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nutritional deficiency coachingEverything that has ever gone wrong with my health, was a nutritional deficiency. (I am well now… )

My dyslexia, my migraines, my skin issues, my allergies, my stomach problems, my fibroids… my hair problems, my teeth problems, my leg problems, my sleep problems, were all caused by nutritional deficiencies, one or more nutrients missing from my body. (I remember being depressed, really depressed. A friend, a doctor, decided that it was iron deficiency and gave me iron shots… and lo and behold the depression disappeared.)

If your mother was fully nourished, and if live fully nourished, unless you have an accident, you can live, healthy, till you are 140.

Of course there are only very few examples for this, only in areas of the planet where all 90 essential nutrients are naturally available, on high elevations.

So what are you supposed to do? What CAN you do?

Most of us were born to undernourished mothers. Prenatal nutritional supplements are still not fully supported by doctors. Women who are infertile and go to a fertility clinic: their infertility is an indication that they suffer from a major nutritional deficiency… and their child will develop in their uterus lacking that nutrient too.

Doctors love it. Drug companies love it. The government loves it. Lawyers love it. Gurus love it.

Why? Because people who are not well, not really well, need doctors, drugs, government, lawyers, and gurus.

People who are well don’t need any of it. They have a choice.

If I had been well, ever, I would not have gone in the direction I have gone. I probably would be a gazillionaire.

When I had my fight with fibroids, I didn’t want to go under the knife… but I found no information on what else I could have done.

So I waited until I was crippled by the blood loss… and had to have an emergency surgery.

Had there been an internet then, I would have known what to do.

I have healing energies, that are potent. I use them on myself. I use them on clients.

But I have come to the realization, that unless you have clay, you won’t have a sculpture. That unless you have raw ingredients to work with: nothing much will help you.

I have done a so-so job with myself. That so-so job took me from bedridden, having narcolepsy (suddenly falling asleep in the middle of a sentence, or while driving on a highway.), foggy brain, bursts of violent anger, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and such… to being well, sleeping well, having just a few minor issues, nothing dramatic.

All with supplements.

Now, could have I gotten better results? Yes. Had the colloidal minerals tasted better… I know, but my toughness stops with taste and smell… I am a sissy there… 🙁

Most people, like me, are stupid. They ask: I need copper? What food has copper?

But truth be told, if you need 90 essential nutrients, then food won’t suffice. And multi-vitamins, multi-minerals either.

What I found is that you either put yourself on the whole regimen of 90 essentials plus dealing with the single mineral or nutrient your symptoms point at, and get well… expensive, but works. Especially if you know what is the single nutrient your symptoms point at.

Or do what I did: muscle test and get reasonably well by taking the individual nutrients when they are needed.

That is what I do with clients. Through conversation and muscle testing I set them straight. They buy what they need to buy, and then return monthly for a checkup…

I muscle test every food they eat, so they don’t eat stuff that doesn’t agree with them.
And I muscle test every nutrient to see what they lack, so it can be added.

It’s a lot of work, but it is still much less expensive than getting sick or continue being sick.

Most people get much better within weeks…

If you are interested in getting started in this process, please contact me to set up a 15-minute call. This call is free and it is for us to find out if we can work with each other.

Use this contact form for that.
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According to Dr. Joel Wallach, even incurable diseases, like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia, Huntington disease, lupus, etc. respond well to nutritional intervention.

My brother’s wife has Parkinson’s. If he were interested, I’d do all the work with him on the phone… and he would give the supplements and the eating regimen to his wife… Alas, he would not want to believe his little sister… 🙁

This means: you can come to the consultation for a loved one… if you can influence what they take and what they eat.

If you have no influence… then probably not worth spending the money, or knowing that you could help. Your decision.

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