What determines how you and your life turn out?

what you see and what you do are like the front and the back or the hand: inseparableWhat is the mechanism of the machine that you are, that is used to define your actions, your moods, your attitude?

As I said in a few previous articles, your actions, your thoughts, your moods, your attitudes will be correlated with what you see.

The two sides:

  1. what you see, or the way the world occurs to you
  2. your actions, your thoughts, your moods, your attitudes: your world

the two sides are like the front of the hand and the back of the hand, connected, inseparable, but yet distinct.
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The dominant side, the root, is the way the world occurs to you. Occasionally and temporarily, you can alter the dominant side, the root, by having an impactful experience on the other side… like seeing an inspiring movie, like having a conversation, like having a coach who knows how to inspire.

But inevitably you’ll return to the original state: how the world occurs to you through your genes.

Your genes, surprisingly, have encoded a certain attitude and a certain world view that is largely inescapable.

In my experience this attitude and this world view is accurately described in the soul correction documents that I created through observation… and maybe divine suggestions and guidance… but it is not verifiable.

When something happens to you, even in the womb, you’ll already have a certain way to view and interpret what happens, a certain way to react to it, in action, in mood, in attitude… according to your soul correction type.

  • Circuitry, a soul correction, will block the flow and refuse to butt…
  • Revealing the dark side, a soul correction, will judge and avoid being judged.
  • Building Bridges, a soul correction, will remain, forever, seeing the world only as a mirror, and other people as there for their own purposes or enemy.

There are potentially 72 soul corrections.

Now, after I painted such a gloomy picture about your prison, let me let a little light in.

Depending on your parents, you may have been lucky, and inherited more active spiritual capacities than others. I have

A spiritual capacity is a DNA capacity… we all have 160. Most of them are prevented from expressing themselves by the other genes… you have lots of genes.

An average human inherits only 5-7 spiritual capacities active and expressed, from one of their parents.

And through near superhuman effort, some people activate more capacities… which we’ll call epigenetic shift. 1

  • High achievers, like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, etc. have more capacities open and active, than your average Joe. Their life story, their singular obsession with a skill and the knowledge of a field and people forced their genes to release the tight hold on spiritual capacities, so they can be expressed.
  • Jews, historically, because of their superhuman efforts to understand their bible, the Torah, activated spiritual capacities that make them able to be persistent, stick with hard stuff, go beyond the call of duty, and to be able to be astute.

    Other Jews, in commerce and money professions did the same thing in the area of numbers and money.

There are no other cultures in human history where it was “normal” to force the genes to upgrade and cause epigenetic shifts.

Inherited capacities that are not needed and not used are turned off by the other genes: the body is trying to only use what it needs…

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, the Jews… all played a bigger game than their soul correction originally allowed for.

But they all accomplished what they accomplished inside of the “prison” their soul correction creates.

There is no getting out of jail.

If you are here, you are not satisfied with the freedom and room to play your soul correction gives you.

You want to change it… but alas, you can’t change your soul correction.

You can do a bold and difficult thing: you can embrace how it is. When you embrace who you are and how it is, your experience of life immediately jumps to a whole new level.

But that is not what you want, you want to change it, fix it, kill it… and most of your misery comes from that.

  • There is nothing wrong with your soul correction, there is nothing wrong with you.

    The only thing is true is that how you are isn’t producing the life you’d like.

  • There is nothing wrong with your attitude, except that it doesn’t produce the life you’d like.
  • There is nothing wrong with what you do or don’t do, except that it doesn’t produce the life you’d like.

You’ve been trying to fix your actions, your attitude, your thoughts forever… but that is trying to change the results without effecting the cause: will not happen. Cannot happen.

But you have access to the cause: the way the world occurs to you.

The way the world occurs to you depends on who you are being. On who you are.

You can invent yourself.

And with the activation on some spiritual capacities, the shelf life of an invented self may go from the normal few minutes to few hours to day, maybe even weeks.

You’ll never alter who you are permanently, because it is the unchangeable DNA based soul correction.

But you can live, most of your life, in an invented self… and the dream life.

This is what all my experiments are about, and most of my courses.

The first step in it is to participate in the “what’s the truth about you” workshops, where we experiment with embracing who we are and where we experiment in inventing our new self…

It’s an adventure.

There will be a course, eventually, Activate Divinity… but you are not ready for that… until you go through some experiments, where you can see some semblance of success, where the new self experiences some staying power.

If you don’t participate in the workshops, then you won’t be accepted in the course… acceptance will be by invitation only.

In the course, of course, I will use capacity activation, so you can go beyond your current state… Elementary my dear Watson, elementary.

You can sign up to my What’s the Truth About you workshops, for free. You’ll get the help you you can use.

One registration admits you to all sessions…

Here is the link to register


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  1. In a nutshell, the emerging science of epigenetics illuminates that our genetic expression is not permanently fixed at birth, but actually evolves

    Here is where I learned from epigenetic shifts: Seveneves by Neal Stephenson: excellent novel, read it. I think I have it in my subscribers only site…

    This is from an interview:

    Q:In our own lives, to what degree do you think personal experiences can trigger an epigenetic shift of the self?

    Neal: Just as an informal, nonscientific observation, most people’s personalities don’t seem to change very much during their lives. There are exceptions in the case of people who go through hugely traumatic events or suffer from brain injury or disease. Some would argue that religious conversions can have deep personality-altering effects. But these are all exceptions to the rule. Having a persistent nature is part of being human. Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to speak of knowing another person, or loving them, or being their friend or enemy or rival. Part of being a sentient human is the ability to anticipate others’ mental states—to say “Fred’s going to hate this but Jane would love it.”

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