You can have anything but not at the same time

4 door sports car: being a winnerLife, happiness, well-being, prosperity is achieved and maintained only on a narrow and hemmed-in path (the strait), the opposite of what you wish it were, the opposite you see others have, the opposite you see on television, on ads.

You have been duped. You have swallowed the lie, hook, line and sinker and you have been paying the price.

Your life is empty, purposeless, meaningless, and you have nothing to look forward to.

Last night I was pondering, instead of sleeping, 1 what is the behavioral, emotional age of all humans.

I came up with seven. Seven years old.
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Sitting in the classroom… wanting to be outside. Wanting to be somewhere else than he is, doing something else than he is.

praise_junkie_0Dressing up, playing house, eat cookies, and be pretty… if it is a girl.

And unfortunately to you, no one taught you how to be happy with your new restrictions… and you haven’t learned it either.

We are kinder to our dogs than we are to our children.

A disciplined dog that can follow instructions, do tricks is a lot happier than an undisciplined one who is punished every step of the way.

Functional Depression

I am on my second round doing all the 67 steps. I just listened to step 24… the funeral test.

all-but-not-at-the-same-timeEach step comes with a 30-70 minute long audio and some questions to answer. The questions are inane… I am going to write my own questions… maybe I should start today!

Because if you look at the answers people give, you can barely detect from the answers that they actually listened to the step, and you can seldom detect that the step succeeded in taking them and consciousness to a worldwide tour… meaning: a tour around your world, and maybe a little bit beyond. Invaluable if done fully.

Tai says that he wants to be known for having made people think… and with me he’s definitely succeeded.

If I relied only on the answers you give me on the Reclaim forum, I would know only one thing about you: you want to avoid being punished, called to it, being blamed… and would like to be praised

slave-laborIn the step he talks about the Egyptian slaves that built the pyramids, (if that is how it was done) whose greatest accomplishments were to live another day, to avoid being beaten that day.

hebrew-slaves-building-pyramids-001When I look at you, when I look at your life, this is what I see, the Egyptian slaves doing slave work.

You avoid being beaten, and hope to be praised. Avoid pain, seek pleasure…

BrittaEquanimousI think praise is the worst thing that can happen to you. It makes you an addict. It corrupts you. It puts the motivation outside of yourself… and the end result you know all too well:






10-life-lessons-from-albert-einstein-9-728You haven’t accomplished anything to be proud of, and you don’t know what you want to accomplish anyway… because you don’t know who you are.

Whether you are an empath or a sensitive who can feel others feelings like your own… or not, you are confused. You have every feeling and the opposite of it to make you ambivalent, and unsure.

You get your information about yourself from others’ reaction to you.

And add to that that you are liking what others like you to do… because you got praise, or avoided the punishment… and we end up with you: you don’t know what you want… and obviously you can’t go for it.

So when Tai says: the ultimate measure of your life is the funeral test: how many people show up at your funeral and what they say about you, you don’t want to hear it.

It’s because when you look at the funeral test: you see that all the ‘avoiding punishment and working for praise’ will not make you fare well on the funeral test… You don’t want to look, because how do you get from where you are: a slave, to where you’d pass the funeral test: having had a life that mattered, at least for a few people.

The workshop series I am starting this coming Wednesday, inquires into “what is the truth about you”… who you are, who you have been being, what makes you tick, and how you can go from where you are, to where you could become someone who passes the funeral test with flying colors.

As usual, I will adjust the methods, the order or things to what shows up in my inbox and on my live workshops.

I have nothing to teach. You have too much competing knowledge anyway.

I am only interested, in these workshops, to help you find yourself, the unique, genuine you, so you can have integrity.

Integrity is way more than keeping your word, or doing what you said you would do.

Integrity is knowing yourself, what’s important to you, your values, your principles, so you can be true to yourself.

If you take a long hard look at yourself, at best you have standards that you, yourself violate.

So we’ll let go of the standards, and the ideals that are unattainable, and start with reality. And then we’ll create the you that you can be true to, the you who you can be proud of.

And invent that person from what’s there… however puny, messed up, half-assed person that is now… or however glorious and accomplished that person is now.

The goal is to take you, through several workshops, to a place where you have made several attempts at creating yourself in a way that you can be that created person, and be proud of yourself.

I became the high vibration person by doing this for myself. And I still attend to it, every day of my life. And make mistakes, but be pulled out, really fast, by that invention, I get back to the strait and narrow…

This is not for everyone.

  • If you are someone who shrinks at the sight of ugly, please don’t come.
  • If you are all about pleasing others, please don’t come.
  • If you have the habit of being lit up and abandon it in days… please don’t come.
  • If you have a habit of calling someone nasty or rude when they tell you the truth… please don’t come. I am blunt and I don’t mince my words.

I can’t promise to change you. I can only promise to help you change your context, so you can see yourself and life differently.

Transformation is altering how the world occurs for you. How YOU occur to yourself.

aid4251-728px-Exercise-Your-Eyes-Step-2-Version-3I remember when I went from being a loser to being a winner.

Now, was it because I actually, suddenly started to win? No. I suddenly started to occur to myself as a potential winner… someone who could be a winner… without any proof, without any outward agreement.

It was life altering. My whole life is built on this new identity: a winner.

My site, my work is “energy assisted transformation“.

Transformation: Altering your view of the world and yourself… and while you are working on that, I assist you with energies specifically suited for that particular transformation.

You see, your actions come from what you see, not what you think.

The science that says it is your mind, or your thoughts that do that… that “science” is faulty.

cate_closeup750My transformation from loser to winner came when I deciphered the letters on the window of my car: four door sports car.

Suddenly and inexplicably that revelation totally altered my self-image. Sports car? Me? Hell yeah. I punched in the air with both fists…

And the person, me, changed her posture, her tone of voice, her whole attitude to someone who drives a sports car: a winner. How these things are connected? I guess we don’t know, and it doesn’t matter.

Because the reverse doesn’t work: dressing like a winner, driving a car like a winner will not cause transformation, because they are mental constructs to fix that you see yourself a loser. And they make the original “what’s wrong with me” stronger and stronger.

I had an old car matching my image of a loser. But I was already doing things winners do, when I discovered those letters. So the transformation had some foundation…

This last sentence is very important.

I can’t make you into someone you aren’t already…

The Universe is not crazy yet to reward a bunch of undeserving people.

You can be on any level of becoming deserving… and you can invent the next stage or simple rename the one you are in… by what possible beingness it may represent.

I am a straight shooter, maybe even blunt. Not inconsiderate… I know exactly how much it hurts when I tell you the truth. I mean for you to feel the pain.

I don’t promise you a rose garden if all you have is weeds. But I can suggest you make your garden where the weeds are diligently pulled and where some hardy ground cover plants grow.

In personal growth there are no jumps.

I was already doing winning things when I named my beingness. I am a winner…

So if you are a wishful thinker: please, this is NOT for you.

Scared you enough? Excited you enough?

You decide. Honestly, I only want people who are a good match to what I am doing.

So the first few sessions will be to weed out those of you who came and should not have.

Because you should always do first things first… No jumping.

OK, here is the link to register in the workshop series.

It’s free. Its purpose is for me to see who I want to work with. You’ll know if it is you.

One registration admits you to all sessions…

Here is the link to register

You are also registering to receive email from me…

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  1. which is quickly becoming my new habit, I mean not sleeping,

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