Is there no rhyme or reason in your life?

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now-or-neverYou live a life of quiet desperation… meaning: you live in the daily hubbub of pedestrian life, never getting anywhere, pushed around, hopeless and in despair that it is ever going to get better.

Most people come to my site, or seek out any self-improvement, spiritual, or manifestation program for this simple reason: they can see that in the pedestrian hubbub they will not find what they seek: peace of mind, a sense of purpose a rhyme and reason to their life. And without rhyme and reason you cannot be happy.

None of those courses help, unless you first lift yourself from the muck of pedestrian living.

I am offering a workshop (at the end of this article) that does that. Lift you from the muck… to a place where suddenly everything makes sense.

Download the pdf version of this article at the end of the article

no-rhyme-or-reasonBringing rhyme and reason to your life, to your activities is an important topic, maybe the most important for you, so please makes sure you read it until it makes sense. The article is a stream of consciousness one… I apologize for that. It makes wild turns… but where it leads is important. So please read it, and come to the workshop, if you can.

Planning is practice

If you live from the mind, you know little, and you recognize even less. Especially things you need… because you don’t know them. Don’t already know them.

When you live from consciousness, you are lead to strange activities where you may be given what you need in an unexpected environment, and in an unexpected form. You can’t see why…

…but consciousness recognizes it.

I was taking a break after lunch, reading a book as is my habit. I was reading a novella on my kindle…

One sentence struck me: “Planning is practice…”

Hah… I have been watching people plan, and the way people plan is nothing different from a flight of fancy. Or putting stuff on their calendar that needs to be done… But that is not what the book mean… I am sure. No poetry, no rhyme, no reason… pedestrian, dull and leading to emptiness.

If you considered that you can fail at living a good life where you have a sense that you had a reason to be born… and most people do, this sentence, this knowledge is what’s been missing.

Planning is practice… meaning you cannot plan without knowing that you can do every step, and in a timely manner, and why.

So planning is not a process map, unless you know how to do every step in the process… and you even know how long it takes.

This is an extraordinary way of living… as opposed to the winging it, getting killed, mauled, or crushed in the process, you have been practicing…

Planning is practice… instead of hoping that when you get to the step, then you’ll know what to do and how to do it… you use your brain to practice it before you get there.

Wanted an extraordinary way to live? Remember that is the condition that you need capacities! You need to employ an extraordinary principle… this is one I now favor.

I like it. I am adopting it.

Wow, I am excited.
OK, I started this article yesterday, and it ran out of steam… But today I has gathered steam and here you go… I have gone one step deeper, and this is what I saw:

When you watch people like I do, you’ll notice that planning is not cool. People follow the current memes: just begin it.

Some do, some plan to begin it… but none of them do the work that needs to be done before you act, ahead of time.

They want their enthusiasm to carry them to the peak… but enthusiasm is fickle… you need energy in the moment to maintain it, and its vulnerable to lose energy, when things slow down.

So people in general don’t do anything much, and definitely don’t do anything long enough to be worth it. Mastery? forget about it.

And all this no accomplishment is because planning is not cool? It is more that people don’t know, because they were never taught how to plan. But plan what? Plan for what?

Now, I am definitely not an expert at planning.

So I am going to share here some of the things I know to be useful and most people will never teach you.

Planning has five stages… I’ll deal with the first stage… but all are equally important.

The most important element of any project, maybe any action, maybe even any area of life is the context.

Context is the why? Why do you want to do it? What is the purpose? What is the outcome that unless you set it up ahead of time, will never happen?

In Landmark they call it possibility. When you call it that… you immediately start looking at it different.

When I first asked “why” you looked at what you wanted to fix, what you wanted to get, but not a high minded, high vibration question: what is the possibility?

Yet, what you want needs a lot of energy, maintained…to fuel your actions. But wanting is emotional, and as anything emotional, it is changing, and often dies without ever blossoming.

Possibility, when crafted well, has a much longer life, because it is not all about you. It is possible to share it with others, and they, the others, will feel they will win if you accomplish what you set out to accomplish.

So they feed back energy to you.

I said “crafted well”. The strait and narrow… The rhyme and the reason

I said “crafted well”. Yes, the purpose of the context, the purpose of the possibility is to set out, define the strait and narrow, so you are not all over the place. So you know when you are on, and you know when you are off.

Context needs to be crafted, like a machine, to do the job… because even if you continue doing the actions, without an empowering context even the most amazing work becomes chore, burden, and that is not what you want.

The context you craft needs to be reliable, repeatable, and not something that will fail to empower you over time.

The reason people don’t like the grind because they never invented a context to anything.

I do a lot of work that is grind. It makes my back hurt, my eyes hurt, my heart hurt, but it is never a chore, because the context is decisive, and the context I have invented works like a charm… it never lets me down.

Much like cooking is a chore, but if you cook for someone you love, it is not a chore: you cook as an expression of your love for them.

Victor Frankl invented a context, he called it meaning, that allowed him to live through concentration camp for years, people dying around him, pain, hardship, starving, cruelty, no apparent hope for a life after… live through without inner bruises, like most who lived. He invented for himself the context: “living with dignity, no matter the circumstances”

And dignity, the context, the strait and narrow, is magical: as you hold your head high, with strait spine, there is no room for self pity, hatred, blame, whining, complaining.

Many of you would benefit from taking on this context for your life… you know who you are.

The difference is where you get your light from. With context, you get it from inside. You glow. Without context you are like a planet: when the sun shines on you, you light up… but the sun shines only when the sun shines.

When people smile at you, you are happy. When people frown at you, or admonish you, you shrink and whimper.

You know who you are…

Some contexts are too wide… or too prosaic.

A good context is inspiring. A good context is poetry. When you say it, everyone hears that god is in your words.

When I ask people why they want to join my coaching program, they say they want to grow. No god in the words…

So the test of any context is: why would that be important and whom?

If a context is personal and exclusive, i.e. it is about you, then there is no god in the words, and people won’t get excited.

Living with dignity, not matter the circumstances, is one of the most inspiring set of words I have ever heard. It makes me want it for myself. I feel my spine straighten, my head rise, my eyes set higher. I want to weep.

When you say: I want to grow… It does nothing for me. And guess what: if it does nothing for me, then it does nothing for you.

It is a statement that generates no echo.

Echo is a phenomenon in which your energy comes back to you doubled, tripled.

But if the energy you send out is whining… the echo sends it back doubled, tripled, etc.

You are like a wet blanket on life, and no one wants to be with you. Not even you…

Ordinary language calls it negativity. Negativity is not in the words you speak, it is in the context in which you live…

Most people who complain about negativity, don’t know that they are getting back what they are sending out.

As I said, context is the very first step in creating a plan for anything, including your life, a project, an event. And context is a piece of art, crafted. Carefully and mindfully.

I’ll be doing a context building workshop for my 67 step coaching students Sunday at 4 pm. It’s free for my students, and it’s $40 if you are not in the program.

Ask me if you are a good match for this workshop. Fill out the form, plead your case, and I’ll let you know. If it’s a yes, I’ll send you a link to pay.

The workshop will work best if you can be in Theta mode… to take the all-knowing, arrogant, pedestrian mind out of the picture, at least some of the time.

Come to today’s Theta mode training… if you can. at 4 pm NY time.

Download the pdf version of this article no-rhyme-or-reason

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