A short meditation to step out of your mind and the noise in your head

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rejuvenating short meditationHere’s an awareness exercise (meditation) that I particularly like for rejuvenating yourself with silence:

Sit up straight.

Close your eyes.

Take a few deep breaths to settle down. (if you know how to center yourself, you can do it first)

Then here’s what to do with your awareness:

Eyes closed, get a sense of the end of your personal space in front of you. It’s an energetic phenomenon, mine is about three feet… You’ll feel it.



stressed_womanDon’t imagine anything. Don’t visualize, remember visualization is the mind… and you want to get out of the mind.

Trust your awareness to get a kind of an awareness-sense of your personal “energy boundary.”

It doesn’t matter how awareness senses it.

Just go with it.

Don’t overthink it. Actually, don’t think about it.

You can’t get it wrong anyway.

Then once you have that awareness-sense of the limit of how far your “space” extends in front of you — with your awareness, start gently GOING BEYOND THAT LIMIT OUT INTO THE NOTHINGNESS (NO-THING-ness).

Don’t imagine anything.

Thrust into it with awareness.

“Feel” your awareness floating out or drifting out into the the vast nothingness.

And just allow awareness to keep on slowly and gently drifting out further and further into nothingness.

And further… And further more.

Just go with it best you can.

Don’t think it. Just allow awareness to show the way.

All of that will take no more than a minute. Once you have practiced it, you can cut it down to just 20 seconds or so and then when awareness is so far out into the nothingness; just REST there.

In that “place” of nothingness, all perception of a “you” identity disappears and there is nothing for the mind or awareness to grab.

Just rest there.

And keep on resting there.

Do NOTHING at all.

It will be very peaceful.


You may not want to rush back to wakeful consciousness and stay out in the no-thing-ness.

Try it when you want to rejuvenate yourself with silence!

Try it right now, if you can.

It’s blissful.

If you know how to connect, do it through your Tangerine Spot.

The two steps to remember: find your energy boundary and go beyond. That’s it.

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