Can you raise your IQ by getting healthy?

lightbulb-brain__squareLots of people are searching the internet for ways to get smarter.

All the programs, and all the supplements that are out there are symptomatic treatment… and not worth a lot.

As I am going through my own program, and I am a totally aware person, and can muscle test and get answers right away… I am a testing laboratory.

I have been noticing brain or cognitive function symptoms the past two days: as if I were disoriented… it feels now every day that it’s Sunday… lol.
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But it’s Tuesday… so I started to wonder if this is a good sign, a bad sign, or a neutral sign.

The answers I am getting is this: when I was not well, the brain walled off cognitive functions as not-essential, because it didn’t have energy to spare for non-essential functions: I was barely alive.

Brain-image-by-FotoliaBut now that my energy level is rising, the brain is testing those walls.

When I suddenly have a few minutes/few hours access to what was walled off… it feels disorienting.

I have had glimpses of increased mental capacities, but they are not consistently there yet.

I am not as smart as my brain would be able to make me.

So, what am I saying?

If you are not as smart as you think you could be, or if you remember having been smarter before, it is possible that the same is happening to you: the brain declared some higher brain functions less important than keeping you alive.

So after you get above 50% health level, you can expect a rise in your intelligence, especially in the area of intellect and comprehension, I think. I am basing this on a small sample… so it can be more dramatic than that.

The opposite is also true:

If you come to a health session with me and I work out what is the best diet for you, and how to live that supports you to be your best, including your health… emotional, physical, and intellectual, but you do the opposite, then your health deteriorates in all areas.

If you are too incoherent to follow instructions, or too undisciplined, or too arrogant, then of course the diet won’t work…

You cannot benefit from instructions you don’t adhere to… religiously.

I see the occasional error I make… like today I bought some cheese, and forgot that cow’s milk has gluten in it, because commercial cows are fed grain…

So my health number promptly dropped 20 points to 30%.

Health is like the Strait of Gibraltar: you are either in the strait or you are on land, not in the strait.

If I did this more than once in a while, I would get stupid, and ill again.

This was a warning for you arrogant, belligerent, resistant types.

You always pay the price.

Download the pdf version of this article raise-your-iq


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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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