Who Has The Power?

Who Has The Power?

I had this deep deep, who knows where it came from feeling, from the time I was conscious of my thoughts, that the problem with the world is that people’s power is kept away from them.

When I observed people, I saw that they had very little control over what they did on any given day.

It seemed that their day was scripted, and most of what they did, I would not choose to do.

In my family, for example, it seemed scripted to wait for my mother to come home, bring groceries, cook them while we were hanging out, eat and then watch TV.

On Sundays we would go out to eat, often, or eat at home, but go out for dessert.

I was born with an imperfect digestive system, maybe because I was a preemie, was born with a two-pound body weight, less than a loaf of bread, a bottle of milk, tiny.

Then my mother refused to feed me by holding me to her breath, though I did get pumped breast milk…

I had colic, I vomited, I was an overall pain in my mother’s but. I weighed under normal weight till I was 9~10… I ate only when I was hungry, and I was not hungry for meals. I picked in my food, picking out a particular thing, like the peas, and left the rest.

I also spent a lot of time alone, contemplating. I haven’t changed a bit, though returning to my eating that way has been a challenge: after all even I got socialized in my 65 years.

My recollection of my first conscious thought of humans being enslaved was around age 9. The school system added religious education to the curriculum, but I was exempted, because I was Jewish. There were a bunch of Jewish kids in the class, but I refused to participate in religious education.

Just like an innate knowing prevented me from eating what was bad for me, an innate knowing prevented me from being programmed to be a bio-robot, a slave, a serf.

The exact thought I had was this: I think that the religion serves one main purpose: that people are too busy doing what they are supposed to do so they don’t have any time to look and think of what they want to do.

And that is true for every area of life, not only religion. You are supposed to do what everybody else is doing.

When I was in Israel, I saw this even clearer: every minute of every day is scripted and commanded for Jewish people, and I would not have any of that.

I knew that someone somehow benefited from people not having time to think, or just be, but I didn’t quite know who, and how, and why…

When on that fateful night, sitting on the stone steps in front of the Western Wall of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, I asked the Creator to reveal itself and it did… I was not the only person on that huge square: there was an Orthodox person swaying back and forth by the wall.

I knew that he had never experienced directly talking to the Creator: instead he was “praying”, reading some prescribed words in Hebrew: none of your own thoughts, none of your own words, none of that.

I have tons of experienced of “secular” churches and schools doing the same thing: Landmark Education, Peak Potentials, all the Internet Marketing gurus: keep them busy so they don’t have time to think.

The internet, cell phones, email, text messages, youtube, all designed to keep you busy so you can’t think, can’t contemplate.

But why would you want to think? Right?

When I look at my students, 99.99% not thinking, I look how come I turned out to be a thinker.

I look at my brothers, and they are not thinkers. My mother: ditto. My father: I don’t know.

So what did I do differently so I didn’t get all hooked on the Tree of Knowledge stuff, on the indoctrination, on the living like everyone else? I never have…

One of the biggest difference between me and most anyone I know is this: I do not, flat out, refuse anything that doesn’t fit. I do experience the knee-jerk reaction of wanting to refuse, rebuttal, refute everything that doesn’t fit my picture, but for some strange reason, I can control the knee-jerk reaction and postpone decision until after I had a chance to see the whole picture, reflect, meditate, see, and feel.

It could also be because my comprehension is not up to par… and I know it.

I used to be very near-sighted (it got dramatically better after I started to use my herbal eye remedy, by the way.)

I used to have a difficulty distinguishing sounds and making sense of what I hear (still do, to a degree.)

I am dyslexic, so I can never be sure that what I read is what’s on the page.

Maybe I just got lucky, and these disabilities slowed me down enough that I didn’t get brain-washed?

I don’t know. But I do know that people who resist, refuse, argue, are not able to do what I do: they never think.

