Your consciousness is blocked from flying, your consciousness is starved

caged-consciousnessOne of the reasons the 67 steps coaching is wonderful, is because, done the right way, it leads consciousness on a trip that is both wide and deep. Wider than deep, by the way. But even if you remain on the surface, but go where the steps take you, you can raise your consciousness by a lot.

The insight came to me while sleeping… I was taken somewhere, and I consistently refused to go down a certain “tunnel”…

And that is the life of a human. It is defined more by the places you don’t go than the places you do. Literally.

I know a lot of people who read, but dismiss certain topics, certain authors, certain ideas or ideology… so they don’t have to go down the “tunnel”.

Tunnel could be called “rabbit hole” if you wish. 1

freedom-is-a-state-of-mindAnother way to read that keeps you dancing on the same tiny dance floor is to read for understanding. What you understand is what you recognize. What you recognize is what you already know with the mind. What you already know is old news.

Thus limiting experiences, your consciousness needs to remain in that small, limited, and definitely untrue world you assign for it as its playground. The cage.

I know a man who is a big fish in a small pond in the area of self-development. His vibration topped out on the level of reason… and everything he was doing and everything he was teaching was not making a difference… or not much.

Then he got to talking to an Indian guru, whose vibration was lower than his, but who took him on journeys where he didn’t recognize anything.

The man went with it… and his consciousness was allowed to see what for him was unrecognizable, but for consciousness was on the level of flying. 2

For a while he lived on that higher level… because his vibration broke the barrier of “reason” and his vibration went 505.

495 is the top level of reason.

I assume he got scared when he felt the air under his wings, and he came down, and caged his consciousness again. His vibration came back down, under the glass ceiling of reason. First to 490. It’s 460 now. He was out of his element. He got scared.

I connect to him and measure his vibration frequently, because there are so few people on his vibrational level, so close to breaking out of reason. Reason is all mind, thinking, reasoning, ground bound. 3

I assert that it is fear that is underneath the behaviors that limit your consciousness from being taken to places.

tumblr_mn3w4bHSeY1rk8fgxo1_500Fear is underneath self-righteousness, underneath anger, belligerence, stubbornness, arrogance, faked stupidity, depression, and cheerleadery cheeriness.

These are strategies to avoid going to places that are unfamiliar.

Is it you doing it? Is it you blocking consciousness, locking it into a small cage?

Muscle test says yes and no, meaning that some of it is conscious, some of it is the genes, lack of spiritual capacities. When you have more spiritual capacities active, you are more able to go to places that are scary. 4

I was lucky. I had the capacities through my father. They allowed me to grow and break out of the prison of reason by first getting really good there, and then go beyond. And I had misery to thank too…

I was suicidal all my life. Life wasn’t like yours, life wasn’t bearable. I had no place where I was comfortable.

I had to work harder than anyone I know to break out of the miserable corner I painted myself into.

39828846643623093_1384485152I took wild turns, I burned bridges, I burned ships, I got myself in troubles, but I took my body and my consciousness to places.

I allowed others speaking to wash over me like a shower. I didn’t worry that I didn’t understand. I allowed myself to get wet, and trusted that eventually it will become something useful.

I went home and I transcribed my notes. Then I taught them to at least six people.

It took me many hours to take something as undifferentiated as the drops of water on my body, to the level where they became the building blocks of seeing. Distinctions.

You see consciousness eats one kind of food only: distinctions. It sees and it sees and it sees. But unless it sees enough to catch the pattern, it saw nothing.

Distinction is a “rule” by which you can look at the world anew.

Here is a distinction that most anyone knows: power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

You may walk around in the world and see unreasonably evil acts, but unless you “have” this distinction, this rule by which to look, you are like a blind pigeon…

But when you “get” the distinction, NOT understand, that is mind, GET is kinesthetic, because distinction is a physical phenomenon, a way to look, you haven’t connected your consciousness to the world and to yourself.

Consciousness is starving.

Once you get the distinction… consciousness begins to run with it.

All distinctions are useful. The more you have the more you get.

The phenomenon that YOU block consciousness with fear-based attitude IS A DISTINCTION.

Once you get it, you’ll see it everywhere. And you’ll have power to let go.

If you only understand, it will be mind candy… not useful.


  1. For me Christianity is an area where I am very reluctant to go down the “tunnel”… fear… sobbing… memories I don’t want to revisit.
  2. caged-bird-fliesReason is like a prison for consciousness. It is like the eggshell for the bird… you need to break out of it to fly. Reason is like a prison for consciousness like the cocoon is a prison for the butterfly… but unless a thing that will become a butterfly grows strong winds in the cocoon, there will be no flying… The same it is with consciousness.

    This is why “consciousness altering drugs” make no difference for most people. They have never grown strong wings in the level of reason… so their trips are just flights of fancy… no consciousness, really.

  3. Einstein created his theory of relativity altogether within the boundaries of reason.
  4. In the 67 step coaching program I can see the lack of capacities. How and where you are limited. I muscle test if you are ready for certain capacities. If you are, I recommend that you pay me to turn them on. They are needed on to get the full benefit from the work you do.

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