What is the organ of control for the Dark Side? I mean, how does the Dark Side take control of you?

I had an interesting discovery today.

Children and adults that have played music, seriously, or sang professionally, or participated in athletics or gymnastics, or other competitive sports that required you to have good control over your body, are able to raise their vibration faster, connect better, and get the activators more fully than people who either didn’t, or just relied on their natural talent, but didn’t actually train.

Why? Because these kinesthetic faculties, feeling faculties are enabling them to use more of what’s available to them, not just their mind.

Your mind is a stupid computer.

Every computer is stupid. Why? Because it is garbage in/garbage out.

It is not the computer that is smart, it is the operator.

People that live in their minds have no operator.

Sometimes I watch people scanning their mind (databases) instead of looking around and gathering data to put into their stupid computer to get a correct and relevant answer now.

99% of humanity lives 99% of the time in their minds, and the mind, without critical faculties, is a really stupid computer, just watch the proliferation of computer viruses: they are winning.

The mind takes what it’s given without question, without hesitation… takes it hook line and sinker…

Add to it being busy 24/7… with busy-ness, nothing relevant, nothing worth doing, just being busy.

When I ask people why they read the newspaper they say they like to be informed.

But what if you are informed? Does it help you with anything? Probably not. But it opens you up to being mind-fed, and have little or no time to reflect, digest, use, improve upon what you have learned.

At the water cooler people talk to other mind-driven sheep… and thus is established the culture of sheepdom: a society 99% consisting of people who can be considered biological machines.

But unless you have access to other faculties, like your attention, your self, your soul, connecting to source, your will… you may want to change things, but you won’t… you lack the rudimentary intelligence to feel yourself, your attention, your will, your self, let alone operate those aspects of you.

In my connection drill classes I have two students that have been with me for a year: they are still groping in the dark: they still try to access what I teach through their minds.

I have recorded this morning’s meditation where I teach accessing these diverse faculties.

No previous knowledge of connecting or anything is necessary. I am willing to sell access to the video/audio for a measly $7. This may be your ticket to finally pulling yourself out of sheepdom/sheephood and start raising your vibration.

Instant access to the video

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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