How does your mind stop you from freedom, grace and ease? From feeling good about yourself and your life…

first-sipHow does your mind stop you from freedom, grace and ease? From feeling good about yourself and your life…

This article is about some more bad news about the mind, on the mechanism it uses to make your prison tighter by the day… and about the simple, elegant, and inexpensive solution to set yourself free

A few months ago I got hooked on a promise that was bogus.

The promise was to earn $100 a day from a few minutes of work a day.

I don’t know what it is about a promise like that… it feels like as certain as the fact that the sun will get up every morning… It is something you can smell, taste, like I smell and taste my tea to finally get me out of bed. The most joyful moment of my day: the first sip of that tea.

Even when I was down and out, even when I wanted to die: I remembered that first sip of that tea, and I thought: Heck, life is wonderful.

Ridiculous, but true.

And that 100 dollars a day is a promise of a life that has that significance, the first sip of that tea, that life can be, finally wonderful.

So I fell for it. It was a scam. I fell hard. On my face.

Fast forward to this morning: a promise of $100 a day landed in my inbox, again. “Don’t even open it” said the mind.

“Nah, I want to see it.” Said I.

“You’ll get burned again” said the mind.

“Nah, I will make that decision… and besides that: the more scars a hero has the more of a hero they are.” Said I.

But that conversation wasn’t typical.

Why? Because the mind is a meaning making machine. Tai calls it something else… I’ll have to look it up.

But no matter what you call the mind, the mind makes decisions, by the minute, and not just decisions for the moment, but life-decisions.

It has no concept of reality. The mind. It is like a stupid, erratic, amnesiac machine.

You drop something… it says that “you are a clumsy no good dork… and will never amount to anything.”
You say something witty… it says that “you are the smartest person on earth and everyone wants to talk to you.”
Your computer doesn’t want to start… “the world is conspiring about you, might as well give it up…” says the mind.

And it does it, 24/7. My mind does it too… except my relationship to my mind is different from yours.

my relationship to my mind is different from your

I don’t think it is me speaking… YOU think it is you. You think you are arguing with yourself. But you are arguing with the mind.

You think it is you speaking, so you listen.

I know I am not even near where the mind is… even though I hear what it says, but to me it’s like the advice of that stupid Uncle Jack who was a total nebbich, a loser, and a goof. I don’t care. I don’t mind. It is noise, not relevant.

The mind doesn’t know. The mind doesn’t see. It’s a machine. Bad robot.

But if you identify yourself with the mind, you are in for a world of pain. Shrinking, anxiety, worry, fear… because the mind will create these bad feelings… and it will enjoy, every minute of every day, tormenting you.

Bad code.

Now, how can you become like me… how can you create space between you and the mind?

I have experimented with many methods to teach it, until finally I hit on a method that works if you work it.

Turns out that you also need a capacity to let go. A spiritual capacity. A DNA capacity.

This is the one advice that my father referred to: Let go, you’ll be free to do what you want to do that much faster.

I ignored it for years, because, when he said it, I could not fathom what he was talking about.

But obviously he had the capacity, and maybe that’s how come he rose to the top of his game, because he didn’t get stuck in the mind.

I inherited the capacity from my father.

But having a capacity is like having a tool. Unless you use it, unless you know how to use it, it is as good as junk in a junk drawer. Useless.

But, luckily for you, I can energetically turn on the capacity, and teach you a simple eye movement that creates a double benefit: it helps you release your identification from the mind, and it helps you kick consciousness into action, and into looking and seeing.

The double action allows you to navigate reality, the treacherous waters of reality, and start expanding your jail cell… moving towards a sense of freedom, ease, and grace.

It’s not a magic wand. It is a tool. Works when you work it. Doesn’t when you forget you have it.

Eventually it’ll become your favorite tool.

The two capacities that work together are

  1. the capacity of let go of the mind’s control of you
  2. the capacity to activate consciousness to see and guide you to see the path you need to take, the choice you need to make

When you buy it, you’ll be taken to the page that tells you how to exercise the eye. If you don’t do the eye exercise, or don’t do it correctly, both capacities will turn off within three days. But once they stay on, they stay on.

The price you pay includes me checking (empathically) if you did the exercise right, and if the capacities stayed on.

So far every person that bought this combo managed to keep the capacities on… going on five weeks now.

If the capacities turned off, I contact you, check what you did that was wrong, and help you correct it. And then I turn on the capacities again…

With these new capacities you can start your ascension into human beingness.


Please turn on The Sight capacity for me

.PS: if you don’t know if you have it, log into your activators account, and check…
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