Love: Missing. Project: Activate the Capacity To Love (Updated)

love is missing According to Anastasia, people born in modern society out of the fleshy passions of their parents and without conscious fathering and mothering while in the womb, born in a hospital: were born into fear and no connection with their parents.

They cannot love.

When I look at people around me, I see proof positive for that. No matter who I am looking at, love isn’t there.

Anastasia’s solution: generations that read the Ringing Cedars of Russia, will be able to follow the behaviors, parents, that will allow their new offspring to be born a Man, a full-fledged human being with access to the knowledge of its forebears.

That is her solution. I wish I could see the majority of humanity

  1. read the books (most of my students even don’t read at all)
  2. understand and appreciate what’s written
  3. put it into practice exactly the way it’s written.

I see that it borders the impossible, but only in masses: individuals, maybe thousands, will, I believe, follow the path and give birth to a new humanity.

In the meantime, I think, there will be a lot of use of the activators, and I am meditating furiously to find the right words to awaken and activate the squashed love within.

I am a perfect test subject: I was born to no love, myself.

I have never felt love, only the desire to love. The longing to love, the yearning. Not love itself. At least not for a human being.

The Unconditional Love Activator is activating the knowing that you are loved, unconditionally, by the Creator.

It says, truthfully, that you can’t expect real love from another human, not yet. Maybe from a human who was birthed like Anastasia teaches, but not until then.

She, in her person, demonstrates that love. I dare you not to cry. But what is the crying? It is the memory and a sense that you were meant to love, but you can’t. No matter how hard you try…

Martin Luther King loved ideas. Did not, could not love people. Mahatma Gandhi loved ideas. Could not love people.

And albeit, if there was a Jesus, he loved people, maybe, he inspired a religion that preaches love but acts no-love through and through.

So, this is where we are. Human machines. No love… until I get the right words from the Creator.

I am trembling with anticipation.

PS: my trusty testers, the students of the Second Phase Activators are now testing the first phase of the new activator. It’s 9% done… it may take several sessions, days, maybe even weeks, but it will be done.

When it’s done, I’ll plan to create large scale activating sessions. I have been given an easier way to connect that works with activation, so people who have never come to a connection class can participate too, and get results.

I am excited. A really significant step in the creation of the first humans that intend to be activated to love and will be. Wow.

Update:  it’s taken seven months, but finally the Love activator is done. What was the reason for the delay? The original activators required the recipient to connect to Source, and do the activators at least 40 times. Most people aren’t willing… and therefore the results were meager.

The new type of activator for LOVE is irresistible. I went to the Avatar State to generate it. It still needs a lot of time to play the audio, but now you don’t even have to be in your apartment while it is playing, or be awake. It works, it finds you wherever you are.

I can tell whether MY audio is playing by the presence of the energy or not.

Go check it out. There is a special rate for Valentine’s Day


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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

12 thoughts on “Love: Missing. Project: Activate the Capacity To Love (Updated)”

  1. Well, that is comforting.
    At least I am not alone, among people who can’t love, and I am not the exception.

    On the other hand, I have had an experience of loving everyone. At least, everyone I could see at the event I was attending. Maybe the LSD helped.

  2. Sophie, you are being cynical. In general I agree that the vast majority of people lack love and the capacity to love (myself included until very recently and I am still learning). I believe that a small number of people give and receive love constantly. Too bad everybody doesn’t.

    It is obvious that King and Ghandi loved ideas and ideals, but I wonder how you know what was in their hearts.

  3. I wish I were cynical only. but our whole system of procreation isn’t creating a space of love for the child. Children are mostly an accident, and then they are touched first by someone who doesn’t care about them, and the brief moments the mother gets them is just to feed them. Then we hand them over to nurseries, to kindergartens, schoolteachers, priests, and that is not a place to learn love.

    So, no, I am not cynical. I am realistic.

    With regards to King and Ghandi: did you forget that I am an empath?

