Why You Feel What You Feel? Sadness, Anguish, Fear, Anger, Or Whatever You Feel? The Thus Unidentified Role Of The Mind…

tracking your negative reactions to negative feelings, i.e. your negativity I, and some of my students, are experiencing, what you could call the Global Negativity Transmission.

Although it is not pleasant, it is not harmful, unless…

Imagine yourself at a research lab. Medical or psychological research.

you have wires attached to different parts of your body.

You are not told exactly what they are experimenting with, actually they don’t even want you to find out, because it forfeits the accuracy of the results of the research. Just like placebos: you won’t have a placebo effect if you know you took a placebo, will you?

So you are sitting there and a sense of gloom and doom comes over you. Your mind jumps in and starts looking for the reason. It will look in the past, it has no access to the present.

Depending on your personal history and personality, it will come up with a reasonable explanation why you are feeling that gloom and doom.

For the rest of the day you can’t shake it off… actually you are going deep into the old memory, the old grievance, pain, wound, disappointment.

Next day you go to your daily hour-long experiment “job” and finding that breathing is becoming exceedingly difficult. The mind, again, jumps in and explains it with some knowledge the mind has… and now, in addition of gloom and doom, you are dissatisfied, or angry, or irritated.

The third day brings on doubt. Doubt in yourself, doubt in the research, doubt if you are spending your time wisely, so you quit.

In about the week you feel better and go back… but the cycle of doom starts again.

What’s going on?

Those wires and electrodes are just an excuse, just a smokescreen, to make you think that you will know when you are getting some input, but the input comes through thin air, through energy waves, from an unidentified source, giving you the flavor of the day negativity…

This is how life has been for some time for all of us, except for the wires and the white coats, and the payment.

This unidentified source of negativity has been broadcasting on a regular schedule. It feels like life, it feels like circumstances are making us feel all those horrible emotions, but no. They are coming through energy transmissions.

Can you cloak yourself? I have found that it is impossible to live cloaked all the time, so the answer is, no, not really.

What is the solution?

As you saw from the above, the feeling comes without a cause. So the problem isn’t the feeling: it will go away in seconds. But why does it feel like it takes root in you?

Because it actually does, as a result of the mind’s garbage in/garbage out nature.

The moment you have a feeling: the mind names it, constructs a reason why you should feel that way, and that is the mechanism of the feeling taking root in you.

So, is this your feeling you feel, or is it a manufactured feeling? It is a manufactured feeling triggered by a short burst of that feeling accepted, analyzed, and perpetuated by your mind.

When my students found out that their misery is their own manufacture, and they can just stop doing that, I could hear a sigh of relief.

Almost any feeling you feel is like that: a flash from a transmission, perpetuated, customized and turned into more of who you consider yourself to be: a loser, a never do well, one who has to be satisfied with crumbs, a failure, blah blah blah.

The only way to combat this phenomenon is to be on the top of it.

You need to create a distance between your self and your feelings. You need to recognize the mind’s insistence to make sense of it. And you need to be able to say: oh that? Just an energy submission.

It is much like a well-adjusted person relates to the weather. No big deal, it will change. doesn’t mean I was singled out to be rained upon: it’s just raining, and I happened to be standing there…

Of course if your relationship to the weather is “hot, baaaah” or “cold, grrr” then it will be a lot of practice before you can say, oh, sadness, it will go back to where it came from, oh, grief, it will go back to where it came from, oh, anguish, it will go back to where it came from.

negativity distribution in the world But whether it’s easy for you or hard for you, that is the way of the advanced person, the one that doesn’t allow themselves to be enslaved by dark forces, global generated negativity, manipulators of your emotional state.

This is, pretty much, what we do on this site and in my webinars, paid or unpaid.

This is what I teach. With more or less success. Why? Because, unfortunately, your success depends only on you.

PS: your negativity lives in your mind. When the negative feeling arises, your mind makes it permanent by interpreting it from your negativity. Depending on your physical location, the color of your skin, the level of your education, your negativity can be predicted… it is designed and succeeds to drag you down and prevent you from creating a better life, change your level of success, stand out, create something worth creating, and the rest. Therefore, separating yourself, declaring independence from your mind is the most important thing you can do for yourself. But it is not for everybody: it is only for people that are willing to do something for a better them, for a better life.

For the rest: negativity wins out.

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