Call me blunt, call me judgmental… I don’t care.

indicatorsI am going to share, in this article, some of the judgmental sounding questions I ask when I try to get a full picture about someone who is asking for help.

As you probably don’t know, judgment comes from ego, from comparison. I am smart and you are stupid… that is judgment.

You are stupid isn’t judgment unless you feel something in your chest or throat as you say it. Unless it means something about you.

I feel nothing, or maybe sadness, when I ask these assessment question… that help me make sense out of the convoluted picture each person is.
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So I measure your vibration… and it’s, for example, low. I watch your behavior, and it’s, for example, clueless.

Sometimes the behavior and the language of the email shows promise, and yet the vibration is really really low.

Then I measure your health status. This is new to me, I started doing it less than a week ago. I don’t even know what it means… but it’s a number capturing where a person is, compared to where optimal/perfect health is… A relative number. 1-100…

By the way: each measurement is a question, assessment question, that you would call judgmental.

Every time I ask a question from a client or a student, their emotional distress signals go through the roof. Mine don’t. I am sure of who I am, and I am OK with it.

I am a stupid hasty person who does some real smart things. I think it is a great combination.

I don’t judge myself by what someone thinks of me, it is none of my business.

So I can ask assessment questions, and they don’t slip into judgment… because I don’t care either way. You being stupid doesn’t make me smarter, and you being smart doesn’t make me more stupid…

OK… enough preamble… let me get to the meat of this article.

I have found that the overall well-being number, which, by the way, doesn’t include your emotional wellness, only your physical wellness… Long sentence… let me start again. Your overall well-being number and your vibration number correlate strongly.

In the case of intelligent sounding person above, I asked the question: if she got better, would she have a higher vibration?

The answer was: yes. Her health number is 8%. Her vibration is 100. But her potential is much higher. If she rose her health to 30%, quite likely with proper supplementation of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and essential fatty acids, her vibration would rise to 170.


I looked at some of the people I know who have been struggling with low vibration, and I tested them as well.

Here are some examples, I’ll look at my most stubbornly low vibration clients:

  • Person #1: health number: 10%. Vibration: 110… getting lower. It was 130 a few days ago. His vibration could go up to 200 with slight changes and the proper supplementation.
  • Person #2: health number: 10%. Vibration: 130. Huge fear+bottomless desire there… poor thing. If she changed what she eats (has the right supplementation already) her vibration would instantly rise to 180… She is eating WRONG for her type: ancestry, blood type, ayurvedic body type.
  • Person #3: paralyzing fear+greed… ugh. Making me cough… Greed tightens the throat… health number: 8%. Vibration: 70. Overall intelligence: 40… mostly due to incoherence. Potential with cleaning up diet and proper supplementation: vibration of 200 and intelligence of 80. In my system that is quite good.

This is the most wholistic approach I can think of: unless you attend to your physicality, your emotional, intellectual, spiritual domains will be dragged down to the mud.

All of these aspects depend on each other.

  • If you think your vibration is not as high as you’d like it to…
  • If you feel that you are not as intelligent as you could be…
  • If you feel that your emotions are wreaking havoc, leaving you a wreck…

Then you owe it to yourself to find out what you can do to your physical health so you can be well or much-much better.

  1. Your first step is to find out where you are at.
  2. And then request a comprehensive health evaluation.

Depending of what it was like for me to be connected to you to check your numbers, depending on your communication, I either will grant you an evaluation session or not.

The evaluation session is an hour long, and if I don’t like your energy, I will not want to spend an hour in your shoes… Unless, for some reason, I already like you.

Before a session I measure you against the 90 essential nutrients by Dr. Joel Wallach, and bring that sheet with me to our phone or webinar call.

And then, during the call I find out everything about your body I need to know, so I can compare the information you give me to the correct eating that would get you the best you can be. I also need pictures of the supplements you already take… Some of them are really bad for you…

So, if you are dreaming of a life that is more joy, more fun, more everything, then start with finding out where your numbers are now.

  1. your vibration (1-1000)
  2. your overall intelligence
  3. the number of spiritual capacities you have
  4. your soul correction (your machine) I need your date of birth for this
  5. whether you have any attachments
  6. the level of your health (1-100)

If you bought these separately, you’d pay $30… but buying them all at once, I knock off $15.

Click on the paypal button to send me a donation to get your starting point measurements. I’ll let you know in my email response, if you could ask for a comprehensive health evaluation, OK?

After you pay, please wait to be forwarded to a website to register. If you already are a member of my freebies subscribers’ site, please log in through the “already a member” link on the registration page…

Download the pdf version of this article call-me-judgmental
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