Becoming-a-human-being interrupted… Freud?

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Today has been a wonderful day… until I had a realization.

Until you make peace with your parents, none of my work will work for you.

Why? I will ponder that… maybe by the end of this article I’ll know.

What’s been happening?

People eagerly ask for capacity activations, and then turn them off promptly.

Your relationship to your parents is crucial.

If you have a sob story that your parents did something to you, or allowed to have something done to you, you are stuck in a victim role.

A victim consciousness cannot be maintained at higher consciousness level, a consciousness level the new capacities give you.


So what needs to happen is what is happening: you turn off the capacity.

You make a choice: remain a victim and be right about it…

falling_bird_by_shinyeeveee-d4gl2vcThe truth is that no one has ever done anything wrong to you. They may have done what they did, but they didn’t do it to you.

In fact people can’t do anything to another…

I was raped… beaten, humiliated, neglected… but these weren’t done to me.

It is not just semantics. It is a fundamental difference between looking at life as an effect, or looking at life as a person.

What happens to you is almost immaterial. What you say about it, your attitude about it is what matters.

My first breakthrough on my path to higher consciousness was in 1985.

In a conversation I realized that I considered my father’s sexual advances on me as a ‘promise to marry’, and the source of my anger was that ‘he never married me.’

It was buried, deeply in my subconscious. I was 38 years old when I saw this… I laughed because it was ridiculous. And I cried because it was tragic.

I could never have a relationship where the man was available, because I had to be available to marry my father when he finally decided to marry me.

All unconscious, of course.

Now, whether you know it or not, there is something sinister in your relationship to at least one of your parents… like me looking at my mother as competition, at my father as a lover.

Something off-color, something nasty.

As long as you are not willing to look at that, you are stuck.

It is almost always sexual. You adore your father, and your mother doesn’t deserve him…

Freud was correct. Almost always the underlying secret that is disrupting your growth as a human, that secret is unsavory sexual stuff.

If you have bought capacities from me and then turned them all off, then I want to do right by you.

I am not sure of the format yet, because I am not sure you are willing to deal with the off-color stuff on a webinar.

But if you are one of those people, please write to me. You know who you are. I know who you are.

And we’ll tackle this nasty together.

Please: don’t be shy. If you need a private session, then that is what we’ll do.

PS: After one private session to resolve a child-parent relationship, I had an insight that is even more troubling than the original:

As children we think everything is about us.

And, in addition to being about us, we see it as because of us.

People have arousal from touch, from closeness, and most people do nothing about it.

Example: you like to join your parents in bed on Sunday mornings (my story) and you snuggle in between them. Your father gets a hard-on. Or he already had one… come on people, it is Sunday, you can sleep in, you are rested, your wife is right there… normal.

But you smell it (arousal has a smell) and you sense it, even if you are not an empath. And you say: I am loved. Honest! It translates, even for a small child, to the illusion of love, being wanted, being desired.

Nothing is ever shown, nothing is ever touched, but now, secretly, the child is ‘married’ to the father… And the mother is competition… must… be… destroyed…

I haven’t gotten the male child’s dynamic yet… but I feel I will.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Becoming-a-human-being interrupted… Freud?”

  1. Wow Sophie…your insight into your (unconscious) personal experience with your father tallies with what I have seen in Bert Hellinger’s work in Family Constellations. I have also seen it myself when I have worked with people with his methodology in my workshops and it is definitely more common than anyone would really care to believe! It is tragic in a way, and yet, at the same time, it is done with immense unconditional love toward the parent from the child (even if the child does it unconsciously). Even the title of this article reminds me of Hellinger’s insights into the “interrupted reaching out movement”…which would definitely result in a “human being interrupted”. I see that a lot of my cases generally have parental issues – but the dynamics often have their “origins” further back in ancestry. Maybe that could be an area that you could look into? I would love to see what more your own consciousness pulls up from the depths related to this subject. Great article!

  2. Thank you for your comment, Nev. Good to know you still read my articles.
    We, as kids, think that everything is about us. It’s a phase… and because most things have nothing to do with us, we are delusional, and make decisions… detrimental.

    If I can get a few people get past the interruption and start growing again, my life will have not been a waste. Thanks again.

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