Talking About Flying Isn’t

your vibration and flyingTalking About Flying Isn’t. Understanding Flying Isn’t. Explaining How To Fly Isn’t Flying Either. Only Flying Is Flying.

I have been observing my “competition”.

Competition? you say. Does that mean that you are writing this article form the competitive field? No, I said it in quotation marks, noticed? I have a unique meaning to competition…

We compete for mind-share, time-share, attention share. I would like everyone to go through my programs, because I know they work. But, at least at this stage of MY development, my mind-hare in the world is very minuscule.

So I watch the people who are currently engaging the minds of the people who are interested in, what I call, raising their vibration.

In the following, (and in subsequent posts) I am going to, briefly, talk about each of them, and also about the programs they are offering.

Notice that I distinguish between the vibration of the teaching and the vibration of the person. They are not the same. Not by far.

And by following a teacher’s suit, you can only expect to get to the same level where they are, where they live, where they vibrate.

But if the program, theory, or modality is above them, by doing your own work to use that modality, you can raise your vibration way above the teacher’s. You’ll see which modalities this applies to.

In some cases the teacher’s vibration is higher than the modality, by the way.

Coming up next: Case Study #1: Humanity in Unity with Sai Maa and their vibration

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar