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your load... intrinsicallyA lot of why’s are answered here… why you can’t get well, why you are not happy, etc.

People are the highest value in the universe. Why? Because they are able to be all levels of values, the thinking mind (systemic), the extrinsic (create tools, cook food, provide pleasure), and the intrinsic.

You live, predominantly on one level, and value what is on that level most.

Depending on how closely your valuation matches the valuation that is “godly”, or the Original Design, you fulfill the purpose of being human.
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Formal Axiology is the science that measures how off you are in your valuation. It’s instrument of testing is called a “value profile“.

Depending on your test results, the test and a good consultant can tell you where you are off, and where you are able to improve as a person.

And depending on your mis-valuation of things, you are able to do different things well… and not others.

Brownie cups with coconut and chocolate chips 12-2-2011 9-04-27 PMFor example, mis-valuing your health is very common.

On one hand you want to be well. On the other hand you value your thinking higher, and you value pleasure higher.

Result: you’ll do what you think and you do what’s pleasurable. You are, your health, your wholeness, way dis-valued.

This is a weird week: people who know what they are to eat to be well, have come back to me. All the symptoms of incoherence: vibration: low, intelligence: low, hydration: low, energy: low, overall health number: very low.

Puzzled, horrified, I tried to find out what they did.

The first thing was: they went and dug up a list of foods that are allowed on their blood type diet… and instead of following the no nonsense two sentence diet I prescribed, they followed the blood type diet that doesn’t take into consideration your location, your ancestry, your body type… so it’s worse than worthless: it is harmful.

I asked for a list of all the foods they ate the past week.

I muscle tested every single item on the list.
33 items on the list were OK to eat. 43 was not OK to eat.

And this is no “normal” for people who have no respect for wisdom, the wisdom of their body, the wisdom of the ages, no respect for their own self…

In Western societies, this is what can be considered normal.

Zero intrinsic values are respected, acknowledged, honored.

Some people choose everything with their mind, some system (vegan, vegetarian, fruitarian, Paleo, etc.) or some by what tastes good, what titillate their senses, looks good, pretty… And then there is everything in between.

None, including doctors, honors wisdom, honors the Self, honors what works.

Or, we could say, to the degree that you can honor higher values, to the same degree you can be happy, to the same degree you can have a life suitable for a human.

The life you claim you want to have… except you don’t want to give up living in the systemic and extrinsic domains of life.

One student says: “Gosh. .. you’re right. I have to be a person to do the work. It’s easier, safer being a machine.”

To which I answered:
“You can always choose to remain a machine if you like it so much.”

Machines have no value for their Selves, and no value for other people. No value for Life. Empty, meaningless life. Even if you are the best machine you can be.

Some machines don’t even care about that… they look at others and see they are having fun… so they refuse to do the things that would make you a good machine… and try to have fun instead…

The test that you take if you want to know where you are at with regards to values, with regards to matching the Original Design for human, for person-ness, is called the Value Profile.

When I had my first “value profile” done, in 1998, I chose to be evaluated as an entrepreneur, because, for me, that is who I was.

I looked at people, my employees, only from the point of view of how much money they can make me… I was a firing queen. As people, I could not see anything of value in them.

When I realized that, it was horrible. I felt I was as evil as Hitler.

This was 18 years ago.

I just completed my value profile again… and I have grown an awful lot, as a human being.

I am still not clear on values, as I’d like to be, but I am much closer to godlike than I ever thought possible.

You can get your Hartman Value Profile done at many places.

I found a free “hacked” resource. It gives you an evaluation, that unless someone helps you to interpret, will have, probably, no value for you.

I haven’t done this work in 18 years, so I cannot charge you what a “proper” Hartman Value Profile consultant charges, but I can still give you insights of where you are most off, where you have the most growth potential, maybe even how…

Your results in the value profile show, almost certainly, how you are going to treat yourself, your body, your family, your friends, and people in general.

It will also show you how come you are not making as much money as you think you should be making.

It shows you the errors of your ways. It shows why you are not happy, why you don’t get along, why you hate something or someone.

You can take the free profile here https://www.qis.net/~jschmitz/hvp/test1.html

You can save your results by selecting all (Control+A on a PC) and copying it into a text file, or your email.

Expert or not expert, I still charge for my time.

If you haven’t done your combo evaluation numbers test, please do that first.

Find out where you are on the evolutionary scale, on getting a Self… by ordering the combo measurements.

Your vibration is reliably inversely correlated to your resistance.
So does your intelligence, and your health number.

The soul correction shows what you are most intent on hiding from yourself.
The number of spiritual capacities are the ones that you are willing and able to use on this level of vibration.

  1. your vibration (1-1000)
  2. your overall intelligence
  3. the number of spiritual capacities you have
  4. your soul correction (your machine) I need your date of birth for this
  5. do you have attachments?
  6. the level of your health (1-100)

If you bought these separately, you’d pay $30… but buying them all at once, I knock off $15.

Click on the paypal button to send me a donation to get your starting point measurements. I’ll let you know in my email response, if you could ask for a comprehensive health evaluation, OK?

After you pay, please wait to be forwarded to a website to register. If you already are a member of my freebies subscribers’ site, please log in through the “already a member” link on the registration page…

To get this information, I have to connect to you energetically… And I find out more about you than just the numbers… I connect to your soul… and I connect to your personal hell… That’s how I make my decision, on that basis. My experience of being you.

Depending on your results, or on our previous relationship, I’ll take you as a client… or not.

Download the pdf version of this article values-in-what-order

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