The Pleasure Principle and winning in life

tumblr_ni0hxucPbU1u23a8fo1_1280Psychology, as a science and as a practice has some tools: Observation and brain scans.

But the problem with either is that the human element, the interpreter between what is being seen, their mindset, their attitude, their approach, is crucial.

But, of course, this is true everywhere, except with psychologists, we expect them to interpret what they observe accurately… except they don’t. As a rule.

And then there are some outliers… like Freud.

I am observing myself, and I am observing my students.

And I am getting clearer and clearer, that The Pleasure Principle is indeed one that has to be taken seriously.

I am struggling with my computer system, my new cable modem, the sun shining into my eyes and blinding me, my withdrawal symptoms after I stopped putting cream in my tea…

mainimage_magritteadvertisingI catch my hands turning on Freecell… at least one area of my life where life is not a struggle… I win… or not. But no struggle… no place to get… I can just hang.

Pleasure principle in action: avoiding pain.

One of my students is trying to please me. So she says what she thinks I want to hear. Only what she thinks I want to hear. The rest she hides, hoards, “mine”.

I tell her what I see… This: all in writing.

I can tell when she read my note. She goes into a major emotional upheaval. The chameleon doesn’t like to be seen… upset. And I suspect, the chameleon is so intent on not being seen… they don’t want to see themselves.

Pleasure principle in action: avoiding pain is the fastest source of pleasure.

Unless you know what is animating the machine that you are, you’ll be trapped in it forever, performing only what the machine wants, and never actually become a human being…

The machine is the machine. Nothing wrong with it. But it’s limited. It is a perfect match for the low intellect, low intelligence life form that was functioning well 10 thousand years ago. It’s desires are counter to the high minded, high aiming consciousness

It causes an inner tension: one aspect of you wants to go high, nine want to stay low.

Evolution would happen if the one aspect won… and then you’d be able to have a new evolutionary stable strategy: no inner tension.

This inner tension is normal: even lobotomy doesn’t quite disappear it… but almost.

Some people deal better with this inner tension than others: they emerge as winners, even if they don’t manage to cause an epigenetic shift. Others really suffer.

The ones that deal better are mentally tougher, able to maintain coherence in the midst of a storm.

Coherence is very important both for your well-being and for a successful life.

It’s near impossible to have any level of success if you are taken out of coherence with every little noise in your head, every little emotional upheaval in your body.

The energetic tools I have created, (remember: Energy supported transformation is the business I am in!) help you to remain coherent, or return to coherence quickly, so you can use the available energy you have for good… not leaking it through anxiety, worry, fear, upset, and resistance.

My two types of tools are

  1. symptomatic
  2. preventative or transformative tools

Symptomatic tools are effective when you already have a symptom… Heaven on Earth, The Big Bundle, Healing tools, removing attachments, etc.

And the preventative tools are growth causing tools, that allow you to see that the upsets have nothing to do with anything, that they should not concern you, that you can safely ignore them, and go about the task you need to do to live a good life.

These tools are activators, and training.

So far I haven’t been able to train you effectively. I haven’t been able to cause you to hear what I say without involving the mind.

And just like “you are not what you eat, you are what you absorb” unless you heard what I said without the mind, you didn’t absorb it.

Because mind knowledge is useless from the point of view of a good life.

Learning without the mind, without words, without interpretation, is what Tai means: learning by osmosis: the basis of this “learn from mentors” ideology.

Because just like psychologists, you interpret what you see or hear by what you already believe… and that means you did not absorb the training, the teaching, it is now bound to your mind, just like calcium bound to something you’ll poop out… never reaching your blood stream where it could do something good for you.

I am attempting to teach you to listen in theta mode. I am a little hesitant, because if that proves to be unsuccessful, I have run out of ideas how I can make a difference and teach you anything.

aWits-End-300x251Teaching is not what I do: teaching is what you assimilate… just like nutrients.

I am at my wit’s end.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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