Vibrational Review: Quantum Thought Shifting With Pam Ragland

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Pam Ragland Quantum Thought Shifting Update 1/14/2012

Vibrational Review: updated on 3/15/2015

Pam Ragland personal vibration: 295 re-measured on April 27, 2014: vibration is 200 3/15/2015: 170
quantum thought shifting methodology: 200
truth value of teaching: 2%

In spite of all the transformational work, all the Kabbalah, I can predict that I will have periods of anxiety, periods of depression, periods of utter misery, the desire to end it all. (I wrote this in 2011… and I am at the tail end of such a period that’s lasted so far about 10 days.)

2006 was such a year. I met Pam Ragland on an internet marketing coaching program, and was immediately interested in her promise of immediate relief from negativity, whatever that word means. She said negativity, I heard misery.

I took two “Partial” though shifting sessions from her (expensive!) and then I took her 8-month long program, Have Anything. I was so excited that I brought five paying customers with me.

The program was two-fold,

  1. wiping away your negativity i.e. energy work
  2. teaching you how to drive your new cleaned up “vehicle” so you don’t crash and burn, but stat attracting what you want.

Pam has a “recipe” that she tweaks, and she has her “pals” that advise her on stuff.

Sounds like a fourth plane arrangement to me.

Participants raised their vibration to maximum 295, which is also Pam’s own vibration. The program itself vibrates on 295 as well.

My biggest bone to pick with Pam is that she doesn’t involve the conscious mind and choice in what she does, which is true for every 4th plane guru, so it may be the habit of the 4th plane: I don’t know, I am not going there. I am not attracted to the world of spirits, spirit guides, ghosts, entities, none of it. Why would I want to go there if I can talk directly to the Creator? Right?

By the way, since that time I have discovered that most of the anxiety, depression, etc. is not mine, and has never been. I am an empath, and I feel clients’ anxiety: now I know how to unhook myself from them, but I still need to muscle test to know if the feeling is mine or I feel someone else’s feeling.

In my twenties I was on an 8 valiums a day for 10 years: it turns out most of what I felt wasn’t mine. When I was in therapy, the only thing ever helped was shower/water therapy: it allowed me to tell where I end and another begins.

So, these are the 10 programs I am close enough to to review.
If you have a request for me to review a program that isn’t here, please leave a comment. I’ll let you know if I can do it… I very rarely opinionate from the outside.

Coming up next… Scientology/Dianetics

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