False starts, crushed dreams… if that’s your life… listen up

2722241211_22435b9bc0The allure to jump into doing is very strong. Or alternatively waiting… and doing nothing.

But “They” say: without action nothing happens. Some say: take lots of action, imperfect actions.

But no one is talking about looking, no one is talking about conscious awareness.

Conscious awareness is what separates a human from an animal.

When you are operating from the mind, you are not using conscious awareness.

The smoother a teacher talks the more certain you can be that they are coming from the mind, speaking from the mind.

Consciousness is not smooth… it’s chunky. Honest. Consciousness is not verbal, so the speaking comes out chunky.

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Any and all actions coming from the mind, the allure of doing something quickly, the “cheap closure now” is doomed to fail on the long haul.

Let me define how I mean failure: if your goal in life is to be happy, healthy, and fulfilled, then an action that is counter with that, is doomed to be a failure… No amount of success will take you there.

Thus, you can make a lot of money, but not be happy, not be healthy, not be fulfilled… you failed in your goal for life. Or be skinny… and not happy. Or make art, and not be happy…

Because the mind stores what it knows, and what it knows got you where you are, reading this article. The mind cannot help you to get to your goal, a happy, healthy, fulfilled life: a life worth living. 1

Now, if money is enough, or losing a few pounds is enough for you, I am not the right teacher for you… you should leave now. You can’t even get healthy with what you already shown to consciousness… trust me, I am speaking from experience.

Conscious-AwarenessBut if you want the life goal of every human, a happy, healthy, fulfilled life, a life worth living, then you need to listen up: you need to allow consciousness to look at your knowledge, look at your beliefs, look at your habits, look at the people you hang out with, and once consciousness has seen it all… consciousness will be able to guide you well.

You have never done that. You have never looked at all the aspects of your life, including your inner world, with the intention to show it to consciousness. It’s a new concept… but it is what will allow life to work. Because life isn’t designed to make you happy… life isn’t designed for your benefit. Only consciousness that has seen enough, can do that.

Without showing consciousness a lot, even consciousness can misguide you: because consciousness needs to be shown it all. Consciousness is NOT all seeing, NOT all knowing: consciousness can only know what it has seen… seen in a particular way… I’ll say how, later in this article.

Now, how will you go about showing consciousness what it needs to see to guide you? After all you don’t know what you don’t know… you really don’t… You really can’t.

So how can you go and shed light to all the areas of your life, if you only know about 3-4-5 areas… and you already know everything about them, after all they are the areas of your life… right?

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again here: everything you ever wanted but has eluded you is attainable through the explorations of what you didn’t know that you didn’t know. The blind spots.

That if you can bring consciousness to those areas, your life will be beginning to move towards the goal of a life worth living. On its own.

Yeah, but how? How do you look at what you don’t know that you don’t know… after all you don’t know what they are? Can you? No, no one can.

So you have to look at a lot of stuff… stuff you know, stuff you don’t know, stuff you don’t even want to know… lol.

And this is where another person… a guide, a mentor, a coach, comes handy.

Just like you can’t see the back of your head… but the coach can… a coach can take you to the areas that you didn’t know that you didn’t know, through listening to you.

It’s potentially a long process… unless it is just a specific issue you are dealing with… in any area…

Your best bet is to work on bringing consciousness to see the state of things in every area of life, so consciousness can get into the position to guide you.

And in addition, get specific coaching for areas that are burning, that are in urgent need to make a turnaround in, when you are in that position.

But don’t buy a whole coaching program to handle one issue… it is a waste. The coach can be the same for both approaches, but their approach will be different.

I have done lots of programs in the past 31 years, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The results have been: 31 years and only some of the areas have been shown to my consciousness… until…

A month or so ago I saw a different approach, an approach I had never considered: watch a short video or audio, daily, talking about an area of life, centered around some theme or principle or topic… a few poignant questions, and bam, consciousness scanned the area, and the picture is getting clearer, the blank spots are getting filled in.

Very effective process… on condition…

I am finding out that the process I am talking about is done by tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of people. But their consciousness isn’t awakened, isn’t being shown the “what you didn’t know that you didn’t know”. Not even the speaker’s…

How come?

Because you have a habit of listening to things through what you know. That locks out consciousness.
And you listen to things through I like it/I don’t like it, that is true/false, I understand/I don’t understand.

consciousness-seeingThose filters above are the narrow cone of attention of the mind.

So what are you supposed to do if you want consciousness to scan the whole area just presented in the audio or the video?

Resist looking with the mind. Allow consciousness to roam. Whatever consciousness sees, you may not see it with your mind. But no problem, you don’t need your mind to live a life that is worth living. You need guidance and actions suggested by consciousness. So consciousness seeing is all you need.