    And the overwhelming warmth you have suddenly experienced weekly is not strong enough to be called love. So there is hope! It is something to look forward to.

    I am certain, and Source agrees, that the new activator I am working on will, I men WILL re-activate the capacity for love.

    Of course capacity is only alive when it’s called upon… all self centeredness, all desire for the self alone are mutually exclusive with love, and so is Tree of Knowledge… all the stuff that you have learned and now so educatedly share with the world.

    You don’t need to get rid of it, just step in the back and look from there. It is magical.

  4. This understanding you have shared is very important. This search for True Universal Love was the driver of my life, searches, encounters, and expansions long before reading the books. Reading the books clarified and ignited that driver into a full blown inferno of determination and focus several years ago. Some who read the books find nothing of value, but those who SEE and TOUCH (the crying) the essence of her message, are changed by it. With new eyes they see, search and find. Thank you for sharing your insights with your readers.

    To address Michael’s question, it does not take an empath to know what Martin Luther King and Ghandi (or anyone else for that matter) held in their hearts – it was continually woven all through their faces, bodies, language and decisions – exactly as you have reported. To identify the foundational beliefs behind those expressions, takes only the perceiver’s foundational belief in self (the very LOVE we seek). That will then allow them to recognize, accept and report that which was seen. There are truly no secrets between us as one awakens to Self.

    I’ve enjoyed your blog.

  5. Thank you Joyce. I am still in the rational mind, because I don’t perceive those things (yet). Also, I didn’t know empaths could “read” dead people.

  6. sophie, i’m not a religious person as far as i know and i also can’t remember feeling loved by others much but i do remember way way back just loving the ground i walked on and the air i breathed and loving the whole world, warts an all,, there was an inocent love inside me but nowhere to be found now apart from my grandkids,,,

    i could weep & i am right now for their struggle and isolation,, their bond is with their computer & tv,,, not even a family table to sit around give your point of view,,, food is eaten in zombie fashion in front of the tv,,, a huge sadness,,,,

    as for jesus? my sadness & grief was huge for him,especially after watching ‘the king of kings’ with jeffery hunter when i was about 12 yrs old,,(jeffrey hunter was a fair & steel blue eyed jesus???) i don’t think i’ve forgiven him for goin through all that shit just because i was a sinner,,, talk about laying the guilt on! have never understood why he couldn’t get himself out of all that mess considering who he was, ,,,

    thank you for your posts shophie

  7. Bernie, I am there with you. Yesterday I walked around Green Lake in Syracuse and I was in love.

    With regards to jesus, I do not believe that the story we’ve been served up is true. According to muscle test, there is a 10% truth in it.

    I am reading a book on being a magician (haven’t muscle tested it yet) that says that even today’s man can perform everyday magic.

    I can energize water, wield strong energies, converse with Source, cause healing, and be well in spite of the onslaught of murderous and scrambling energies on my person.

    So if I can do it, obviously the historical jesus could have done it, so had he gotten into trouble he would have been able to get out of it, had he intended to, you are right. But for a 12-year old that makes no sense.

    I am grateful that I lived in a communist country and wasn’t brainwashed in this arena.

    In that “magic” book I am reading (all 4th plane stuff, my guess) the authors suggest that you can alter your closed ones’ behavior by using shamanic tools… I don’t like that, I don’t like deviating from my direct connection with Source, Source doesn’t enjoy that, it takes people off the straight and narrow, but the book has a lot of value at finding the linchpin incident and ways to heal it, and that is the real value for me.

    But you could try it, I am sure, given who you are, you could perform magic with your grandkids… the book is “The art of soaring”

  8. To answer your question about how I found your blog, Sophie: I have a google alert sent to my email anytime google search engines encounter a word or words that match my requests. When you began reviewing the Ringing Cedars books your blog link was sent to me for my “ringing cedars” request. While I’m interested in anything to do with the books, I signed up to your blog because of your general blog content. You present an interesting perspective on Universal Information I received “within” in 1994 relative to how we function with our self-programming.

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