Vibrational Review: Holosync

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bill harris holosync meditation

Bill Harris personal vibration: 210 (3/15/15) has risen since I first measured it
Holosync free disc (efficacy): 7% (200 vibration). But it does a particular job really well… it wakes up the brain that it is not in touch with reality…
Holosync whole program truth value: 2%
Holosync as methodology and theory for self-growth: truth value: 7%

Holosync is a mechanical operation, a lot like breathing, that may leave you with permanent improvement of your machine, your brain.

It did that for me, and I am forever grateful.

The program clocks at 200, and is a great starting program for the ambitious.

I used it until I met its originator, Bill Harris. After a short disagreement, I swore I wasn’t going to use it again, Bill’s vibration was so low, and his mind so closed.

But my personal opinion of Bill Harris should not stop you. If you can tolerate the annoying thai singing bowls “music” masking the active and operative sound frequencies, you’ll love it.

I have written in another article, but repeat it here: the holosync technology works on this principle:

  1. The brain handles different frequencies through the two ears in a funny way: in an effort to get to a unified sound, it starts to vibrate at the mathematical difference of the two vibration. Now, whether this is true at every pitch or not, I don’t know, but this technology designs the two pitches to have a difference of a low number.
  2. At that low vibration the brain can be shaken loose, and get damaged, but the second principle kicks in, just in time to save the brain: the second law of thermodynamics: that higher organisms reorganize themselves on a higher level, instead of entropy, at a certain point.So, your brain, when threatened with its own demise, activates synapses that make it deal with the low physical vibration of the difference between the two sounds, and those activated synapses make your brain a vastly superior machine, where you can see the world more fully, from more than just a narrow point of view of one modality, as if you could see more than one side of the coin… which means a lot of the mistakes, a lot of the confusion, a lot of the intolerance disappear, and you can have more, be more, do more, love more, enjoy more in life.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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