An analogy I learned in Landmark is this: you want to buy a suit jacket. You go to a store and start looking on the racks. A sales person approaches you and you feel disturbed. ‘Now you will have to buy what this person tells you to buy: it’s the end of the shopping experience’ your mind tells you and you resist. Or you succumb. Either way you stopped thinking, you stopped coming from your power. You’ll buy without trying on enough jackets, or you’ll leave to escape the pressure.

My method is this: I try something on for size. I feel it, I walk around in it, I stretch, and when I am satisfied, I got the size down pat.

Then I try on for color… color is tricky: the best made jacket can look horrible on you if the color doesn’t complement you.

And then the cut… the design, the details.

And every step of the way I know that I can hang the jacket back, or keep it if I like it.

I never look at price until I know what is a great fit. Price is like religion: limits your choices.

This is exactly how I am (99% of the time) with information or knowledge.

I never repeat anything I didn’t have a chance to completely analyze with my varied tools of thinking. Or test them, test the echo, test if it works, but I tell the truth, ahead of time, so neither the listener nor myself get stuck with it.

In my practice as a coach, a spiritual teacher, energy healer, and energy product creator, my main goal is to give the student of the buyer the whole power: as much power as they can fathom, as much power as they can understand how to use.

Is that bad business? After all if I made them enslaved to me, they would have to come back to me forever, if they wanted more of what they got?

Obviously that is the mo (modus operandi) of anyone that I have encountered.

When I published the articles on my healing blog earlier today, I experienced a series of debilitating blows from the Dark Side, from the Dark Forces: we are working cross purposes.

They work to enslave you, I work to liberate you, to free you up, so you can start to raise your eyes from mere survival and set it on an elevation and start soaring.

How I am doing with that? So far I am not doing well at getting people to raise their eyes.

When I ask them to post an inspiring quote on the blog, their eyes are obviously downcast, except for one person, one quote…

But I trust the process, I won’t declare failure just yet. Just like I don’t buy a jacket that doesn’t quite fit. Just like I don’t believe everyone tells me.

I believe in human being. I believe that we have the power to think for ourselves. And I believe that there will be some people who will choose to use their power, instead of pouting some Dark Side invented banalities about love and compassion, and being selfless… all that nonsense that got implanted in their heads to enslave them.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

5 thoughts on “Who Has The Power?”

  1. This article is pure, honest and raw truth – thank you Sophie. What would it take (within us) for these truths to open and shift the minds of humanity and wipe clear, as you say, the invented platitudes (banalities) of the Dark side about love and compassion and being selflessness and the rest?

  2. I don’t know Doug, that’s what I am asked to work out with my courses, a method. A method that works at least for many most of the time… not what we have around, works sometimes for a very small percentage of people, but even for them it is not consistent, not repeatable, not enough.

    Remember, the purpose of my life is “living on the edge, generating distinctions of transformation for humankind” and I am living it. Diligently co-creating with Source… it is happening, just not enough yet…

    I wish it were as simple (simplistic) as “Anastasia” puts it. There is value in utopia: it is a valuable tool to pull people up, but is it strong enough to keep them up? Muscle test says “no”, and it says “yes” to the digging deep method I have chosen.

    Would you like to prove me right? lol Not with words. With your life…

  3. Yes…that’s why I’m here… (because words, as you say, won’t do it (cut it) if you don’t live it (in the higher vibration). And you can fool yourself (for a while/lifetime), but you can’t fool the power.

  4. Michael, there is thinking and there is thinking.

    What you call thinking is looking in your memory banks for solution, finding only old socks type of info: don’t fit, don’t do anything useful.

    The thinking that creates doesn’t go to your memory banks: it goes to source. The speed of that thought is what needs to be increased both in speed, and amount.

    Today’s human thinks a whopping 30-180 seconds in their lifetime. That is not a misprint.

    The mind-thinking is what you are asked to abandon, to reclaim your real thinking ability, and your independent thought.

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