How And Why Does The Soaring Method Work To Alter The Future And Raise Your Vibration?

the soaring method The Soaring Method works. No doubt about it. But how and why?

These are the real questions.

There are two principles, unknown to the 99-percenters, that make it work.

  1. You create your reality 1 by looking at the world the same way as always, including yourself.When I compliment a student on something well done, I can hear (sense) that they are saying in their head: “If you only knew how I really am….”Who and how you think you really are makes the world a fixed place. That “who and how you really are” creates a baseline, the baseline of the thermostat: the temperature can drop a few degrees, go over a few degrees, but on the whole and on the long run it is pretty much exactly the baseline.So by repeating, aloud or in your head what you hold true about yourself is not just idle chatter: it is what creates reality.
  2. When you locate yourself in your skin, or even more precisely in your mind, everything looks and sounds like a challenge, everything looks and feels like an attack on you.

    And, worse than that, you know how to behave when you encounter a challenge, you know how to react when you are attacked. Fixed way.That is the only way you can react from the mind. The mind is a collection of all past learnings, decisions, and misunderstandings. (YOU misunderstanding what’s going on around you… 99% of the time. The mind is not a good equipment to glean the truth, it refuses to even look, it is like a cat that won’t eat a new food because its mind says: “I don’t know about that… could be dangerous…”)In my courses I train you to get out of your head, so you can gain some clarity, some power, some alteration in your being.

The Soaring Method is very simple:

You rename yourself. 2

There are two ways to rename yourself:

      1. you figure out your “default” name, the one that is your baseline. The one you really think you are. Examples: failure, never do well, unwanted, stupid, dumb, dense, confused, slow, not fitting in, not accepted, not as good as your sister, jumping without looking, empty… etc.
      2. find a name that shows you as someone wanted, loved, desirable, etc. Mine is “the one my mom makes blackcurrant preserves for.” Examples: “I am the one Mom takes to New York” or “I am the one that won first prize in Math” or “I am the one my Dad takes advice from” or “I am the one winning the track race”Make it inarguably making you shine. And then start saying that in your head, share it with people, write it into your email signature permanently, put it on your return address label… make it stronger every day. That person will have a different trajectory to their life from the person who is called your default name…My default name is “I don’t have the right to be here.” You can imagine the life that this one gives me. Devastated… always starting from zero.But the new name, the one for whom my mother makes black currant preserve is a total winner, wanted and cherished, and therefore “the world is my oyster” type of person. 3

    soaring method to beat difficulties... sail over them

    • Renaming on the fly: you ongoingly remove yourself (the self you consider to be) to outside of you. It is best when there is a pain, an attack, anything that you would react to… My favorites are the things I see at the moment (because I don’t have to go to my head for them! after all the persona that can be attacked lives in my head!).My absolute favorites: I am the finch that is hanging on the seed-sock chirping sweetly. I am the bird that is taking a splash in the bird bath. I am the red bird with the red bill drinking from the bird bath… I am the blue sky peeking out between the branches of the tree. I am the rain drops reflecting the sky on the leaves of the tree… stuff I see from my desk.I say these to myself, not out loud… you don’t want to make people say “What?!”


    I have 4.5 hours of recording of the webinars when I taught this to my students.

    In addition I will have an hour or two long bi-weekly live coaching sessions to people who buy the recordings.

    This is called The Soaring Method, because in a second you become this soaring bird instead of a pedestrian on the level of driftwood…

    It is easy to understand, but it is not that easy to

    1. remember to use it
    2. use it correctly

    That’s why you want to learn it from the people that know how to use it and use it daily with success.

    I will have my most successful (at this) students on every call. So you’ll get more than just my perspective.

    Fill out the form and click the button if you want to watch a 30-minute sample of the course… you may learn something… lol (god forbid!)


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    1. and as far as YOU are concerned, it is not YOUR reality, it is REALITY! DAMMIT
    2. there is another, second method, but I won’t talk about it, I am not practicing it, yet.
    3. Black currant preserve is very involved, cleaning the berries, cooking them, squeezing them through a very fine horse-hair squeeze… then cook it up again… very involved. That’s why it works so brilliantly. It does… every time people change around me even though I never say it out loud. The dentist picks me up and takes me home, does a free visit, my chiropractor comes to the house and picks up groceries for me on the way… stuff you would never expect the default me to get.

    Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

    True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

    3 thoughts on “How And Why Does The Soaring Method Work To Alter The Future And Raise Your Vibration?”

    1. This is amazing. . . Does the statement for your new self need to be true or a past success?

    2. Actually it is simply twisting where you look, and concentrate on that instead. In my case finding the tiny joy, the tiny good I had with my mother, that she made me blackcurrant jam, was what I refocused on. It was true, and it wasn’t even a success, it was just incompatible with someone who isn’t loved.

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