How to measure human vibrational frequency? Can your vibration be high and your consciousness low?

scale-of-consciousnessHow to measure human vibrational frequency? How to measure your vibration?

From time to time I regret having gotten myself into bad company, the company of people who teach people to raise their vibration, raise their vibrational frequency.

Why? Because all of them lie, all of them have low vibration, low consciousness, and because people are clueless, they are easy to be abused by these charlatans.

Let’s look at them, one by one.

  • Intuitive KB from Canada… like a true Canadian, she bought into the positive thinking b.s. and that created two results: her own vibrational frequency is 100… very low, very miserable, very suppressed. And what she teaches has a 0% truth value.
    She follows Abraham/Hicks, aka Esther Hicks, to whom I am not allowed to connect, probably because she is putting attachments to people… oh well, why, otherwise, would they be willing to listen to drivel like her Abraham.
  • LauramarieHer own vibration is 110, and probably lower than yours. Why? because she bought into the idea, that your thoughts create your emotions, while it is the other way around.

    So she is trying to manipulate her thoughts… so she can feel better. So far: no success. She feels miserable.

  • LonerwolfAlethea Luna: personal vibration: 70
    don Mateo Sol: personal vibration: 70

    both are dominated by the vibration of greed…

  • Ari LakakisPseudo scientific…

    Ari Lakakis: personal vibration: 100. Truth value of teachings: 1%

So, if the people who say they can teach you to raise your vibration could not do it for themselves, then what is the truth?

The truth is, probably, that they don’t know what vibration is, and therefore they can’t measure it.

They are looking at surface, and that is not going to reveal vibration, because vibration is a consciousness phenomenon, not a feeling.

In fact, if your consciousness is high enough, and you see what humans do with the planet, you won’t feel very good, will you?

If your consciousness is high enough and you see that the world is divided to sheep and wolves… you won’t feel very good, will you?

And if your consciousness is high enough to see that you are divided inside yourself, between who you think you are and who you really are… you won’t feel good either.

But it is possible to measure vibrational frequency… just not by people who are miserable.

Who want to sell you a bill of goods.

Who are not your friends, no matter how much they pretend to be on your side.

PS: I will add new people… I just get sick from going to their sites… so I need to do it slowly.

My method of measuring vibration is simple but not easy.

I connect to Source, to All-of-it. I connect to the person I measure. I muscle test. Simple…

But here is the issue: in order to connect to All-of-it, one must melt into it… and have no force, no concern. Not easy.
And in order to connect to the person to measure: one must be a True Empath… on in a billion…
The rest is easy… but unless you have the first two conditions down pat, your muscle test will be faulty: your result will come from the mind, not from All-of-it.

If you want me to measure your vibration: I will do it, if you pay a small donation. ($15 or more)

let me measure your vibration

If you are not willing to know the truth, please don’t bother…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

7 thoughts on “How to measure human vibrational frequency? Can your vibration be high and your consciousness low?”

  1. Dear Sophie
    Searching around in the web about frequencies, vibrations, I found also your webpage. If you are true yourself and the ones you are helping, why are you down speaking other ones who are meant to understand vibrations too? I have no idea who those people are, so why even mention as you say, the ‘charlatans’ by name? Why telling me, non-knowledgeable, which frequency they have? Why are you doing this, if you have such a high vibration and no ego? Just being interested in knowing how one can measure other ones vibration. Not wanted to know what other do wrong and bad. And you just motivated me to write you this message. Hope this helps to improve your message and webpage.

  2. Most evil happens in the world because of the attitude you seem to propagate here, Cecile. To fight evil you need to have the courage and care enough to look evil straight in the eye. You seem to be possessed by a two year old’s spirit who hopes that if they cover their face they won’t be seen and they will be safe.

    Very young and very harmful thinking. You, true to the current Norwegian trend, have no courage, and want to play nice-nice…

    Knowing what others do to dupe you, to mislead you, to take your soul and your money is important.

    That is why I am publishing those reviews.

    Of course 99% who read it still goes and buys the stuff I warn against… but now they knowingly do so.

    You prefer to stay innocent, but it’s a pretense… you have been taken in.

  3. Hi Sophie,
    I wonder how do you measure Bentinho’s Massaro and Dr. Pillai (from Pillai Center) vibration…?
    Thank you!

  4. Hi Sophie
    I love that you do this work and I have been recently become aware that being able to recognize ones vibration for awareness of state, and therefore to raise vibration could be very beneficial. However the way you seem to judge other people or proclaim that other people are less enlightened than yourself seems pretty contradictory. Any form of judgement would be a projection of something you are unable to see in yourself. Self proclaimed enlightenment naturally seems egotistical. I hope you manage to resolve this and continue your true intention
    Best regards

  5. I never compare myself with the people I write a vibrational review about. I don’t put myself above them
    My unique ability is to measure vibration and the get an accurate picture about their emotional world.

    The rest: you added.

    Which comes back to my latest article, and how accurate it is. The higher your vibration the more patterns you can recognize accurately. The lower your vibration the less patterns you can recognize accurately.

    Even without measuring your vibration I can see that you are, what is called in Value Science: visible… which is a funky word they use for foggy…

    Just like in the Forum they said “For you everything is the same as everything else… except that not always.” It is all about being able to tell, precisely, what shade of gray you see, or what color something is, or whether someone is judging another to make them look better, or just says what she experienced, without judgment.

    Anyway, thank you for giving me the opportunity to express myself.

    And for you: get some more dot in that fuzzy picture (this is from my magazine publisher not so distant past… dot per inch?)

  6. Hello Sophie,

    You are very judgmental, your drive is the same as those who you are criticizing, namely monetary, “If you want me to measure your vibration: I will do it, if you pay a small donation. ($15 or more)”.

    In society we all want money for obvious reasons, but if you would be who you pretend to, then money would be no requirement for your “services”.

    Attempting to belittle Cecile, for her comment actually reveals your true colors even more.

    Stop pretending to be better, and add yourself to the list of people you are criticizing. Work on improving yourself, first and foremost. When you will reach a high level of consciousness money will be of no concern to you.

    Best regards,

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