The New World Order: How It Sneaks Up On You

new world order You know I am a movie lover: every movie teaches me something it never intended to teach… it was an unconscious motivator of the movie makers… and this is what I want to talk to you about today.

First, before you start thinking about Hollywood movies and other cliches, I am going to talk about foreign movies. That is where you are going to see, clear as the sun, how this insidious and unstoppable (?) “trend” goes towards The New World Order: the uniform slavery of all peoples of the planet under the thumbs of a handful (5) few.

There have been a quite a few movies, Israeli, a German Jewish Movie, a Turkish, and a Hungarian movie.

nowhere in africa... Let’s start with the Israeli movies. Israeli Jewish movies.

Jews have been the scapegoats of society for about 3400 years.

Suddenly, out of the “blue” everyone knew that the Jews are responsible for all the troubles of all peoples. Draught: it must have been the Jews. Epidemic? it’s the Jews fault. Poverty, obviously the Jews had something to do with it.

Anastasia from the Ringing Cedars series says that it was a man-made phenomenon: the priests of Egypt picked the Jews for the “job”.

So, here we are 3400 years later, and the Jews are better at hating themselves than even Hitler hated them.

The decimated remnants of Jewry dispersed over the world after the Holocaust, and some of them started to make a life in the Land of Israel.

The whole Arab world united in their desire to exterminate the “vermins” that had the audacity to return to their forefathers’ land and create a thriving economy, science and art. How dare they? How dare they advance, when the “law” or Islam is that you need to go backwards, need to suppress and enslave your women, and force your best to be suicide bombers seeking Paradise not on Earth but on Allah’s bosom?

walk on water movie I understand their motives, if I were an Arab, I would probably think that way too. Especially if the same 3400 year old “priests” lead a campaign to deal with the “intruder” instead of my own business…

What I am only starting to understand is this: Some of the Israeli movies, the ones that got 4 or more stars on Netflix, are about how horrible, how abominable Jews are… how only the ones that marry/befriend the non-Jew enemy are attractive, lovely people, in spite of being Jews.

I lived in Israel. Israeli is a phenomenon: very recognizable. I don’t particularly like the typical Israeli character: I was 34 when I emigrated to Israel: too set in my ways, too fixed in what is loving, and what is OK.

But when I watch movies like Nowhere in Africa, The Little Traitor, Walk on Water, that subtly sneak in justification for Jew hatred, aka antisemitism.

Or the Turkish movie bliss that subtly erodes and attacks and tries to uproot the whole idea that being Turkish is inferior to being a cosmopolitan world citizen.

The Hungarian movies, dripping of self-hatred, no longer on Netflix, one of them has a title similar to Subway, given that the surrealist action takes place in the subway.

The New World Order plans to eliminate nations, eliminate borders, eliminate national currency, and probably national identity and culture.

And, please, don’t be mistaken. Being YOU is going to be the next big no-no.

How do I know? Because in my Second Phase Activators class people can’t face and love themselves, flaws and all.

I guess all is ready for the handful (5) people to take over the seven billion strong planet.

new world order: the future And to illustrate how they are related to Hitler (the ideas of Hitler came from them, of course…) is quite easy to see:

Their first action as “world government” is to exterminate five billion people. In their opinion, slaves or not slaves, this planet was made for only two billion people. They should know… And if you are the wrong color, the wrong mindset, the wrong ethnicity, you fall into the five billion that must go.

Reminds me of the movie Fahrenheit 451.

In the coming New World Order there will definitely be no need for people like yourself who like to read idea-starters like this article.

are you sheep?

New World Order (conspiracy theory) – Wikipedia, the free …

As a conspiracy theory, the term New World Order or NWO refers to the emergence of a totalitarian world government. The common theme in conspiracy theories …

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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1 thought on “The New World Order: How It Sneaks Up On You”

  1. There is something about Jewish religion/culture that is special. On a per capita basis, Jews are much more successful and contribute much more to the world than non-Jews. A Jewish friend of mine once said that anti Semites are jealous and that is why they hate. I think that is true.

    Eliminating nationalism is a good thing — a first step in moving towards the 1,000 years of peace and recognizing that we are all one. I suspect that resulting world government will not be in the service of the people however. We need to wake up and ensure that the elite do not seize control of the world.

    I love that last graphic! I am that sheep standing outside the flock.

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