Became part of you, real knowledge.

I, myself have done that.

The second strategy I have used for 50 years now is to turn around and teach it.

While at university, I taught anyone who needed it, my friends, people who missed classes, etc.

I have done this for 50 years.

I learn by teaching.

I thought I was stupid… but my experience has been that NONE OF MY STUDENTS EVER LEARN ANYTHING, just by reading, or even talking to me.

So, do yourself a favor, do what I did… or die empty, not worth a damn.

These are your choices.

Harsh? Hey, life is harsh. Unforgiving.

You get in life what you are willing to work for. Only that.

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  1. A state of being, that is.
  2. sub·li·mate
    verb: sublimate; 3rd person present: sublimates; past tense: sublimated; past participle: sublimated; gerund or present participle: sublimating

    (especially in psychoanalytic theory) divert or modify (an instinctual impulse) into a culturally higher or socially more acceptable activity.
    “people who will sublimate sexuality into activities which help to build up and preserve civilization”
    synonyms: channel, control, divert, transfer, redirect, convert
    “work can serve as a means of sublimating rage”
    another term for sublime.

    noun: sublimate; plural noun: sublimates

    a solid deposit of a substance that has sublimed.

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