You are in trouble… And you don’t know that you don’t know that you are in trouble

The-trouble-with-trouble-is-it-starts-out-funOne of the most educational experiences is to listen in to Dr Wallach’s radio show.

It’s on youtube. But before you rush, let me tell you what to listen for.

  1. People ask about a disease. A problem. Although Dr. Wallach’s approach is not disease+fixing directed, he needed to learn how to ask questions that drive up the actual nutritional deficiency issues, so he can address the underlying deficiency, instead of providing a fix that makes no difference.
  2. One question he repeatedly asks and a question that seems totally irrelevant, is this: Was there childhood rash? 1He also asks, repeatedly about childhood asthma.

I have been pondering these two questions, and I finally cracked the mystery with regards to one of them: the rash, and I am starting to see the relevance of asthma.

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you-are-toastI had horrible rashes as a kid, and even later, I had rashes that often had to be dealt with injections they were so bad.

So my theory is that an outside rash is an indication of an inside rash.

On allergies, sensitivities and intolerances

We know allergies: swelling, mucus, throat closing. Asthma. sneezing, suffocation.

The body responds to the offending substance, an irritant, with dramatic symptoms. The body says no.

No one considers that maybe it is doing the same thing inside…

toastlandscapeNot all that seems edible is harmless to humans.

I remember buying a pineapple on a trip to Paris… and trying to eat it in the street, without a knife.

rash around the mouth from offending foodMy face, my eyes, my mouth inside and out were covered with blisters from the chemicals in the pineapple’s outside… chemicals that the pineapple used to ward off animals…

Turns out that food intolerance, intolerance to gluten, the protein in wheat and other grains, and my intolerance to fructose does the same thing but on the inside.

Fructose makes my esophagus and stomach blister, gluten makes my large intestine blister.

gluten-intoleranceAnd just like the allergies you know, the mucus membranes on the inside swell, and try to protect themselves from digestive juices and to food that passes by with lots of mucus…

And it hurts. And it prevents nutrients from being absorbed.

Humans used to experiment. Try a plant and watch. People, children died, and this made people avoid that plant.

The-trouble-with-trouble-is-it-starts-out-funBut today no one is watching. Tastes good? Some expert said it’s good for you? You stuff it in your mouth, in your children’s mouth, or put it in the baby formula.

Whatever the mother eats, the infant gets through the breast milk too. Or if not through the breast milk, then through formula… yaay… generation after generation sick people. Not inherited, not genetic, no. Food induced.

Or whatever the mother doesn’t have, the fetus won’t get… voilà, sick babies galore from nutritional deficiencies.

Most frequent nutritional deficiencies, I think, are selenium and copper deficiencies… at least in the part of the world where I grew up.

It isn’t in the soil… ergo it isn’t in the food.

When I grew up, fruit trees weren’t fertilized. So fruits had much less fructose in them than today.

Plants need only three nutrients to grow, Natrium, Phosphorus, and Kalium, also known as Potassium.

Of course the plants won’t be healthy, will rot a day after harvest, but they will grow. And have zero nutritional value for humans, or even animals.

Domesticated animals are fed a full nutritional regimen in pellets, because animals can’t pay health insurance.

If you were a slave, your owner would feed you a full nutritional regimen in pellets, so you can work for a long time.

buddha-imageBut humans, when it comes to their own health, are stupid. They have no value for themselves, I would say. They treat their animals better than they treat themselves. Way better.

They look for reasons for not being well, not feeling well, not being able to concentrate, learn, love, in something outside of themselves, but never in the food, never in the lack of nutrients, never in their food intolerances.



We are all toast… burned to one degree or another

I myself got as well as I could with no exercise. And I got well from 7% in 1992, to 50% today.

The best number I got from a student has been 30%.

The questions I sent out over the weekend brought me a lot of insight.

I’d like to create a health quiz that asks the questions that are on people’s mind, instead of what is on my mind.

Would you help me there?

Would you be willing to send me one or more questions that either puzzle you, or maybe you’d like to ask me if you had the courage?

I say courage, because what is the worst thing that can happen? I’ll tell you that it depends? lol…

So, here is what I’d like you to contribute:
1. a health question that you have answered to yourself and you live that way

I have wanted to live a very healthy life so I can remain that way to age 100. I chose to be a vegetarian at 36, half my life ago. I also eat as much organic food and use organic products as is possible. I have good sources here in England to be able to do that most of the time. I also have a very powerful and regular spiritual practice and am considered to be very even tempered. Thus when you sent me the vibration of 130 I was totally surprised, as anger is something I have long since dealt with both emotionally and vibrationally and when it comes up (which is rarely) I am able to allow it to move through me without affecting others.

2. one or more actual health questions that concerns you, with regards to your health or your loved ones’ health

I have osteoporosis. I continually work to keep it from getting worse. I have stopped it and it seems now to be getting better. I did not use any of those powerful drugs, but instead use supplements and exercise.

3. Please let me know if you go to the doctor regularly… it will let me know something about you, that I’d like to know.

yes I do. My doctor and I work as a partnership to keep me going!

Her health number, on a scale of 1 to 100 is 7.

Here is another answer:

We absolutely do not go to doctors regularly. I would say rarely. (In some cases, one has to go) We do use someone who we found 11 yrs ago, that ‘cures our ills’. It’s done through frequency. So, we use what works, we don’t let doctors ‘practice’ on us.

Her health number is 11%.

Whether someone went to the doctor or not, most numbers were between 10 and 20%.

I even had a few health nuts with 20%.

My health consultations

My health consultations are based on Joel Wallach’s list of 90 essential nutrients, and my experience with blood type, ayurvedic body type, eating type (how should someone eat for best nutrient absorption, not what…), food intolerances, hydration, and life style, diet, and what physical exercise and how much is the best.

As a true empath, I need almost no input from you to get to the truth.

Getting the same in depth result, you would need to go to seven different practitioners. I made up that number, I don’t know, actually, if any number of practitioners would be able to get you the same in depth result.

I follow up with you until your results show me that a. you are doing what I asked you to do, b. that no adjustment is needed for a while. That all the issues I am capable to address are addressed.

Physician caused diseases:

eggs-300x300Many of today’s diseases are nutritional deficiencies. Most of these nutritional diseases are caused by false information, mostly from doctors and nutritionists.

At some point in my life I was attracted to the idea to become a naturopathic physician, but when I looked at the curriculum, I realized that in order to pass board exams, one needs to be educated in the party line of what good nutrition is, and I knew I would not be able to curtail my rebellious, trouble making nature, and I would be kicked out, for certain.

So I decided to not be part of the conspiracy afflicted on the naive, unsuspecting, sheep-like public, and pass.

I never regretted it.

I value integrity: being true to myself.

I am attracted to the idea of thriving for perfection or at least to optimum

I am attracted to the idea of thriving for perfection. The idea that you know what perfect is and you adjust yourself, your behavior, your thinking, your attitude, your food to that.

So, for me, to move from 50% to 60-70-80% which is the highest for my age, history, and knowledge, I am starting to rebuild my physical strength first, and my stamina next.

how-much-time-do-you-have-leftIf I have enough time left. 🙂

And take as many people with me as I can.

Doing these health evaluation sessions is “work” for me, not “the work”… although rewarding and useful.

So I am only doing one a day, so I have energy to do my work for Source.

I am very picky who I work with. Why? Because anyone who won’t do what I ask them to do is a waste of my energy…

So I drill people before I consider a session with them.

Download the pdf version of this article you-are-in-trouble
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