How I Took The Bait And Almost Killed My Site

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By now you should be used to this: I screwed up. lol

By the way, most people screw up, but they won’t admit it. Given my soul correction, it is very important that I do.

I have been so inundated with Dark Side attacks, minimum six hours a day, suggesting – through feelings – that I should quit, die, give up, etc… I am not very surprised that I have made a mistake.

When you get ‘guidance’ it often comes from the Dark Side. You need to muscle test while connected to Source. When you are not connected, the results of the muscle test come mostly from the Dark Side.

For about a week I did everything seemingly from my own head, and I didn’t muscle test. Unfortunately no one woke me up, not even some self-proclaimed marketers: it had to be reality that woke me up… that is always the worst. Lol

In these two weeks the number of visitors went down by 99%. It means instead of hundreds, there have been only tens. 9 today…

That is not what I had in MIND when I made the changes!

So, back to Soul’s guidance vs. Dark Side suggestions.

This morning, I woke up with the direct knowledge of what I have to do. The past three nights I was begging the Soul to get me guidance. But I guess, Soul wanted to teach me a lesson and let me hit bottom.

As a rule, most people don’t change direction until they hit bottom. In addition to that, they fight hitting bottom with all their might. They are flailing for a long time, instead of hitting bottom.

Let us first see what mistakes I made. What were the specific Dark Side suggestions that I implemented that caused the site to hit bottom?

1. First I made everyone pay for learning how to connect. As a result we’ve been 3-9 people on the calls, the same 3-9 people.

2. Then I decided that I’ll make it mandatory to sign up to a free membership site in order to read my posts.

Bad idea. Google simply stopped referring people, and the site hit bottom… lol.

It’s ok, we’ll recover. But it is a great case study. So in addition to keeping up with my soul correction and baring all my mistakes to force myself to humility, I would like to teach you, through my example,

1. how most people make decisions
2. how to correct it by listening to guidance.
3. how to keep your spirits up (I’ll figure this out as I am writing it… at this points my spirits are quite low)

Returning everything how it was before I made the changes won’t work. Why? Because it was a free for all… and I got no respect. So changes need to be made, but how?

My work is to teach people to connect to Source so they can activate their divine being while connected. But, at the same time I need to make a living, pay my rent, eat, etc.

I am thinking to give everyone – who buys a beginning level product, like the ‘Unconditional Love Activator’, the ‘Muscle testing videos’, the ‘Heart Connection video Course’, or the ‘Soaring video Course: How to Be and Everyday Magician’ two weeks opportunity to learn to connect.

The sessions are 15 minute long, and only Saturday 7:30 pm and the Wednesday 5:30 pm are available. These calls are not available for advanced students. The calls teach the connection, and teach stepping back. Each call has 4 15-minute segments. People can stay on for the whole hour, or jump of after 15 minutes.

If you buy any of these products, you have two weeks to learn to connect. After that you will be transferred to paying classes: you can cancel any time.

The other issue, the membership site, needs to be solved by making it all readable.

OK, so do I feel better? I feel beaten up.

Will this work? Soul says it will.

When will this be ready? By the end of July it will be all up and running.

This time I’ll go with my eyes open… Who knows, maybe this suggestion also came from the Dark Side? Ugh… We shall see.

Want to learn to connect to Source? Here is the link

It’s free.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

10 thoughts on “How I Took The Bait And Almost Killed My Site”

  1. Hi Sophie,

    I am not an expert in blogging for profit, but I have been studying internet marketing and have some Tree of Knowledge stuff to share. Perhaps you will find it useful.

    I would keep the blog open to any and all. It is how you get your message out and attract followers. Google is your friend as it loves content and you have lots. Once you have people on your site, you have given them value with your postings and they can see what else you have to offer.

    If you want a membership site, you can advertise it on the main blog. You can then decide what content is free, what content is paid, and what content is meant only for members. Students may feel more comfortable posting comments on the membership site, as it is not open to everybody and is therefore somewhat confidential.

    You can advertise your products and services on both sites. It would be great if you could fix your shopping cart issues. I think this would increase your revenue.

    Your site is very slow. When I am bouncing around through articles it is very frustrating to wait for the article I want. Like many surfers, I am impatient about waiting for sites to refresh. If your content wasn’t so valuable, I wouldn’t wait. I am sure that faster speeds would keep visitors on your site longer, viewing more pages.

    I like the idea of getting two weeks of connecting calls when purchasing a product. It gives people a chance to see if the calls are right for them. However, $3.49 a week is a trivial amount for just about anybody, so starting with connecting classes is not a barrier to learning this material.

    I met a spiritual warrior in a meetup group and told her of your mission. She said “I hate these gurus that just want to get rich of teaching stuff.” I told her that I didn’t think $3.49 was much and without hesitating she asked, “What’s the website?”

    I would like to see a forum on the membership site for students to share their experience. I am able to discuss things with Jarret because we are friends and I find it very useful. I suspect though that you want to control the conversation so that it doesn’t degenerate into BS and Tree of Knowledge stuff.

    Sorry to hear that you and Soul got out of sync for a bit and glad to hear that you are back as one.

  2. Michael, it’s the same tree of knowledge I have.

    I do have a membership site, and as a paying customer, you are a member.

    I have a forum there: just log in and the link is in the black navigation bar

    With regards to the speed: I just bought a dedicated server and will move over the site in the coming week… I hope I picked the right company.

    Thank you for your contribution. If tree of life could help, you’d be a rich man.

  3. “If tree of life could help, you’d be a rich man.”

    Wouldn’t I though? LOL! Tree of Knowledge got me to where I am today: bankrupt.

    I can login to the Training site. When I try to access the forum, it just bounces me back to the training site. It appears that I need a higher level of membership.

  4. here’s your real problem, Sophie (of course since this post was 7 months ago maybe my thoughts are by-now irrelevant?)
    what if all people are already connected to Source (or God, if you will)?
    what if there actually isn’t anything to learn? no techniques needed? no practices to practice?
    what if it is really only a decision to “turn on” the already existing options? (a human being very much like an internet browser with various settings changeable, if you know how to access the menu and are willing “to go there”. Since it seems to me (feels to me) that you know this, Sophie, there is a discordance between this knowledge on the one hand and the need to sell product, on the other hand.

  5. I inadvertently came to your site when I was looking up someone I currently admire (well their teachings I have found helpful, and the aim is beneficial, not just to the readers, but overall. Anyway.. I was interested by your site. Alot that you go through.. I tried to get a vibrational reading, but paypal did not allow me to do that. I had enough money, even after exchange differences I had another $10 left over…. I was not sure if you were aware, and wanted to let you know. Regards, N

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