So what do you need for consciousness to be able to see?

This hit me as a surprise yesterday… Consciousness needs you to look through a wide lens, to see it all.

I’ve started an experiment of activating the intangible capacities of Seeing the Big Picture and the capacity of Humility… allowing new knowledge to enter.

As I was teaching the people who participate in the experiment, yesterday, on a webinar, I saw, for the first time, how the mind looks at things… and why, when you listen with the mind, consciousness can’t see more than what the mind sees.

Mind is like a narrow beam of a flashlight. You have to move it around to see more of the space you want to show the consciousness. The mind, like a flashlight, illuminates only a tiny segment of what is. If it is a room, the size you see is the size of a piece of furniture, the light switch, the pillow… no big picture.

If you are looking for a clue of who did the murder, and why, for example in a room…

But, of course, in each room, the clue is in the “I didn’t know that I didn’t know”… So you need to look.

You move the flashlight, and see something that could be the clue… and now you are stuck. Because the mind wants to stay with what it recognizes…

So both the mind and consciousness only sees that obvious spot… but not the whole room.

And you’ll end up with more of what you already know… none of’ what you didn’t know that you didn’t know’ gets dug out, and consciousness is not more knowledgeable, not more able to guide you, than it was before.

Ultimately, nothing happened. No return on investment of your time.

The problem is the narrow cone of light of the flashlight and the mind.

If you could just turn the ceiling light on… you’d see a lot more.

This is what the ‘Seeing the Big Picture’ capacity does. It turns the light on in the room, so you can see the whole picture. And because I also turn on Humility: the get the ability to not get stuck with what you know. With these two capacities active, you’ll look at the whole picture.

Most people still jump the gun, take premature action, but consciousness has already seen the big picture… so it has the information it needs to guide you effectively, when you are ready.

What am I saying?

That when you have the capacities of the Big Picture and Humility activated, you can start “training” Consciousness in the facts of life, your life, so it can start, eventually, guide you.

If you feel stuck… this is a must for you.

And unless you live in flow… you are stuck. You are looking at options, and you are looking at directions, but you don’t see the whole picture, your view and your life don’t seem to belong to the same life… and you are neither happy, nor fulfilled… and probably not vibrantly healthy either.

So, what should you do about it?

I am willing to take on another six people for the experiment.

The price has already gone up: now you have to pay for the activation of both capacities, but I am still throwing in the re-activation of the capacities for six days, and a free webinar where I check if you are doing it right.

The capacity of Seeing the Big Picture is supported by a physical action, an action that unless you do it right, the capacity will turn off. It is a new action you’ve probably never done. You’ll use muscles you didn’t know you had… eye muscles.

Are you willing to do something you have never done for what is possible? Bringing awareness to your life so it can guide you? I hope so…

If yes, Here is the link to pay. (After paying you need to wait for paypal to take you to the registration page. Then register. If you already have some of my audios… you need to use the “already have an account” option, and log in. If you don’t remember your password, select that option, control-click on “forgot your password” in a new tab and get your password sent to you. Then go back to the registration page, and log in there. Complicated? I have found that if you cannot handle this level of complication, I will have a tough time helping you…)

Here are some pictures to show you how to do that.



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  1. As an aside: lots of reading through the mind will do the same thing… lots of knowledge, no happiness, no health, no fulfillment… Don’t be mislead… reading is good, but only if it is used to show consciousness a lot of stuff it hasn’t seen…

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “False starts, crushed dreams… if that’s your life… listen up”

  1. This article is very clear and really clarified for me that each of us has to do the work to open up to consciousness. Consciousness can’t provide guidance to us unless we can show it all parts of our life with clarity. But when we look at our life through our mind, consciousness doesn’t get a complete picture because mind is limited and can only see a small portion of our life at a time, and always the same small portion. Consciousness can never see the big picture by itself. And because our mind observes through a collection of preconceived notions and attitudes that color what it sees, the little bit that mind is able to light up is distorted, so consciousness never receives a clear picture and can’t provide clear guidance.

    I am very grateful to you Sophie for providing this new process (Nancy bought the Seeing the Big Picture capacity activation she is talking about that process editor). for Seeing the Big Picture, providing a way for us to open to consciousness and for all of the individual guidance you are giving. This is so amazing!

  2. I am starting to see that I did not communicate clearly in the article.
    I feel that people nodded… but without the capacity fully established, Big picture and humility, nothing will change for you. Nothing.
    And without the opportunities to be guided to look, like the 67 steps, you’ll still not see much.
    At present my consciousness sees 50% of what it could see. That is still a potential 50% error rate!
    At the moment, watching people’s life shrink, a normal person has a 93-95% error rate in their choices.

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