Who is the enemy? What is the enemy? How we are duped into being willing sheep and flaccid puppets…

I have known that we are sheep… I can see it. Everywhere.

Thinking is not taught, not encouraged, only having thoughts.

Critical thinking isn’t what gets you promoted in corporations, and besides, who has time for that with the television on 24/7.

I spoke with a guy today who puts a micro speaker under his mattress and it blasts music all night, lest he would have a moment of quiet to face himself and his shadow side.

The new world order, compared to it the “Brave New World” or “1984” or “The Matrix” were nothing like a fantasy…

The only question is, are there enough people that care… or humanity has really degraded itself and have given its aspirations up for greatness and accepted, like sheep, slavery.

Watch this documentary below and let me know if the New Humanity could count on you… or if getting off is the best choice… Please. Comment anonymously, I don’t mind. Just speak up. Let me know what to expect. OK?

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

3 thoughts on “Who is the enemy? What is the enemy? How we are duped into being willing sheep and flaccid puppets…”

  1. There was a time when I wrote off conspiracy theorists as a bunch of crackpots. Over time, I came to believe that the Kennedy and King assassinations were the work of organizations, not individuals. The contra affair revealed a whole new level of government corruption. Ron Paul has been warning us for a long time to wake up before it’s too late. Too bad nobody votes for him.

    I find it difficult to believe that the US government would engineer 911 on its own citizens, but I now strongly suspect that indeed they did. Post 911, the loss of civil rights and liberties is alarming. The US Constitution is one of the greatest documents ever (and I am a Canadian), but it has become mostly a useless piece of faded paper. I am sad for Americans that they sit idly by and let Government and powerful remove their liberty, too busy watching TV and playing video games. I am also sad that the rest of the world will fall in line when the US is taken over by these dark side forces.

    Documentaries such as 2012: Return to One and Thrive are also getting the message out. More and more people are watching, but are there enough awakened ones? I hope so, but suspect not.

    I believe that 2012 is the year that will begin the transition to a new world order. The world doesn’t work any more and humanity has to wake up and change. The question is, will we allow the elite to run things, or will those who aspire to liberty and freedom dominate. The elite are few and we are many, but we must stand up to tyranny like the first Americans.

    I believe many will die in this transition. My plan is to raise my vibration and consciousness and align myself with Source for the highest good of humanity. I believe I will survive this way and hopefully be able to lead others through it.

  2. Very good comment, Michael.

    I think raising our personal vibration is very important, but I think it is equally important to wake up humanity… I do not appreciate staying alive in a world where human being isn’t allowed to be who they meant to be by being drugged in the water, air and other ways… hypnotized by television and gossip media.

    I don’t want to live in a world like that where I can’t be proud to be a human being, expanding, expressing, loving. .

    Huxley’s Brave New World’s John: commits suicide
    Jesus, historical figure?: commits conscious suicide by giving himself up to crucifixion

    I find that theirs is a more honorable fate than submitting myself to be sheep.

    If, with the New World Order, this “experiment” goes fatally wrong, Creation, if it’s real (and something does respond my requests, whatever that is, it is intelligent and interested in intelligent life either here or on some other planet!) will start another experiment and I’ll make sure I’ll be part of that. Maybe not a woman, maybe not here… but whatever is immortal about me is more interested in waging a winnable war than becoming sheep and killing the beauty of life.

  3. Agreed. I have read many different scenarios of how the transition will play out. All are interpretation of past events and some facts, but ultimately opinion. Most of those scenarios are quite plausible to me and any could come to pass.

    One speaks of enlightened, higher vibration humans moving to a fourth dimension, leaving lower vibration humans to live in war, hate, and suffering. Another predicts physical disasters that will cause the death of 5 billion, leaving 2 billion (interestingly, the same number that the power elite wants).

    I believe that by developing a connection to Source, by surrendering to Source, by accepting Source’s guidance, I will be saved by Source. Perhaps I will be part of the Thousand Years of Peace, or perhaps I will be incarnated elsewhere. However, if the Dark Side becomes the NWO, they won’t want defiant, rebellious, non-conformist me around and I won’t want to be around either. Whatever happens I am OK with it.

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