Cancer: The unintended consequence of positive thinking

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Whoever thought that the well-meaning positive thinking will become a prison and a sentence to a ‘no joy life’ for most who become a ‘practitioner’ of it, about 80% of humanity at this time.

Whether you know it or not, your powers of comprehension depend on your powers of distinguishing.

In the old est training, the trainers came to the room on the first day blasting: ‘for you Everything is the same as everything else … except not always‘ and they were as accurate as accurate they would be today: you can’t tell your ass from your elbow.

This is true for everybody, including yours truly… the difference is only in degrees. No one is exempt from it.

The capacity to see differences clearly is called astuteness. The capacity to tell apart similar things, to name them and to claim them.

no-negative-thinkingWhen it comes to thinking positive or being positive, 99.99% of you thought that what it meant is to suppress the negative, both thoughts and feelings.

It seems so clear, doesn’t it? If you suppress those, then what you are left with is positive…

But reality isn’t as simple as your simplistic thinking.

One of the most fundamental facts about the human brain and about Life is that they are ambivalent.

Ambivalent means that each feeling comes with an opposing feeling. Love and hate. Frustration and joyful expectation. Life and Death.

Always. It is the nature of the human brain. Everything and its opposite.

Maddening. I remember dealing with that in psychoanalysis some 35 years ago. I wanted it to stop.

Psychoanalysis is a weird beast: the therapist doesn’t say anything. In fact they are not allowed to give you any feedback… if the two therapist I had over the seven years are any indication.

So you are on your own. And you can either distinguish or not, you are either astute or not… and if you are not… you are shit out of luck.

I was astute, I inherited the spiritual capacity of astuteness from my father. I saw that the two feelings are seemingly always together, inseparable, like the front of your hand and the back of your hand. You suppress one, the other one get suppressed with it.

So I decided to leave it alone, and look at other issues.

Example of ambivalence: different or same as everyone else

One other issue was, not surprisingly also ambivalent, is wanting to be different and yet wanting to belong. Mutually exclusive futures… You can either have one or the other.

I obviously chose being different and grieve what I lost with that: belonging.

Human genes make you accepted when you are similar, rejected if you are different… including being better.

The moment you see how reality is, including the reality of the human brain, you have a chance to have it all, and moreover enjoy it all.

Enjoyment is another ambivalent issue.

The world, your world, is full of pleasures. Feeling your body, your muscles, breathing. Your first cup of tea or coffee in the morning.

The coolness of the water as it passes through your throat. Stretching. Reading. Writing. Speaking. Being heard. Meeting someone’s eyes and feeling that you are seen.

All unforbidden pleasures… available to all, ignored by most.

The same suppression phenomenon applies here: you have forbidden pleasure desires. You suppress them. And now you can’t feel any pleasure…

The two wolves that fight for dominance need you to want to suppress one of them. When you allow both to live, there is no struggle: you just feed the one you want to feed, and you have peace.

Having an urge doesn’t mean you have to act on it. Even if it is the machine-like urge of your genes. Or the machine-like urge of your soulcorrection.

Example: Judgment and assessment are very similar, but also very different.

Of course ask anyone, and they don’t know the difference.

You say something in both. But the context is vastly different.

  • Judgment it is all about you. Your motivator is ‘desire to receive for the self alone‘. You say what you say to make yourself look better.
  • In assessment there is no you. You see and you say. It has no reflection on you.

My vibrational reviews are assessments, not judgments.

You or your guru having low vibration doesn’t make me feel better about myself, doesn’t make me look better. It is just what is so.

Same in my workshops.

If you can’t tell the difference between judgment and assessment, you’ll be mortified by the things I say about the participants. Sounds even nasty. But nasty is judgment. It intends to put the other down… nasty is all about the speaker.

I am not nasty, instead I am compassionate. I tell you the things I tell you so you can calm down and stop hiding it. So you can take a deep breath and look at it and say… ‘ugh. ugly.’

Once you do that, without self-judgment, you are on your way to power. Power is impossible when you suppress.

Suppression is force. Violence.

No power. No enjoyment. The flow is blocked. No abundance. Only death. Only violence.

If you take the time to observe the inner dynamic, if you learn, little by little, that you are not a ticking bomb… you may become someone who I can work with, who can start living an invented life.

All the unforbidden pleasures more than make up for everything.

Where work, learning, solving puzzles, breaking through barriers is pleasure.


Ambivalence, the feeling of the opposites, is like alternating current.

If you slowed down a video showing a lit light bulb, you’d see that the bulb being ‘on’ is an optical illusion, the light bulb goes through on and off, sixty times a second. And it goes through positive and negative, sixty times a second.

If it stayed on all the time, it would burn out in minutes. If it stayed with the positive only, it would burn out in minutes.

That is why Edison had to do a thousand experiments… because he wasn’t the smartest and most astute person: Tesla was a lot brighter: he saw the nature of reality, that it is ambivalent. And therefore our power source needs to be ambivalent also.

Life and death, both are always happening, every moment of every minute.

That is life. The one you think would work better is deadly. It is like cancer.

The way you practice positive thinking is cancer-like. Kill everything else and only grow the cancer cells.

Congratulations. You’ve found the opposite of the Philosopher’s Stone.

The Philosopher’s Stone is said to cause living forever.

Human nature is known to favor one side of ambivalence and vilify the other.

The book Pendulum says, this goes in cycles, predictable cycles.

We live in the phase of WE cycle. Forcing and favoring the ‘we are one’, cooperation, giving back part of the ambivalence.

Being selfish and wanting to be part of a community are the two sides of this ambivalence.

But both are part of human nature: ‘no man is an island’ is true… ‘you need to be who you are or you’ll be unhappy’ is also true.

While all of humanity cycles through suppressing one side or the other, you can say: ‘heck with it, I’ll embrace all of life, and all of my nature.’

And you’ll be the winner of the prize: a fully enjoyed, fully lived life, where nothing is suppressed, nothing is denied, you choose on a moment to moment basis, by what seems appropriate. In the moment.

Learn to turn on intention and to connect to Source

The first training is tomorrow, Sunday March 13, 4 pm EDT… New York Daytime savings time.

PS: That is balance. Heavenly.

When you manage to activate your intention and flip your head and connect to Source, you are suddenly not living, not of the human condition… and you can be with both sides of the coin… live with ambivalence.

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