How did I suddenly become a fraud? Let’s look!

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Soul Correction Soul’s Purpose… are they one and the same?

First off, let me tell you: your soul correction is like the middle of your head: you can only see it through a mirror.

When I tell people what is their soul correction, they always argue. Because in all their years they have done everything to hide it.

This is what happened today:

your soul correction is invisible to youA certain Jamie sent me an email, sarcastic in language, asking if it would be too much to ask that I give them what they paid for.

The soul correction donation came on May 5. I promptly sent out the email: I saw the payment coming in.

and you don't believe what others say to you...This was 10 weeks ago.

From the language of the email you know that the person is going to be trouble. Mind you, they have aol for email provider, so that should tell you something about their ability to know about the world: aol seriously limits what they allow you to get or not.

Anyway, I sent out the name of the soul correction and the link to the post:

here is the correspondence, reproduced:

Jamie: Would it be possible to have you send me the output from this donation?

Me: sharing the flame

Jamie: Not sure I understand the meaning though. Can you, in an e-mail, explicitly state me “soul purpose”?

then you can suddenly see it... oh horrorMe: the soul’s purpose is to correct a character flaw, as way of being selfish, a desire to receive for the self alone.

Yours is that you keep yourself locked away, you are only taking and not giving of yourself.

Jamie: Hmmm….not at all aligned with all the other work I’ve been doing. Which is….I only give and I need to understand how to receive… do you reconcile?

unless someone jolts you out of your normal stateMe: you seem to give, but not of yourself.
you wall yourself off

appearances are misleading

Jamie: Is that my soul purpose? walling off myself and not giving?

I’m not sure I “believe” in what you say. What I’m seeking is to know my soul purpose. Do you have a sense of this? If so, great….if not, I need to continue on my journey for knowledge….

Me: what you said is not your soul’s purpose.

The soul’s purpose is to become like god. And who you are being is not that.


you are asking questions (taking)

The soul’s purpose is to become generous, vulnerable, and visible. And to actually grow.

You are being the opposite.

You can become that in any activity, though some activities are more suitable than others.

But, of course, this will not be acceptable for your persona, because you don’t want to do the soul’s purpose.

Not personal. That is the nature of human machines.

Jamie: Sophie,

I know with all my being you are a fraud!

Me: thank you

Jamie: Sophie,
I genuinely appreciate the confirmation that I’m correct. I’ve passed along this information.

This is not specific to Jamie, by the way.

Your soul correction: You can’t see it. It sounds like a racial slur, like an insult, like the words of a fraudster to you.

you can't see your soul correction without a mirror But you are the fraudster, or more precisely, human beings are fraudsters.

We have layer upon layers of trying to hide our shadow side. We like people that like us and agree with us. We seek out the people that won’t call us on our fraud.

In times like this, when the Dark Side is desperately trying to replace the wool over our eyes, when hours after hours of horrible feelings are being broadcasted so you shy away from the light and retreat into your biological machine state, play video games, sex, drink, drugs, hide, hide, hide… it takes an exceptional commitment to the Light to continue digging, revealing, and coming from the desire to expand, to grow, to correct, to become who human being was designed to be.

Tough… this is why the Dark Side is winning and threatening to kill even that small desire you have in you…

I can’t even fathom what’s in it for them, but it must be important. They are protecting their territory with a vengeance.

Of course Jamie would play onto their hands… as now others that write to me that I am a fraud.

Before this week no one said it… hm. Strange coincidence, coincides with the invention of the love activator.

I think it really threatens the Dark Side… lol

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

12 thoughts on “How did I suddenly become a fraud? Let’s look!”

  1. I think you are absolutely right. People like Jamie keep the dark side alive and kicking. Kicking him/her in the butt, that is!

    I lost count of how many times in this life I have asked some psychic or guru for my souls purpose, and was given some fluffed up hogwash, that meant nothing to me, and did nothing for me!

    Enter Sophie. Result oriented, no BS allowed. You get in our faces, dig up the dirt, and make us deal with it. Is it easy? Hell no! Is it worth it? If it’s a threat to the dark side, I think the answer is obvious.

    Sorry for your loss Jamie, and like minded others. Stay small. I choose to expand with Sophie!!!

  2. great distinction here…becoming more like Source and co-creating along with it is the way to roll…!

  3. So true! Disappointed that I didn’t recognize that.

    Someone held the mirror up for me today, didn’t like it much. I had my usual first reactions…..anger, hurt, I’m out of here. But, I caught it, knew it was mine, took all the steps. The response I got was, “what happened to you, normally you would have stormed out, and I wouldn’t have heard from you for days.”

    I’m getting there. I just had to remember where my eyes need to be, LOL

  4. There is a saying ‘no good deed goes unpunished’.

    Having people calling you names because you won’t support their flimsy constructs is the blood sport of our aggressively closeminded society, especially where it concerns spiritual matters. But I am confident you will weather these storms like a blade of grass and let it blow through, too.

  5. Dorothy, I am more concerned about you. Your words are harsh… I recommend softening them… it is easier to be a blade of grass when your words go that direction as well. xoxoxo

  6. yes, I need to let more time pass after some processes to let things work their way through—and not fall back to ‘defensive’ position, lol.

  7. I don’t think that Jamie is necessarily working from the dark side. I think he’s more feeling empty and misguided leading him to frustration. He sounds like a goal oriented person with goodness inside him which is nudging him to let it out. His mistake is looking at what he can do outside to feel content and like his life has purpose and meaning because he believes this will then give him that good feeling. However he doesn’t realise that if you tackle what’s happening on the inside, you can do anything on the outside with joy and purpose. He just wants it to be bigger than it is and doesn’t believe what he’s told because he imagines it to be way more complex than having a correction to work at in his lifetime. In my opinion he isn’t bad, he is just not ready and hence his response in fear and aggression. Just my take on it!

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