Why getting well is so difficult for us…

There is never a better time to experience what you experience, than right when you experience it.

This morning I was hit with a strong feeling of despair, loneliness.

I didn’t have time to hang out with it, I was in the middle of something. I wanted to shoo it away, and I also wanted to indulge in it.

But then I decided to just feel it, acknowledge it, and let it go. I paid attention to what it said… nodded, wept a little, and let it go. 1

Is this familiar to you? I didn’t think so. You don’t know who you are, and you don’t want to find out.

There are many reasons you don’t know yourself.

One of these reasons is that you resist your emotions.
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Emotions, thoughts. urges are information.

When they are observed, when they are allowed to do what they do, without either acting on them (urges), resisting them (all three), or following them into the rabbit hole (thoughts and urges), they, over time show you what kind of a person you are.

Your job, if you want to be worth a damn, is to fully own who you are, warts and all.

To take full responsibility for who you are… to yourself.

“Many people in modern times believe that the quickest route is best: the faster we can complete one task, the sooner we can begin the next. We resemble not calmly flowing rivers but swirling rapids, sending up angry white foam whenever we meet an obstacle. By the time we reach our goal, we are stale and spent, because we have striven so hard for success.

Daoists say that humankind’s attempted imposition of order on earth is a case of intellectual vanity at war with nature. The result is stress.

According to the natural order of things, a river, and anything the river carries, will flow toward the sea. To achieve relaxation, we must accept life’s natural flow (we are that flow) and allow ourselves to be borne along – not try to fight the current by swimming upstream, or willing the flow to move faster. If we surrender to the flow of the river, life will carry us where we want to go.

This could take a little longer than we might have expected and the experience may feel strange at first. Yet in time by trusting the flow of the river, we will learn the art of acceptance. If we cease to struggle against the odds, our potential for growth is enlarged.”

But your resistance, your knee jerk reaction to the urges and thoughts prevent you from that… actually that is why you are doing those actions; to keep you in the dark about who you are.

Why? Because who you are is not pretty. Actually, who you are, your behavior, your inclinations is pretty ugly…

Every person is a mix of good and evil, and that’s how it is.

If you cannot embrace, if you cannot own who you are, there is only one direction to go: further down.

rapidsYou need to be aware and awake to who you are.

That is your ticket to growth. Counter intuitive.

From my experience with my students in the Reclaim program: there is a mistaken notion that if you say how bad you are, then eventually you won’t be that way.

And the flip side: if you talk about how you should be, eventually you’ll be the way you should be.

This is the opposite of embracing and owning.

Talking about how you are that you shouldn’t be is a form of resistance.

And talking about how you should be is also resistance.

When you own who you are, you resist nothing. You are the way you are.

It’s like the weather: winter comes with snow, summer comes with heat waves.

If you resist the weather, you probably resist everything.

When you manage to release resistance in one area, you’ll find you don’t resist in others either.

Another form of resistance is forcing. Willing. Pressuring. Flailing.

You SHOULD be the way you are, because that is how you are.

Once you succeed to stop resisting, you find yourself in your power.

Power means: you can make things happen. Big things, small things. No resistance, you can change. You can learn. You can do.

And that is when you are ready to work with me.

When the shoulds and should nots belong to others, but not you.

This is true in every area of life.

People are they way people are. Your parents are the way your parents are. Work is the way work is. The weather is the way the weather is. The government is the way the government is.

There is nothing to resist. You can choose everything the way everything is.

The only problem in life is your resistance.

Resistance is like trying to drive your car with the emergency break on, and for good measure your left foot also on the break.

Hard to get ahead, hard to enjoy the ride, hard life… chunky, clunky, squeaky, tight, brittle… Not enjoyable, not much worth living. Stressful.

When you finally stop resisting, you’ll be surprised: the thoughts, the urges, the emotions are all flowing, like clouds on clear sky. No concern of yours.

Things you have to do… it’s all in a day’s work.
People yelling, loud, something breaks… it’s all in a day’s work.

Nothing to resist, nothing to force.

Life. Beautiful.

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  1. Then suddenly came a feeling of anxiety and it was jerking and jumping, and forcing itself… I immediately knew it wasn’t mine. It was someone I was going to meet in half an hour… resisting, forcing, wreaking havoc in her system

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